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9 Quality Web Resources to Blow Your Mind

Web Design
20 Oct 2014
The lack of quality web resources makes it difficult for every web developer or designer to give his/her best to the project. But then there...

Top 20 Best Tools for developers and designers

Web Development
08 Oct 2014
The Internet is more accessible than ever before in our current day and age. Due to this fact, having a presence online is more important...

Fenix - A Simple Static Desktop Web Server

Web Development
07 Jul 2014
Web server is an essential tool for web developer. It's an essential tool to save times and bandwidth. By developing or updating a website locally,...

IVPN - A Highly Secure Premium VPN Services

25 Jun 2014
Introducing IVPN, a premium highly secure VPN service focuses on protecting your online privacy. IVPN is a registered private company based in Malta where Data...

Parallax Scrolling Animator For Professional Designers. Webydo’s Closed-Beta Invite

16 Jun 2014
Webydo recently launched its closed-beta trial for designers to test out the new Parallax Scrolling Animator and the first 3,000 readers who sign up within...

5 Best Website Builders You Need to Know

18 Jun 2014
There are many website builders available online nowadays. Depend on your need, each of them offer different packages and features. However, the most important element...

This Year’s best 15 Pro Platforms for Designing Beautiful Websites

Web Development
15 Apr 2014
If you’re a web or graphic designer, chances are that many of your clients have asked you to create their website to help boost their...

Win A2 Hosting's 300% Faster WordPress Hosting

24 Mar 2014
A2 Hosting's blazing fast WordPress Hosting, can make sure you don't fall victim to slow hosting. Your account comes hosted on their SwiftServer platform, and...

Win A 5-Year, $900 Worth Time Tracking Pro Plan at Timeneye

04 Mar 2014
Timeneye is a time tracking web app designed to be fast and easy to use. Built with users in mind, Timeneye focuses on user-friendliness and...

Free Team And Client Management Tool For Queness Readers

04 Mar 2014
Being Queness.com reader comes with its perks and one of them is getting free Bitrix24 account with 10 GB worth of online storage. In case...

Microweber CMS - A Flexible, Easy-To-Use & Open Source CMS

Web Development
19 Feb 2014
The idea of Microweber was born almost two years ago as founders Boris (designer), Peter (developer) and Alexander (front-end developer) thought the world of CMS...

Try Contact Metrics for Contact Forms

12 Feb 2014
If you own a website it is better to have a contact form on your Contact Us page instead of just an email address? A...

Design Bump: Latest Links for Designers & Developers!

27 Feb 2014
If you’re a creative Graphic Designer or Web Designer you’re always looking for new inspiration and ideas. Design Bump is a Social Network dedicated to...

10 Best Website Builders That Any Graphic Designer Should Know About

07 Aug 2013
No doubt you heard the myth of building websites without coding before, and still you have stumbled on either HTML or PHP in one form...