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Written by Kevin Liew on 28 Sep 2015
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The following list sums up some of the best web designing tools at the moment, that your projects will absolutely love, due to their efficiency, facility and high-quality.

Ultimatum is an impressive WordPress theme builder, created so that you can enjoy the facility of making designs, without any coding experience. This way, you can build your own and unique design by dragging and dropping the elements on the layout, however you want. The elements include custom loops, social icons, sidebars, menus, logos, images, included pages, recent post lists, and even slideshows.

Besides the theme making-of, you have many other functions that will enhance your design. You can create your own post types and organize your content with ease, you can choose from a ten menu list the ones you want to use and where, you can simply export your designs with one click and import it in another site with another one click, you can create slideshows with the simple drag and drop actions or you can choose from a variety of 600+ Google Fonts. This being said, Ultimatum will make your work much easier in creating designs, this is maybe why it is one of the best in the market.

We all know that every browser renders websites a little bit differently. This is a huge pain point for us, web developers, JavaScript programmers and web designers. We always have to make sure that our websites and code works and looks the same in all the browsers.

Thanks to Browserling, an online cross-browser testing service for web developers, JavaScript programmers, and web designers, you can test your code and websites in seconds! You can just go to, select a browser and start testing your site in a few click. Easy as pie!

Their features include local testing through secure SSH tunnels before publishing your applications online. The ability to capture, save, edit and send screenshots of your web pages in various browsers. A Bug Hunter that lets you to quickly find design issues and bugs on websites and send bug reports with one click. And bookmarklets that let you bookmark your favorite browsers so you can start testing in them with one click from your browser bookmarks. Try it out!

Instapage is a great tool for beginners which helps them build their own landing page, no matter if we’re talking about sales pages, webinar sign-up pages or small business websites. They have over 80 templates to choose when creating landing pages and, in addition to these, you can customise them with many other design elements, such as headlines, text blocks, images, videos or custom buttons.

            When your page is ready, you can publish it whenever you would like, whether on your own website or another site such as WordPress or Facebook. The best part is that you can eventually receive feedback of your pages through A/B tests, clicks analysis, engagements and conversations, while viewing the results through a real-time dashboard.

MVP Ready’s Flexible User Interfaces is destined to work on all types of screens, regardless of size. Providing  Mobile first design, Powerful layout system, Unlimited color variations and  Modular Resources, it will work perfectly on laptops, tablets and even on mobiles.  Also, being easy to browse, it also privides front-end pages, such as Homepage,  Our Team, Our Company, Product Tour, FAQ, Pricing Plans, Pricing Comparison, Job Openings, Contact Us, Blog , Login Form, Social Login Form, Register Form, Forgot Password Form.

If you want to capture website screenshots Shrink the Web is the right choice for you being a highly reliable service that provides you a lot of exclusive features too. It is easy to use and it has the fastest times possible for captures being the best thumbnail provider. You can acces the pro features by simply choosing an account(basic, plus) or you can try the website with a free one for the first time.

PowerMockup is a toolkit that works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, making your presentations more interactive. It provides you a library with shapes, icons, wireframes and mockups that you can add to your website or mobile application, being really simple to use. No one gets left out, because everyone can participate in the development process with PowerMockup even if they haven't any coding or design skills


Themify Ultra

Ultra is a Themify theme for WordPress that gives you full control over your site in order to enhance it. It comes with beautiful typography, having 600+ Google Fonts that you can select, it has 32+ pre-designed templates and it comes with 15 preset colours.

TeslaThemes is a professional shop that has as main purpose allowing Internet fans such as bloggers, developers and other interested categories to express themselves by designing their own, personalized websites. The users have the freedom to choose from a large variety of layouts and themes-which are always improving- and have access 24/7 to documentation.

Create by ThemeTrust gives you the chance to have full control over your layout. You can change styling of every front-page module by selecting custom color skin, background image and presentation style. The back-end options panel gives you wide opportunity to improve management work, especially for novice users, so it can be used whether you’re first timer with WordPress or an experienced one.

For a small amount of money, 12$ or 20$ per month, you can build a proffesional website or blog using SnapPages. They have a great Cloud hosting so you can rapidly load your website and a lot of different designs and fonts as well as a spam filtering made specially for blogs or ecommerce collaborations for business websites like online stores. On the website, they have a great page of frequently asked questions in order for their users to have a great experience while using the site which is really simple to use as you just have to drag and drop the elements that you desire.

MH Themes is one of the best providers of high-quality premium magazine themes for WordPress. Its themes were downloaded for many times and they are especially for modern online magazines, dynamic news websites, professional blogs and other editorial websites from any content genre.


I bet you will find at least one of them useful, if not all of them, because they have proved to be very good when talking about making projects and doing quality work.

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