10+ Best Tools & Resources for Designers [2024 updated]

Written by Kevin Liew on 27 Feb 2024
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One thing we can count on with the advent of each new year is that the number of web design resources and tools available has continued to increase. That’s good, although it does mean that it will be a little more difficult to find web design resources or the best web design tools you could really use to help you create websites that can keep up with or will leapfrog the competition.

To help you in your search, we have reviewed and tested multiple web design tools & resources that we know web designers and developers have a genuine need for.

Our effort culminated in what we consider to be the 15 best tools and resources for 2024, and include:  

  • page building tools for creating sections, landing pages, and single-page websites without any need for coding.

  • WordPress themes for building complex high-conversion rate websites and online stores.

  • WordPress plugins for incorporating critical and at times potentially game-changing functionalities into websites.

  • Vector illustrations that can incorporate a bit of spice into a website.

  • font identifiers to identify a “must have” font and its source.

Most of the following 15 web design resources and tools have a free or trial version.








Mobirise AI


Slider Revolution




Total Theme

Essential Grid

What important attributes do these Top Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies have in common?

  • A good first impression. There is something about each one that makes you wish you had acquired it a long time ago.

  • Intuitiveness. Throughout their use, anything and everything you need is always placed precisely where it should be.

  • They add meaningful value. They help to secure higher paid assignments by making it easier to deliver web projects faster, make final deliverables more attractive, or both.

15 best Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies

To help you come to a decision, we included top features, customer average grade on non-biased platforms such as Trustpilot, Capterra or Wordpress.org, and client insights.

 Let’s get started.



1. Brizy Builder™ Best  Website Builder for Agencies and Designers

Brizy is the ideal website builder for Agencies and Designers looking for a White Label solution to help expand their business.

Brizy’s top feature is a 100% customizable White Label option that allows designers/developers to substitute their own builder name, builder log, domain URL, support link, About link, and project subdomain for the Brizy brand so their clients will be using the designer’s/developer’s builder.

Brizy Builder’s library of demo/template/prebuilt websites is another highly popular feature.Brizy Food and Dining is one of this builder’s 5 most downloaded pre-built websites. It is attractive and features a straightforward layout that can serve as an ideal foundation for many types of small business websites.

There’s more. New users can tell you about Brizy’s intuitiveness, and the builder’s ability to edit content of any type in place. Also, while many competing builders force their users to create their content in a disjointed sidebar that isn’t the case with Brizy.

Customer Average Grade: 4.6/5 on Trustpilot

Client Insight: “It has an easy-to-understand structure, but you can still make many customizations. In addition, continuous and fast technical support is available. With this budget, it is a great advantage to get this service under a white label. I'm thinking of getting the lifetime package in the coming days”.

Immediate Support:Documentation, Useful Blog Posts, Brizy Academy and YouTube videos

Explore Brizy Builder



2. Trafft – Top Booking Software Solution

The premier Free Scheduling Online Software Solution for Services-Oriented Business and Agency Owners.

Flexibility is all important in website design, and a critical factor when selecting a theme or plugin. Added flexibility, most often in terms of added functionality, is what plugins are usually designed to provide. Trafft’s top feature is a powerful Multilingual Notifications System that enables users to manage, in the language of their choice, booking operations that:

  • effectively manage bookings using email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp messages.

  • keeps users current on appointment and event status.

  • tailors alerts for specific services.

Trafft’s library of prebuilt websites also plays a significant role. The Premantura Health Clinic pre-built is an example of how Trafft addresses every aspect of a business and how to pack booking system information onto a single page when offering a range of different services.

Customer Average Grade: 5 stars on Capterra

Client Insight:“Great tool, exceptional service! Trafft has been intuitive to use and implement. I love the look and feel of the program and how it integrates into my websites. All of my support emails have been responded to promptly and with care to provide as much help as possible. I can't wait to see how the company continues to grow and improve this tool. I have tried many scheduling tools, and Trafft has been the easiest and best to implement!”

Support: Trafft’s ticketing system, YouTube videos, social media, Support manual, and email.

