10 Game-Changing WooCommerce & Shopify Themes to Elevate Your Online Store

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Sep 2023
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You plan to build an online store and you know the niche you’ve chosen could be extremely competitive. To compete, your store must provide its visitors with an attractive product display. And engaging user experience that will encourage them to buy.

The WooCommerce or Shopify Theme you choose should be fast and reliable. And it should have the features you need to convert your site’s visitors into customers.

We encourage you to check out these 10 Game-Changing WooCommerce and Shopify Themes. They were carefully chosen to make your selection process quick and easy. Explore each one and you should be able to decide which best suits your needs and design objectives. 

1.Flatsome - #1 Best Selling WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome could easily be the perfect solution for building your online shop or one for a client. Flatsome is a best-selling WooCommerce theme that offers, among many other features, a host of pre-made home pages you can access with a single click and customize with a live customizer.

With Flatsome’s UX Front-end Page Builder at your fingertips you can - 

  • create sliders, banners, and responsive pages super-fast.

  • rely primarily on drag and drop to organize your content, create and customize layouts, and edit text.

  • create pages and layouts for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

 Customer-centric shopping features include:

  • Live search to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for and can view products with a quick view of the category pages.

  • Sale bubbles to highlight special offers.

  • Cart and wishlist streamlined processes and support.

  • layout options including masonry grids, filter options, and Product QuickZoom.

Click on the banner to learn about all the features and advantages this best-selling ThemeForest theme brings to the table.

2.Avada WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

It is really no surprise that the Avada WooCommerce theme has been called the Swiss Army knife of WordPress themes. Nor should it be a surprise that Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme of all time as it can claim more than 750,000 users to date. This premium theme is built for speed, and you can bank on getting impeccable performance given its powerful assemblage of website-building features that include –

  • the WooCommerce builder: the ideal solution for creating customer-centric product layouts and custom shop, cart, and checkout pages.

  • 400+ pre-built web pages and 120+ design and layout elements that gives you the flexibility to create virtually any website or WooCommerce site you can envision.

  • features that normally require the use of additional plugin installations, thereby avoiding design and maintenance conflicts while making sites more secure.

Avada is SEO optimized, 100% responsive, and enjoys a 4.77-star rating. Click on the banner to learn more. 

3.Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Uncode creative WooCommerce WordPress theme offers an impressive array of carefully designed pre-built websites, each of which was built with a specific purpose in mind. Uncode users should have no trouble finding several that could be put to good use before selecting one and customizing it to exactly fit your needs.

  • Uncode’s Advanced Drag & Drop Product Builder, its performant configurable Ajax product filters with variations swatches, and its impressive Shop layouts combine to help you build incredible WooCommerce websites.

  • WooCommerce customer-centric features include product quick-view, wishlist and cart support, smooth page scrolling, catalog mode, and slideshow-building tools.

  • 70+ carefully crafted importable mix and match pre-made designs and 500+ Wireframes sections are easily accessible to help you build your own custom shop.

Uncode’s library of user-created sites provides inspirational examples of what users have been able to accomplish with this top-selling (100,000+ sales to date) Envato theme.  Click on the banner to check them out and to learn more. 

4.BeTheme - The Fastest WooCommerce Theme Ever Built

BeTheme is flexible, dynamic, and loaded with website-building features. It is also the fastest WooCommerce theme on the market, and its 250,000+ customers are a sure sign of its popularity.

Among Be’s 40+ core features its users especially love working with are -

  • Be Builder, the fastest, lightest, and most intuitive visual website builder you’ll find for WordPress.

  • 650+ pre-built websites, each of which is customizable, responsive, and features basic UX functionality.

  • Be’s Header Builder 2.0 that gives you all the flexibility you need to create pixel-perfect headers.

 5.Rey - Exceptionally Intuitive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

With the Rey WordPress WooCommerce theme at your fingertips you can make use of its seamless WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce integrations to take your website-building ventures to the next level.

  • This eCommerce dedicated theme is well known for its outstanding pre-made designs and exceptional performance.

  • Rey is always kept up to date, it is easy to set up, responsive, SEO and developer friendly, and exceptionally user friendly.

  • Rey’s stunning website is sure to impress. You will find it visually appealing, modern, and perfect for creating fashion and clothing, furniture, and home decor websites.

6.Blocksy – Premium WordPress Theme

What’s not to like about a free WooCommerce theme that’s lightning fast and is supercharged with a host of useful eCommerce-related website building feature.

Blocksy, built on top of Gutenberg and using the latest web technologies, is all the above and more.

This premium WordPress theme -

  • is fully compatible with the popular Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder page builders.

  • features WooCommerce compatible advanced customizations together with a powerful header and footer builder, a mega menu extension, a time-saving Content Blocks module, and supports custom post types and dynamic data.

 7.Woodmart - WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Any Kind of Store

The Woodmart WordPress WooCommerce theme website is special. You might even be tempted to try to purchase a product or two when visiting it. If a theme is that beautiful, and that realistic, just imagine how attractive (and engaging) an online store you’ve created using it could be.

Woodmart certainly has the features you’ll want, including –

  • shop and product page Elementor builders and an Elementor custom checkout feature.

  • 80+ premade demo websites together with special pages and templates to choose from and customize to your liking.

  • AJAX shop and AJAX swatches, filters, search, and other quick-shop customer-centric features.

 8.Kalium Theme – Beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme

Attractively designed and easy to work with, the Kalium best-selling theme can be the answer to your search for tools to build a high conversion rate online store.

  • Kalium’s Live WooCommerce builder is accompanied with a multiplicity of template layouts to choose from, or you can create your own layout.

  • Smartly designed cart and checkout pages serve to speed up checkout while ensuring customers aren’t distracted by unnecessary processes, thereby leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Product filters, hover styles, up-sells, and cross-sells add to the customer experience.  

9.Hongo – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Hongo is a brand-new premium Shopify theme featuring a creative modern design that is conversion optimized, affordable, and enables you to take full advantage of the powerful Shopify eCommerce engine when creating your online store.

  • Users can save significant amounts of money by using Hongo-built website features instead of using paid Shopify applications.

  • Hongo is highly flexible and customizable with 140+ ready sections plus product cards and detail styles together with product quick view and impressive product filter functionality.

Online documentation is provided, and customer support is first class.

10.XStore – Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XStore’s most popular feature is its 130+ ready-made shop demos that are geared specifically for a variety of online store types. It should not be difficult to find one that with customizing and content replacement will give you exactly what you want.

  • Each demo comes with the necessary pages to create an online store and can be imported with one click.

  • Other XStore features include mega menu support, a powerful Theme Options panel and tons of Booster Sales.

XStore is easy to set up, is compatible with most popular WordPress plugins, and is optimized for SEO.


Whether you’re starting from scratch. Or upgrading your existing eCommerce shop or that of a client’s. WordPress themes are effective tools for enhancing a website and simplifying business processes.

With many great WooCommerce & Shopify themes to select from, finding the best one to fit your needs will depend upon the type of e-commerce store you have in mind. The theme you end up selecting should be fast, reliable, and have all the features you need to properly showcase your brand,

You’ll benefit from this curated list of 10 best WooCommerce Themes and Shopify Themes. Each one offers one or more specific features that you might be in the market for.

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