10 Useful Web Development Tools You Should Use In 2015

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Jun 2015
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We're half way through year 2015, and these are some of the best web development tools to help you deliver your website on time. Potentially, they can make you work efficiently and reduce the amount of time so you can take on more projects.

uKit - Website builder for Photographers

Are you familiar with web development? Do you have enough coding experience? If your answer is no, then uKit is right for you. It is a DIY platform that lets non­tech­savvy users create  their personal site, be it a photographer’s portfolio, a personal site of a model or a business site.

Its  drag­and­drop  interface  makes  it  easy  to  add,  position,  edit  and  remove  any  kind  of content on the page. Each template is mobile­friendly and you can preview its mobile and tablet look.  uKit  has  a  library  of  ready­to­use  widgets  that  you  can  add  to  your  site  to  extend  its functionality. These include LiveChat, Ecwid, SoundCloud, and others. Check it out today for free!



Usersnap is the perfect platform for receiving and giving feedback to people from all around the world regarding your website. It gives users the possibility of taking in-browser screenshots of the content and showing you what kind of issues do they find. After that, you can collaborate together in order to find solutions. Also, you have the feature of recording the JavaScript errors as they happened, by getting visual bug reports. Finally, you do not need to worry about installing many other extra things, because Usersnap works on any browser, doesn’t need any kind of plugin and it has an extremely easy installation! Plus, it doesn’t slow down your website. If you do not believe it, you can try their 15-day trial and tell us what you think!



Have you ever wanted to create a mobile application for iPhone, iPad or Android? Now you can easily do this, by using the GoodBarber platform, specializing in building mobile apps. It comes with all sorts of tools to enhance your brand and it is a good alternative to all of those expensive and long development projects. You are provided with many awesome different themes for designing your app and you also have access to an enormous library of enchanting and professional photos from which you can choose to include in you app. At the end, you can publish your app in the stores if you are a GoodBarber member with an active subscription, so make sure you sign up!



TeamDesk is a simple and flexible solution for entrepreneurs to manage and organise company’s work in order to improve the business, the results and the teamwork. It consists in a platform made for creating databases where you can share all the important informations. This way, you and your team will get a better understanding and overview over the daily work and the assignments of each person. When working with database, you can make workspaces, add your logo and a description, create an online repository and many others.           



Creating a beautiful WordPress theme has always been a complicated task for more non-advanced users. Well, Themify Flow is a free framework that allow users to design themes without any coding. It even lets you take full control of the style customisation, by styling all the elements of the page with a live preview. Above all, Flow themes are 100% mobile-friendly (they passed Google’s mobile-friendly test!) and they are better ranked on Google mobile search.



Hotjar is a great analytics tool that visually represents what your users are doing on your site, so that you will know what changes you should make. It will make you think like an actual visitor by understanding their mindset, through the help of various features.  



If you’re looking for a really good IDE, you should try Codelobster. It has many great features, such as the CSS suport, which makes IDE display a bubble with the browser compatibility  when you hover over a CSS property. It is pretty decent and not expensive at all!



This tools is made for all of you who are passionate by design. It gives you the chance to share your work with your team and gather feedback and specify your designs. The first project is free, so you should go and give it a try!


uCoz website builder

uCoz is a way more complex and advanced website builder than other platforms. Why we say that? Because it offers about 250 templates and thousands of widgets and gadgets for building the perfect website. The site builder gives users full creative power ­ they can customize the code behind any uCoz website.

Everybody is rating uCoz as the perfect tool, including http://superbwebsitebuilders.com/.  



If you want wireframes and mockups for your website and desktop or mobile applications, PowerMockup is the best choice and works as a toolkit for PowerPoint. With it, you can create your own icons and shapes in order to add them to your PowerPoint(2007, 2010 or 2013) slide. It's easy to use as you just have to select the shapes you want and then drag them to your slide.



Website screenshots have grown in popularity in recent years as a way for webmasters to show visitors a preview of possible click destinations. These previews spruce up web directories, search engines, and general web pages, but they are tough to manage. A website screenshot service, such as ShrinkTheWeb, can help.

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