Explore the Trafft Booking Solution Plugin



3. wpDataTables Tables & Charts Plugin for WordPress

wpDataTables is the best WordPress plugin for any enterprise or individual who needs to create tables and charts.

wpDataTable plugin’s top feature is its Multiple Database Connections capability. This   data management breakthrough converts tables into data hubs that are capable of pulling information from various sources.

wpDataTables’ simplification of certain complex data management processes makes it easier to create custom, responsive, and editable tables and charts than would normally be the case. Templates can also be put to effective use. TheResponsive Mutual Funds Table template features a table format that can serve multiple uses.

wpDataTables effectively addresses a wide range of client categories that include:

  • separate database connections for working with information from specialized database systems.

  • chart engines for displaying data trends and comparisons for marketing, financial, and environmental uses.

  • fixed Headers and Columns for eCommerce and financial websites.

  • separate DB Connection (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL for enterprise solutions and research platforms.

  • Transform Value for HR and Project Management Software.

  • Single Cell Shortcode – Media and Entertainment websites

Customer Average Grade: 4.5/5 on wordPress.org

Client Insight:“This plugin was exactly what we needed after trying many others. It is very easy to edit and has many functions built in to avoid coding. The mobile layout of the table functions very well to get the information across efficiently. Support is also very helpful and resolved an issue I had quickly.”

Immediate Support: Support manual, YouTube videos, and the Facebook community

Explore the wpDataTables Plugin 



4. Uncode – Multiuse Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is a favorite multiuse WordPress and WooCommerce theme for beginners and professional designers.

Uncode’s unique selection of website building tools explains its widespread popularity, and its users almost unanimously point to this creative WooCommerce theme’s demo library as its top feature. These demos are noted for their exceptional attention to detail as well as serving as sources of inspiration.

Uncode’sClassic Photography demo, while obviously perfect for wedding photographers, easily lends itself to a wide variety of other uses, and is in fact one of Uncode’s 5 most widely used demos.  

 New users quickly become aware of Uncode’s level of  customization, the value of its demos and wireframes, and the first-class customer support.

Uncode’s principal users are:

  • shop creators who can put Uncode’s advanced WooCommerce features to effective use.

  • agencies and Freelancers because of the advanced customization options that can be used to effectively cover the needs of their customers or clients.

Customer Average Grade: 4.89/5

Client Insight:“I have used Uncode on 6+ websites now, and it's absolutely my go-to theme! The features, quality, and customer support are outstanding. The developers do an incredible job of keeping the theme up to date and stable, constantly implementing new features and optimizing the theme. A solid product with great documentation and responsive support team. Kudos!”

Immediate Support: Facebook groups, Support manual, YouTube videos

Explore Uncode



5. LayerSlider - WordPress Slider Building Plugin

LayerSlider is more than a WordPress slider plugin. It is the ultimate solution for web designers who like to create outstanding web content.

LayerSlider has quickly become a favorite among users thanks to its ease of use in creating eye-catching sliders and popups. The plugin continues to evolve, with many new features being added regularly. The scroll effect, which enables the creation of visually striking web pages that respond to user scrolling, is a standout addition. LayerSlider also supports the easy creation of clean, uncluttered websites, exemplified by theBeauty Shop, making it an ideal starting point for cosmetic product businesses.

LayerSlider lets you use all the animation capabilities to also produce advanced popups and banners that have stunning effects that catch visitors’ attention. This ability gives it a huge advantage over other plugins on the market.

Qualities that only users will be able to discover include:

  • with an intuitive and user-friendly UI, the LayerSlider Project Editor has capabilities that rival those of professional desktop applications.

  •  the Project Editor gives you access to millions of stock photos and videos, as well as other online services, for a comprehensive visual content creation experience.

  • everything needed to design and create is at their fingertips.

LayerSlider can be used on any website, regardless of content.

Client Insight: “It’s unbelievable how easy to create stunning scrolling effects!”

Support: User manual, built-in help in LayerSlider’s Project Editor, ticket system, email.

Explore LayerSlider



6. Amelia - Booking Plugin for Appointments and Events

Amelia is the best WordPress plugin for services-based enterprises in need of a streamlined booking solution.

 Amelia’s automated notifications system is its top feature. This notifications systemclassifies appointments as pending, approved, cancelled, rejected, or rescheduled. By doing so it makes the entire booking  process more efficient and far less prone to error. The system also forwards notifications and reminders to customers and/or employees,   via SMS, WhatsApp, and email.

