8 Awesome and Helpful WordPress Plugins

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 May 2020
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WordPress theme can allow a designer to build a website without having to start from scratch. Even avoid having to resort to coding. A WordPress plugin enables that same designer to significantly expand a website’s functionality. Again, without having to start from scratch.

There are more than 55,000 plugins in WordPress’s repository. They come in a range of prices, some are free, and the quality or capability can vary for specific types or categories.

Put another way, finding a plugin that can best solve the problem at hand isn’t always easy.

We’re here to help which is why we believe WordPress users should be aware of the 8 top plugins listed below. You have the opportunity to put them to use through the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

1. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress plugin that, once installed, will save a business a ton of time and expense. At the same time, businesses have found it ridiculously easy to use. 12,000+ businesses can attest that these statements are true.

Amelia automates bookings and appointments for health and fitness businesses, beauty salons, spas, gyms, training courses, consulting firms and other businesses that serve a large and to a certain degree permanent clientele for on-site or virtual appointments or events.

In addition to replacing error-prone manual booking methods, Amelia provides the following:

  • Each booking can be customized to fit both business and client needs
  • Clients can book appointments online 24/7.
  • Clients have access to their own front-end panel
  • Amelia can manage bookings for single or multiple locations, or virtual sessions on Zoom.
  • Amelia can match clients to employees, configure employee working hours, days off, and special days

Amelia also keeps business owners and site managers up to date with graphical depictions of the business’s KPIs. Click on the banner to find out more about this time-saving business tool.

2. wpDataTables - Table and Chart WordPress Plugin

Crafting a table or chart to present data attractively and informatively can take time, even for reasonable small amounts of data. When the amount of data starts to become large and complex and may come from several sources, things can quickly become unmanageable.

wpDataTables is the top table and chart building plugin on the market when it comes to managing and presenting large amounts of data.

  • The tables and charts it can create are attractive, responsive, and editable
  • The conditional formatting feature allows key data to be color coded or highlighted
  • Data can be filtered several ways to support manageability and organization
  • Tables and charts can be based on PHP arrays, JSON or XML feeds, Excel or CSV files, SQL queries, and Google spreadsheets

wpDataTables can do the work of 2 or 3 plugins and do it faster and better.

Click on the banner to learn more.

3. Go Dash – Makes Your Dashboard Fast

If you’re a typical WordPress user, you might spend just under 6 minutes looking for what you need after you log in and take 15 to 20 minutes to complete some tasks. If you’re a power user, you usually find whatever you need almost immediately and spend 3 or 4 minutes on a task.

Go Dash is a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that gives you virtually instant access to every page, post, or product on your site.

With Go Dash you can:

  • Power Search all your pages, posts & products – Even admin pages!
  • Create favorites & groups for fast access
  • Open multiple pages with a single click     
  • Access recently viewed pages and posts

Go Dash can make you a power user if you aren’t one already; and if you are, it can make you a super-power user.

Click to learn more.

4. MapSVG WordPress mapping plugin

MapSVG is a WordPress plugin that’s designed to make websites more informative and engaging by allowing web designers to create custom content like real estate, events, sights, or almost anything else, and show it on a Google, image, or vector map.

  • MapSVG has map filter and search capabilities
  • Map information can be edited within MapSVG
  • MapSVG has its own database and content manager

Click on the banner to see what this plugin could do for you.

5. AdSanity

This easy-to-work with plugin supports all the common ad formats while functioning seamlessly with WordPress Custom Post Types.

With AdSanity, ads can be automatically inserted

  • Several options for embedding ads can be called upon
  • 12 Addons extend this plugin’s flexibility and capabilities
  • Users can easily size and format ads with AdSanity’s assortment of templates and filters

Click on the banner to find out more.

6. Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

Logic Hop brings the power of content personalization to WordPress. It makes use of on-site activity and real-time data to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. 

  • Logic Hop is the only professional personalization tool specifically designed for WordPress
  • Addons gives users the capability to personalize with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Divi among others
  • Logic Hop is unique in that it enables unlimited personalization with geolocation

Click on the banner to check out additional Logic Hop features.

7. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution 6 is more than a slider builder. It’s a powerhouse website content builder that’s a potential game changer if your websites are beginning to look alike.  

  • Slider Revolution’s cutting edge designs will create exciting solutions to your everyday design problems.
  • Create everything from sliders and carousels to content modules and complete websites.
  • 2000+ royalty-free media assets come with the package

Click on the banner to see the other surprises Revolution Slider 6 has in store for you.

8. Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

AdsPro’s many features and outstanding flexibility has made it the largest and most popular WordPress ad management plugin. 

Highlights include –

  • An order form and nearly 50 ad templates and display ad types
  • A user’s panel for displaying website ad statistics
  • Four payment options: PayPal, Stripe, Bank Option, and WooCommerce
  • Geo ad targeting and ad scheduling and duration management

AdsPro is 100% responsive. Click to learn more about this powerful ad management plugin.


You can’t always rely on a friend’s advice as to which plugin would serve your immediate needs best. That’s because different people often use the same plugin in different ways.

It’s possible of course that your friend knows best. But in case you have any doubts we’ve crowdsourced from web designers and online entrepreneurs we know to come of what we consider 8 must-have tools. Tools that are certain to serve you well.

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