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Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Jun 2015
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Have you ever wanted to create a single online page for sharing of ideas or events, but making a website is just too time consuming and difficult? How about a web service that allow you to do all that within minutes? You can share it with your friends and family, access it on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, plus - everyone can contribute to the page., as its name implies, is a social collaboration tool to keep everyone updated, make sure everybody is on the same page. This amazing collaboration tool is created by Kerio. It's designed for non-techy users.

With its well-considered and user friendly interface, you can set up online pages easily with all its useful tools.

What Can Samepage Do?

I can easily think of a few ways to use Samepage to make my life more organised:

  • Project management - Samepage comes with a handful of tools such as Calendar, Task, Files, Cloud Files that can facilitate a project. There are many complicated solutions out there, If you want something simple and straight forward, Samepage is a good option.
  • Travel companion - Yes, it's a perfect tool for it. You can add images for places you want to visit, todo list for a list of thing you want to do, Calendar to keep track of the itinerary, and text for travel diary!
  • Events - Sampage is created to do this well. You can use it to organise events. Use table to record attendees, send notification for event updates, and maybe ask your guest to type in the dish/food they going to bring over in the data table! Share the party photos, add interactive map for the venue location and etc.
  • Recipes - No kidding! You can use Samepage to create a collection of private recipes and share it to your friends. You can have discussion for each recipe, who knows you might get inspired by the comments from others and create the perfect recipe! Checkout this example.

The application of Samepage is endless! The combination of different tools can create different pages. Use your creativity, it will make your life a lot more organised.

And here is something I have created in less than 15minutes - using Samepage for project brief. Click on image to see the actual page.


Easy Access To Your Pages

Samepage is built to work in all platforms. You can access to your page from the website, or mobile phone both web and apps are available. It's a social collaboration tool, therefore, you need to stay connected and access it as you need it.


Collaboration And Social Sharing

One of the most important goal is to get everybody involved. Instead of sending dropbox link, google docs, messages etc separately. Get everything organised within a single online page. Get the discussion going and keep people updated with the latest information and resources.

Samepage has social media sharing, discussion and notification features to make sure everyone's on the same page. You can set permission for different contributors too.


Organise Your Page With Tools

Samepage is designed to be user friendly. It's like a website builder, a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor with a list of essential tools.

Here is some of the things you can do with all the tools:

  • You can create multiple pages.
  • You can customize the layout from single column to three columns layout.
  • You can add a block of plain text, html and images.
  • You can upload files, or share files on your dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box cloud file storage easily.
  • You can add Event calendar, tasks list and table for your events.
  • You can add Map, Video and links to share more interactive information.
  • You can customize each block with different colors of heading.


Create A Page Today

Samepage is free for personal use, you can create a free online page and share it with friends, family or the world now.


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