Beautify Your Website's Images With 14 Best Responsive WordPress Plugins

Written by Rohit Singhal on 20 Mar 2013
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A new year brings a lot new things with it and like any other trend, website development trends also keep on changing with time. With responsive web design as one of the most popular web development trends in 2012, 2013 has started.

Responsiveness brings future-friendliness. Advancement in technology has made it really easy for people to access Internet on the go. But to meet the needs of this highly technical digital world and to make yourself stand in the competition, it is must to have website that is compatible with all those handhold devices.

Responsive web design can make your website look beautiful in all screen sizes by adjusting its pixels. But with some responsive web designs it might happen that the media files refuse to fit itself as per the screen sizes – if this is the case with you too, you'll perhaps love these responsive WordPress plugins.

In this article, we have showcased some of the best responsive WordPress plugins. Have a play with the ones you like the most and choose the one that fills the bill for you.

  • Simple Responsive Images Simple Responsive Images helps develop images with attributes for the responsive pictures in your WordPress blog post. It implements custom breakpoints to all the images of your website.
  • Easy Gallery Slider It is an image slider plugin that inserts slide effects in your WordPress website's images. It automatically generates slider for every blog post or web page. Easy Gallery Slider plugin includes URL to every slide.
  • Captain Slider An image slider plugin with various exciting features such as: Speed control, Animation setting, Multiple slider
  • WOW Slider This plugin enables users to create a slide on their computers and then upload it to their WordPress. After uploading the slider file, all you have to do is copy the short-code wherever you want to display the uploaded slider on your website.
  • Soliloquy Lite A plugin that allows users to create number of responsive image slider with infinite number of images in each slide with a few clicks of mouse.
  • SlideDeck 2 A complete responsive plugin that enables users to update content in the sliders through many popular sources like RSS feeds, Google, YouTube and Twitter. With this plugin one can also add sliders to the sidebar of their website.
  • Easy Rotator The only plugin that enables users to generate sliders within sliders by categorizing the various website's images. The free version of this plugin is for image files only, while with the premium version one can manage their website's audio and videos file too.
  • Responsive Slider An image slider plugin that allows you to create slideshow of the images of your website at the chosen location within your website's theme, web page or blog post.
  • Genesis Responsive Slider A plugin that allows you to create a responsive slider for your WordPress website. Genesis Responsive Slider displays the images with title and excerpt form the each blog post in slides.
  • Slyd An easy to use and highly customizable image slider plugin for WordPress-based websites. All you have to do is upload an image in your website's post and Slyd itself pulls in all of your latest posts.
  • GPP Slideshow GPP Slideshow allows WordPress users to create a slideshow of the images on the website. One can easily insert the slideshow anywhere in the website simply by putting the unique shortcode within the theme, post or page. This plugin comes with a widget that enable users to put slideshows on the sidebars also.
  • SmugMug Responsive Slider In this plugin, first users have to create a SmugMug account. Then they can create a slideshow there, which can be inserted in the website simply by doping the image gallery to any post or page of your WordPress website.
  • Oik Nivo Slider A jQuery image slider with 16 transition effects and 4 responsive slider themes with built-in directional and control navigation features.
  • Smooth Slider A responsive image slider plugin that generates image slideshow with customizable background and slide intervals.

Summing up

If you know of some other responsive WordPress plugins that are not listed here or if we missed out your favorite one, include them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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Ankit 8 years ago
I am using a topgadget theme by magazine 3 for my wordpress blog . If I add any of these plugin then is it like the plugin will disable the previous gallery handeller?
John DeBoer 8 years ago
Sorry to see all your links are not functioning.
Kevin Liew Admin 8 years ago
Thanks for letting us know. It's now fixed.