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Posted by Kevin Liew on 02 Mar 2015 under Javascript has 1384 hits and 0 comments.
Responsive jQuery Date Time Picker for Mobile

Recently I was working on a project - a mobile version of a website, and one of the requirements is to use native HTML5 date and time pickers. With all...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 21 Apr 2014 under Javascript has 18782 hits and 0 comments.
LocalStorage Made Easy with store.js

Introducing store.js - a localStorage wrapper for all browsers without using cookies or flash. It uses localStorage, globalStorage and userData under the hood. store.js use localStorage when available, and falls...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 20 Mar 2014 under Web Design has 18786 hits and 1 comment.
Handy Photoshop Plugins and Scripts You Can Get It For Free

For designers and front-end developers, Photoshop is a tool that we would use it almost daily during work. We know it's not perfect and that's why we have extensions out...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 17 Feb 2014 under Giveaway has 14337 hits and 8 comments.
Giveaway: Live Composer - Front-End Content Creator For WordPress

Live Composer is a front-end content builder plugin for WordPress with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 20 Nov 2013 under Javascript has 10046 hits and 0 comments.
Beautify Boring Footnotes with jQuery Bigfoot

The way we handle footnotes on a webpage is rather standard. We superscript a number and put next to the sentence, and then when user clicks on it, it will...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 12 Nov 2013 under Javascript has 9920 hits and 0 comments.
Glide - The Lightweight and Feature-Packed Responsive Slider

Slider is something really common in web design. It's a great UI element to display multiple large images, here we have another great slider called Glide. With its lightweight, responsive,...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 05 Nov 2013 under Javascript has 9131 hits and 0 comments.
Odometer - Transition Numbers with Ease

Odometer is a standalone Javascript and CSS library for smoothly transitioning numbers. By giving a predefined number, Odometer will make a countdown with smooth flipping board animation.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 21 Oct 2013 under Javascript has 7653 hits and 0 comments.
A Brand New Rich Content Editor Concept - Sir Trevor

Whoa! that was my first reaction when I play with the working version. I have seen and implemented many rich text editors to websites, Sir Trevor is really one of...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 13 Sep 2013 under Web Development has 16084 hits and 1 comment.
Simplest Way to Create Cool CSS3 Animation Effects

CSS3 Animation are gaining tons of attention lately. Personally, I have started using it in some of my projects and I absolutely love how simple it is to create a...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 23 May 2013 under Web Development has 95416 hits and 2 comments.
10 Powerful Responsive Lightboxes

Lightbox has always been one of the great method to display images without having to refresh a page. Nowadays, with the booming of responsive websites, lightboxes also have evolved to...