Another popular feature, Amelia’s templates, can be used to create web pages designed to assist clients in making appointments and in making other decisions as well. ACar Wash serviceis typically a drive-up operation, but being a service oriented business it may take appointments as well.      

What might new Amelia users tell you about? Most likely it would relate to one or more of these:

  • the ease of navigation.

  • Amanda’s user-friendly design.

  • the innovative backend and frontend interfaces

  • a transparent pricing policy and the benefits that go with it.

The Amelia plugin’s capabilities can be beneficial to almost any service-oriented business, including those that specialize in ticket sales and/or events.

Customer Average Grade: 4.8 on Capterra

Client Insight:“Amelia fully lives up to expectations. Whenever we have been in doubt about something, their support has always had an answer that was helpful. We definitely recommend Amelia.”

Immediate Support: Support Manual ,Discord Group, and YouTube videos

Explore the Amelia Booking Plugin



7. Getillustrations - Unique Vector Illustrations Library

Getillustrations is the best source for designers looking for top quality illustrations that offer a perfect mix of simplicity and narrative.

Getillustrations’ top feature is a 21,500+ vector illustration product line that is supplemented on a weekly basis.

What types of illustrations? “All kinds” could be an answer, although an overly simplistic one. To be more specific, the illustrations are arranged in 40+ categories, most of which have several hundred illustrations, with a few having more than 1,000.

The categorized packages include basic pencil and ink illustrations, several 3D illustration categories, and much more.

TheIlcons Chapter1 packet for example, features 225 hand-drawn miniature illustrations that fill a gap between icons and full-scale illustrations. The contents of this packet offer a picture-perfect mix of simplicity and narrative. Each minimalistic-styled  illcon features a single spot color to emphasize its core action.

This and other Getillustrations packets are ideal for those looking for high-quality visuals that maintain legibility at any size. Getillustration’s illustrators have created many attractive logos to help businesses build or reinvent their brand. Illustrations can also be custom-made upon request and a quote can be received within 24 hours.

Client Insight:"Great product and I like the alternative as opposed to just using Adobe stock for illustrations for my app. Really like the illustrations you have to offer!"

Support: Vector stock illustrations in .Ai .Figma .PNG and .SVG, Ramy Wafaa on X- Getillustrations

Explore Getillustrations



8. Mobirise Free AI Website Builder

The #1 online AI tool for using prompt commands to generate and download full page websites.

The ability to generate websites or website layouts using prompt commands is the Mobirise AI website builder’s top feature.

How does an AI builder operate?

  • The builder’s user uploads a description of the projected website that includes its purpose,  benefits, target audience, and other features of special interest.

  • The AI website builder accepts the data and performs an analytical search using intelligent algorithms. It then auto-generates an attractive custom website or website layout.

Mobirise AI is ideal for non-techies, and anyone interested in working with a simple but effective website design option. Website descriptions and other related information can be submitted in any language.

Once Mobirise AI has generated a basic layout its user can customize the layout through the use of prompts. Content is easily editable, and no coding is required.

It should be mentioned that although the AI builder helps to create a website it does not gain ownership of it. There is no need to optimize the site for Google or mobile devices (Mobirise does that) and the user can host the site anywhere.

Immediate Support: User Forum, Support manual, and YouTube Videos

Explore the Mobirise AI Builder



9. WhatFontIs Free Font Identifier

WhatFontis is the most accurate font identifier on the market with options to locate free or commercial font sources.

WhatFontis’ top feature is the greater than 90% probability its users have of identifying a free or licensed font they may want to have as their own. No other system currently matches that accuracy.

WhatFontis cannot correctly identify every font with 100% accuracy due to database limitations, and because the ability to properly identify a font will likely be compromised if the quality of the submitted image is in some way lacking.

WhatFontis still does what it does best with its database of 990K+ free and commercial fonts; nearly 5 times as many fonts as that of the nearest competitor.

Whether customers want to identify a specific font at the request of a client, or simply because it is a “must-have”, they not only want to know what it is, but where to find it. A search can be conducted for a font regardless of its publisher, producer, or foundry.

The process is as follows.

  • Upload a clean font image.

