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Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Nov 2015
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In a big corporation with hundreds of employees, collaboration and project management is the direct influence key to work effectiveness. Sometimes, hiring more workers does not necessary guarantee higher work efficiency.

So if you are a successful employer who owns a big company with a large number of employees, you need to seriously consider getting a system that can enable your employees to work in a systematic way to ensure that the rate of misunderstanding is reduced and increase productivity.

Have you heard of the Wrike? They are a leading project management company that uses a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion, and document sharing. It is a tool used by many corporations and enterprises. These huge companies include PayPal, Citrix, PureStorage, Hootsuite, Hawaii Airlines, and HTC. They even won the Gartner 2014 Cool Vendor award. 

Why Wrike?

Big companies choose Wrike because it is proven effective. Below is a summary of its functions:

  • Enables a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion, and document sharing easily.
  • Allows you to be part of a high performing team.
  • Helps keep goals in clear focus.
  • Promotes higher accomplishment when collaboration process is smooth and transparent.
  • Improves planning and accountability.
  • Provides timeline view in Gantt chart form.

Many professionals, organizations, and corporations use Wrike, such as:

  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Product development teams
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders

Whenever a discussion involves too many members and information, having one leader is not always enough. So, this is why you need Wrike. This system helps make all your work organized effortlessly.

To get a quick overview of how to use Wrike, you can watch this video on its basic uses:

They have other videos in their YouTube channel. You can browse through and see which video is useful for you.

Easy Access and Integration

Wrike has two mobile apps which allow you to be in sync with your team and track your projects wherever you go with your iPhone and Android apps.

Simply download them onto your smart phone and you are able to use it at ease no matter where you are. With the app, news will travel very quickly to everyone with Wrike.

They also have an extension for Google Chrome, which you can find here.

Moreover, Wrike pretty much integrates with everything so you can use all of your business tools in one place. Start anywhere and connect it to Wrike. Check out complete list of Wrike’s integrations.

Reasonable Plans

After understanding how Wrike works, you are most likely interested to know the price. They divide the prices based on three different plans: Free, Professional, and Enterprise. Here is a quick overview of the prices and what you will get for each plan.

Free Plan

Suitable for small teams who need basic task management.
Number of users: 5 (FREE)
Storage space: 2GB
Hierarchy of projects (folders): 2 levels

Professional Plan

Suitable for teams who need project planning and collaboration.
Number of users: 5 ($49 per month) ; 15 users ($99 per month).
Storage space: From 5GB
Hierarchy of projects (folders): Unlimited levels

Enterprise Plan

Suitable for teams who need customized project planning and collaboration. 
Number of users: 5 to thousands (contact sales@team.wrike.com for pricing)
Storage space: From 100GB 
Hierarchy of projects (folders): Unlimited levels


No matter what size your company is, Wrike is an excellent online project management software. They have customers made up of teams of five to companies of 50 000. It not only makes collaboration easy, but also helps manage project portfolios, individual projects, and large programs in an organized manner. You will have advanced analytics like Gantt charts, baseline, and burndown charts. Also, you will have enterprise-grade security such as SSL 128 Bit Encryption. In addition, you will also get professional services and support as well as personalize Wrike for your business.

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