Any of These Top 10 WordPress Plugins Could Help Your Business Grow

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Apr 2019
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Can a plugin really make a difference in your online presentation? Especially with respect to the business growth it might engender?

Take the lowly baked potato; “lowly” only because of its rather bland taste. You can spice it up with a dash of salt and pepper and some butter. Just as you can spice up a website with a few special effects.

You can do much better than that with your potato, however. Add sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits and you have a feast; something others will be anxious to try.

It’s similar with plugins. A plugin or two (or more) can add features and functionality to a website that’s a feast for the eyes. It is also something visitors will not only want to return to but will happily spread the word as well.

Here are 10 top WordPress plugins worth considering if you would like to create your own feast.

1. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress

If you’ve been paying attention to current marketing trends you know that content personalization is increasing conversions for websites by 200% or more. But, if you’ve been doing your research, you know that personalization is typically difficult and expensive. That’s why Logic Hop is our number one pick... Not only is Logic Hop easy to use, it’s also affordable. Sure, $49 a month may seem like a lot, but when it’s making you 2x, and even 3x in revenue it’s a no-brainer.

Speaking of easy to use, if you can edit a page in WordPress you can add personalization with Logic Hop. That’s because Logic Hop was developed specifically for WordPress and is fully integrated. Using a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder? Logic Hop has add-ons that make it even easier.

Create a condition, add it to your modules and elements, save your page and presto – Your site is serving up personalized content. Need a hand to get going? Logic Hop has the most amazing support we’ve seen. They’ll literally help you get up and running, and they’re fun to work with.

Stop missing out on sales and conversions. Start personalizing today and see why Logic Hop is our number one pick.

2. LayerSlider


When you select a premium product, you naturally expect it to be rich in the features necessary to build a better website, and LayerSlider will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them – significantly.

LayerSlider’s features and capabilities go well beyond slider design. What you get with this premier WordPress plugin is a complete, high-performance, and totally cool animation platform.

LayerSlider’s cutting edge technologies include but are by no means limited to its drag and drop visual editor, built-in Photoshop-like editor, and animated page blocks. This plugin’s combination of features and functionality enables you to not only create awesome sliders but landing pages and even complete websites as well.

This website-building tool’s capabilities, performance, and dedicated support have combined to give it a well-deserved, solid reputation.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro

It says a lot about a website-building product when it has served as the industry for 12 years and counting and experiences more than 1.5 million downloads annually.

That’s the case with the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin. This free gallery plugin has the all power and performance needed to allow photographers, imaging professionals, and visual artists and other creative types to create stunning galleries to showcase their work.

At the same time NextGEN Gallery is easy for beginners to use to create simple yet impressive image galleries.

NextGEN Gallery’s backend features a complete WordPress gallery management system. On the frontend, the free version provides users with two gallery and two album styles.

NextGEN Gallery Pro, NextGEN Gallery’s premium version, is ideal for anyone who deals with thousands of images. The Pro version gives you a wider range of gallery and album display types and options together with a comprehensive library of extensions.

4. MapSVG


MapSVG’s initial version (2011) allowed its users to take an SVG file and convert it to an interactive map. That, in itself was an impressive capability, but today’s MapSVG plugin is capable of much more.

The functionality has been expanded to where you can create three types of geo-calibrated interactive maps – vector maps, Google maps, and image maps. You can also add markers and objects to maps and their associated directories.

5. wpDataTables


Creating an informative and attractive table or chart from even a small amount of data has its challenges. What should you do if you have thousands or even millions of rows of complex data to deal with? wpDataTables is the answer. With this WP plugin, you can take all that data and quickly and efficiently go about building responsive, interactive, and editable tables and charts – customized to your taste, and colorful as well.

6. Amelia


Businesses looking to grow are always on the lookout for products that can save them time, lowering the costs, and make life easier in general. Amelia offers businesses a good way to make all this happen, especially businesses that rely heavily on booking and managing customers’ and clients’ appointments efficiently.

This WP plugin automates the entire process, including managing changes and making payments and allowing people to make appointments 24/7.


7. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro

You’ll find the WP Review Pro plugin to be just what the doctor ordered if you’re in the business of reviewing books, products, movies, videos, or just about anything else. This WooCommerce-compatible plugin with it’s 16 pre-defined styles lets you choose among star, circle, point, and percentage options for your reviews.

WP Review Pro also has the tools you need to create sophisticated comparison tables based on your reviews of multiple products.

8. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO

This Swiss Army knife of WordPress SEO tools takes away most if not all the challenges you’ve become accustomed to when attempting to create SEO-friendly content.

Rank Math SEO has every tool you’ll ever likely to need, including its SEO Analysis tool, WooCommerce SEO tool, and an ever-so-helpful Contend Analysis feature to help you get and stay on track while writing content search engines will love. This WordPress plugin loads super-fast and is easy to use.

9. Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base

If you’ve had just about enough of having to answer the same questions over and over, and your customers have had just about enough having to wait for your answers, Heroic Knowledge Base provides an ideal solution.

Your visitors will surely appreciate being able to get answers in seconds, 24/7. You’ll no doubt appreciate having more time to spend on other aspects of your business. Heroic Knowledge Base’s analytics even lets you see how much it’s helping.

10. Blog2Social - Smart social media automation for WordPress

Blog2Social - Smart social media automation for WordPress

While you’ll definitely find Blog2Social’s social media post automation feature useful and a time saver, the real strength of this WordPress plugin lies in is its ability to let you vary content, format, and images to give every post a personal touch tailored to a given social media network.

The Social Media Calendar is another strong feature. It enables you to color code, schedule, and track posts, and rearrange your schedule via drag and drop.


  Now that’s we’ve shown you all the possibilities a baked potato has, why not browse our list of top plugins one more time. You should find one or more that you can use to create a feast. It will not only make your day but will keep you going strong for the remainder of 2019.

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