  • The AI-powered search engine quickly identifies the font and 60 close neighbors 

  • Links are provided that show where a free font can be downloaded or where a commercial font can be purchased.

Note: Cursive font letters must be separated before being submitted.

Immediate Support: User Forum

Explore WhatFontis



10. Slider Revolution – Animated WordPress Slider

Slider Revolution is the #1 WordPress plugin for anyone looking for a way to create jaw-dropping animated sliders.

Slider Revolution’s top feature is the added functionality it offers its users that gives them the ability to visually create stunning animated effects for WordPress. These animation effects are not strictly limited to sliders. They can also be used to:

  • design home pages that will grab and hold a viewer’s attention.

  • create portfolios that are sheer delights to their viewers.

  • design jaw-dropping website page sections.

Slider Revolution’s  250+ templates have been optimized for different screen configurations, and most of them feature special effects rarely found on other websites. Scroll through the50-50 Split Screen Design templatefor example and try to recall if you’ve seen anything like it in another website’s slider, or in another website for that matter.  

Slider Revolution is well tailored for  web shops, small agencies, and individual web designers.

Customer Average Grade: 4.65/5 on Trustpilot

Client Insight: “I love Slider Revolution! I teach people how to use WordPress and whenever someone wants a slider, I always suggest this plugin and tell them it's what all other sliders aspire to be. The only gripe I have with it is there's no tool tips when you hover over an icon. There should be a way to turn them on. That's the only reason you didn't get 5 stars.”

Immediate Support: YouTube videos and Support manual

Explore Slider Revolution



11. WoodMart - WordPress Niche eCommerce Theme

WoodMart is the best WooCommerce theme for niche business owners and marketers.

Just a glance at WoodMart’s website can be enough to kindle one’s interest. Woodmart’s top feature, its super-realism, is front and center. The custom layouts for shop, cart, and checkout pages are so realistically well done that it’s like a window-shopping experience that convinces one to go inside the store. 

There’s much more to like about WoodMart with its:

  • multiple design options.

  • ease in customization to match the brand.

  • streamlined Theme Settings Search and Theme Settings Performance Optimization features.

  • customer centric “Frequently Bought Together”, “Dynamic Discounts”, and social integrations options.

WoodMart also has a White Label option for developers.

Looking for the most popular demo isn’t worth the effort since most of them enjoy a ton of  usage. TheBlack Friday demo layout will fit in with almost any online store’s needs (and at any time of the year). Unless a store requires a specific type of website layout, most WoodMart demos will serve that store’s owner well.

Customer Average Grade: 4.93/5

Client Insight:“In my opinion I consider it to be a very flexible theme with infinite possibilities. Furthermore, the support service works very well and responds within a few hours. I recommend the theme.”

Immediate Support: Support Manual and You Tube Videos

Explore the WoodMart Theme



12. XStore – User Favorite WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XStore is the best WooCommerce theme for businesses looking to create a commanding online presence.

It’s not difficult to see why the XStore theme has become such a popular choice. Its collection of ready-made stores (pre-built websites) has long been highly popular among designers and developers, while the recently introduced Sales Booster features selection has predictably become this WooCommerce theme’s top favorite.

Other popular features with users are the Builders Panel and the intuitive XStore Control Panel that provide whatever additional store-building and customization flexibility they may need.

The main purpose behind a pre-built website is to help get a project off to a fast start, since they typically require a minimum of customization. TheXStore Elementor Kids Storedemo layout for example is an ideal layout for an infant or small children’s toy or clothing store, yet it could be used for a wide range of online store niches.

In addition to its ready-to-go layouts, XStore users have instant access to a wide range of popular online store features like its Single Product, Checkout, Cart, and Archive Products builders, and even a 404 Page Builder.

Customer Average Grade: 4.87/5

Client Insight:“The theme is very flexible and if there is a case where you need help, the support team is always quickly and professionally to support you. They rock!”

Immediate Support: YouTube videos and Support manual

Explore the XStore Theme 



13. Blocksy – Free WooCommerce WordPress theme

Blocksy is the best 2024 free WordPress theme for building beautiful, lightweight websites.

