20 Fresh Examples of Pre-built, Responsive Websites - no Coding Needed

Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Apr 2016
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If you are someone who follows the latest trends in website design, you’ll certainly enjoy working with Be Theme’s pre-built websites. They not only provide a solid foundation for you to work from, but the conceptual designs embodied in them will help you get any project of to a rapid start.

The 20 examples shown here represent Be Theme’s latest releases. There is something here for everyone, although if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, Be Theme features more than 190 pre-built websites to choose from. They cover every imaginable topic and business type, and Muffin Group, Be Theme’s creators, release four new ones every month.

Browse through the following examples. If you see one you find especially appealing, simply click on the appropriate link to find out more.

20 New Pre-Built Websites – Just for You

Be Lifestyle

If you are working on a lifestyle blog or publishing an online lifestyle magazine, Be Lifestyle will definitely attract and engage large numbers of visitors,

Be Theme’s collection of pre-built websites is 190+ strong and continues to grow month after month. These pre-built websites offer a wealth of design layout and conceptual variations to work with.

 They are well suited for multiple business niches including charity, sports, food, agencies, and for a host of other small business types. 

Be Theme’s pre-built websites are professional; they make excellent use of imagery,

color, white space, background space, and special effects. Browse through these 20 releases to see how powerful and subtle special effects, and the use of space and color, can funnel visitors to calls for action.


Smart choices in color and placement provide a professional yet friendly atmosphere –

proving that that VPN talk does not have to be boring.

Be Music

The fresh & energetic design of this multi-page pre-built website is perfect for a music studio.

Be Freelancer

This pre-built freelancer website’s focus is obviously suitable for presenting a portfolio; its focus is on telling a story designed to gather in new clients.

Be Pharmacy

This optimized for e-commerce website’s message is one of friendly professionalism, with its clear image and its excellent use of space.

Be App2

Dedicated to a mobile app, this new pre-built website, brings with it a definite “wow” factor, despite the relative simplicity of its design.

Be Holding

This Be Holding business website makes good use of the UVP area, and it features a background image that suggests professionalism, tradition, and warmth.

Be Kebab

Be Kebab presents an ideal design concept for a small fast-food business. It conveys a neighborly, shop-around-the-corner atmosphere.

Be Tea

Be Tea is a great web design for a cozy tea shop. It appeals to the senses, and it makes you want to explore further.

Be Toy

Be Toy demonstrates a clever use of parallax, and how the appropriate use of

white space allows a number of objects to be displayed without the slightest suggestion of clutter. A website based on Be Toy is bound to engage its visitors.

Be Charity

This Be Theme pre-built website illustrates the power of a slideshow featuring high impact content; with each page serving as an effective call to action.

Be Carpenter

Any small business, like this carpentry business, will love the possibilities this warm and simple pre-built website offers.

Be Retouch

This pre-built website, for a professional photo services business, uses cool graphics and mouse-over effects that illustrate what an impressive gallery can accomplish.

Be Mining

Be Mining uses modern design lines to change what could easily be a somewhat cold or boring corporate image, into something more approachable.

Be Casino

Be Casino, a fresh release from the Be Theme creators, manages to convey, in a one page layout, the essentials of a casino business; together with a catchy UVP.

Be Kebab

Be Kebab, another new release, effectively highlights special entrees to engage the visitor.


This new, pre-built HR agency website may be just what your client needs, with its clean lines and modern layout.

Be Pets

No collection of website themes would be complete without one featuring a super sharp blog layout dedicated to cat lovers. Plenty of smart effects in this one.

Be Tiles

This is a great conceptual home page design. It speaks of good taste, with a focus on interior design.

Be Accountant

Be Accountant illustrates how an effective placement of objects can tell a story. The UVP is present, but does not interfere with the image.

Installing and Editing Be Theme Pre-made Layouts is as Easy as Can Be

Watch this video to see just how simple it is to install a Be Theme pre-built website, and begin building your first page. The video takes just over a minute, and you can install a theme and start page building just as quickly – the very first time.

It doesn’t get any harder as you move along either. Be Theme is like that – extremely powerful, and extremely easy and intuitive to use. All of these pre-built websites are totally customizable, but if you choose one that best matches the theme and layout you are looking for, you’ll be just that much more ahead.

Features Designed to Make Life Easier

Web design should not only be easy; it should be fun. Be Theme scores highly on both points. There are too many power-packed core features to mention here, but we can still hit the highlights, which will be enough to show you why Be Theme has become the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its 40+ core features, 190+ pre-built websites, and a huge user base.

  • Muffin Builder will lead you by the hand as you create page after page, and build website after website – a click at a time. The newest version of this drag and drop feature, Muffin Builder 3, makes the job even easier.
  • Page building should be fast, and the Admin Panel makes that happen, along with keeping everything under control as you speed along.
  • No need to code, Be’s Shortcode Generator takes care of that. A multitude of shortcodes cover all the bases; while saving you huge amounts of time.
  • If you want to create your own layout, the Layout Configurator gives you unlimited options to work with.

Everything you will possible need is right at your fingertips; everything is kept up to date; and Be’s support is nothing short of terrific.

If you’ve found something especially appealing while browsing these 20 examples, it’s time to visit Be Theme’s website—just click on the pre-built website’s link – to explore this WordPress theme further.

By checking out the entire 190+ website library, you’ll gain an even deeper appreciation of the professionalism, and the clever use of space, color, and design object placement that is embodied in these powerful design tools. Don’t forget to browse through the core features as well. You’ll agree that whatever your web design needs are, Be Theme has you covered.

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