Glide - The Lightweight and Feature-Packed Responsive Slider

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Nov 2013
20,305 Views • Javascript

Slider is something really common in web design. It's a great UI element to display multiple large images, here we have another great slider called Glide. With its lightweight, responsive, mobile platform support and callback functions, I'm sure this slider will become popular!

This ultra lightweight Slider utilizes CSS3 transition for modern browsers, and it will fallback to Javascript animation if legacy browser was used. Also, Glide is packed with responsive and mobile platform supports too. Great news for developer too, it has a list of callback functions:

  • .play() - Starting autoplay
  • .pause() - Stopping autoplay
  • .next(callback) - Slide one forward
  • .prev(callback) - Slide one backward
  • .jump(distance, callback) - Jump to current slide
  • .current() - Returning current slide number
  • .nav(target) - Append navigation to specifed target (eq. 'body', '.class', '#id')
  • .arrows(target) - Append arrows to specifed target (eq. 'body', '.class', '#id')


  • Lightweight ~4,5kB minifed
  • Ultra fast CSS3 Transitions
  • Responsive
  • Touch & mobile friendly
  • Public API with callbacks
  • Swipe event
  • Arrows and bullets navigation
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Autoplay
  • Pause on hover
  • and more ...


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