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A Brand New Rich Content Editor Concept - Sir Trevor

21 Oct 2013
Whoa! that was my first reaction when I play with the working version. I have seen and implemented many rich text editors to websites, Sir...

Simplest Way to Create Cool CSS3 Animation Effects

Web Development
13 Sep 2013
CSS3 Animation are gaining tons of attention lately. Personally, I have started using it in some of my projects and I absolutely love how simple...

10 Powerful Responsive Lightboxes

Web Development
23 May 2013
Lightbox has always been one of the great method to display images without having to refresh a page. Nowadays, with the booming of responsive websites,...

Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

28 Jun 2013
MindMup sees the flaws in most of the rich text editors and decided to create a HTML5 WYSIWYG version that removes all those "unnecessary magics"...

Crazy And Clever Layout with Packery JS Layout Library

10 May 2013
Packery creates different types of dynamic grid layouts easily. Previously, we have introduced quite a few dynamic grid solutions and how to use it creatively.

Trendy Responsive jQuery Sliders

Web Development
09 Apr 2013
There are hundreds of slider plugins out there, although premium Javascript sliders usually provide more features, however, some free and well-maintained sliders do have outstanding...

Beautify Your Website's Images With 14 Best Responsive WordPress Plugins

20 Mar 2013
A new year brings a lot new things with it and like any other trend, website development trends also keep on changing with time. With...

Easiest Way to Retrieve Twitter Timeline and Hashtags (Twitter OAuth API 1.1)

19 Mar 2013
Twitter terminated its old API, and all of my Twitter tutorials have stopped working! So, here is a follow up to show you how easy...

ThreeSixty jQuery Plugin for 360 Image Preview

31 Mar 2013
Threesixty is a jQuery plugin for generating a draggable 360 preview from an image sequence. A straight forward and easy to implement jQuery plugin. This...

Typehead.js - A Fast and Fully Autocomplete Library

04 Apr 2013
Typehead.js is one of the most comprehensive and robust autocomplete javascript plugins. It is created by the social media giant Twitter, Typehead.js is developed with...

Stunning CSS3 Animation Text Effect with Textillate.js

04 Mar 2013
Textillate.js is an amazing jQuery plugin that creates stunning CSS3 text animation. It's built on top of the famous animate.css which contains a bunch of...

Create Tooltip style Toolbars Easily with Toolbar.js

11 Feb 2013
If developing web application is one of your skillsets, you definitely need to check this out - Toolbar.js. Toolbar.js allows us to create tooltip style...

DevBridge Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery

17 Feb 2013
DevBridge Ajax Autocomplete is a good alternative to jQuery UI's autocomplete. It's built with focus on performance - results for every query are cached and...

Dropzone.js - Open Source Drag and Drop File Uploader

07 Mar 2013
Dropzone.js is a drag and drop file upload with image previews. The author of dropzone has made the implementation as easy as possible. We just...