There doesn’t appear to be anything about Blocksy its users are hesitant to brag about. Identifying this premium WooCommerce WordPress theme’s top feature is a case in point. Any attempt to do so will likely result in a 4-way tie between:

  • the quality Gutenberg support.

  • Blocksy’s user-friendly footer and header builder.

  • the advanced hooks and display conditions developers can put to effective use.

  • the seamless WooCommerce integration together with its associated features that everyone appreciates.

And better yet, Blocksy is free!

Several things new users quickly come to like about Blocksy is that it:

  • provides exceptional performance.

  • uses the latest web technologies.

  •  integrates seamlessly with the most widely used plugins.

TheCatering template is one of the 5 most commonly used Blocksy starter sites, and its impact can be summed up in one word – Delicious! In other words, it’s both a great start to build a website around and is a delightful source of inspiration as well.

 Customer Average Grade: 5/5 on WordPress.org

Client Insight: “I’ve been very happy with my switch over to Blocksy. The theme is coded well with regular updates. Also happy with the interactions with their support team.”

Immediate Support: A readily accessible Documentation Section, Facebook Group, Support Manual, YouTube videos.

Explore the Blocksy WordPress Theme



14. Total Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Total is the ideal choice for designers and developers who need the flexibility to be able to design websites from scratch.

Its outstanding flexibility has given this WordPress theme the reputation of being the all-in-one or Swiss Army knife of design tools and is Total’s top feature.

After having spent a little time working with Total, new users discovered, and quickly came to appreciate, this multipurpose WordPress theme’s:

  • abundance of settings, page builder element options, and custom post types, together with its support for dynamic templates for posts and archives and its font manager.

  • impressive page loading speeds that can be tweaked under certain conditions to perform even better.

Total’s selection of templates and demos is also popular. TheNick Miller demo is about as simple and straightforward asone can be, yet it is of the 5 most widely used because of its page or portfolio-building potential.

Total is tailored for beginners, DIYers, designers, and developers –  and just about anyone else for that matter.

Customer Average Grade: 4.86/5

Client Insight:“I have been using Total for several years now for several (10+) websites. Out of the box it's already a great theme and very well documented. Some websites required specific functionality and so far, there was nothing I couldn't provide. If I can't figure it out myself, support is always willing to help. I don't need another theme anymore.”

Immediate Support: Support Manual

Explore the Total WordPress Theme



15. Essential Grid - WordPress Gallery Layout Plugin

Essential Grid is the best WordPress Gallery Plugin for attractive and out-of-the-ordinary gallery styles.

Essential Grid’s top feature is its catalog of 50+ unique grid skins. It isn’t simply the uniqueness many of these skins feature, it’s also the fact that not many web designers or developers want to take the extra time or expend extra effort to create a gallery from scratch when there is a ready alternative. Essential Grid is clearly an excellent alternative.

 An Essential Grid gallery skin can make an otherwise challenging task easy. If you have a simple straightforward format in mind, beware of the fact that you’ll probably come across a grid format unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and completely fall in love with it. That can happen and it is a good thing. TheRay Bourque Portfolio Gridfor WordPress with its clever use of hover effects is one such example.

Its users can tell you how much of a time saver Essential Grid is, as well as how good it is at helping them organize their content streams.

 Customer Average Grade: 4.75/5 on Trustpilot

Client Insight: “Essential grid is powerful if sometimes opaque to tweak. However, if you need help, the additional support in the paid version is excellent and well worth it.”

Immediate Support: YouTube videos and Support Manual

Explore Essential Grid


Have you found a web design resource or tool you could use? More than one perhaps? Make sure to try them out if possible, and don’t forget that the free ones are there for the taking. Whatever you choose can be expected to perform as advertised.

If you choose to extend your search further it may be helpful to note that the 15 professionally vetted web design resources & tools in this post have certain characteristics in common. Characteristics that were absolutely necessary for them to be promoted as “best-in-class”. They are:

  • Plugins, themes, and resources are easy to install, set up, and use.

  • Each product is capable of enhancing website quality and performance in terms of  its design, functionality, visitor appeal, or all three.

  • Product team support is friendly, fast, and competent.

  • The product can either be tested for free, or enough information is provided to ensure the product you purchased is the same as advertised.

May you selection(s) serve you well throughout 2024 and beyond.

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