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20 of the Best WordPress Theme Shops / Developers

Therefore, we’ve made up a top 20 of the best teams that design themes for WordPress sites. So, if you’re on the market for such a website, take a look.

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9 Uniquely Designed WordPress Theme Layouts

If you are looking for something totally different, cutting edge WordPress themes, you came to a right place. We searched through Themeforest and handpicked 9 layouts we reckon they have...

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Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks

After I have gone through a few projects with WordPress as the CMS backend, it has became my official CMS platform I would recommend to people. There are a few...

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Useful Hacks to Make WordPress Work Better

Now some of you might be wondering, “Why would I want to mess with all that code if I could just install a plugin to do the same thing?” And...

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WordPress Functions and Scripts That I Recently Used

I have just completed another WordPress website that requires a few custom post types, custom registration, edit profile and login with front-end design. I found myself getting better and better...

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Beautify Your Website's Images With 14 Best Responsive WordPress Plugins

A new year brings a lot new things with it and like any other trend, website development trends also keep on changing with time. With responsive web design as one...

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12 Best WordPress Image Galleries and Sliders

Image slider has been a great UI component to attract user attention. We can use it to showcase our portfolio, products and latest news and announcement. If you used it...

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Transform WordPress into a Powerful CMS

No one would deny that WordPress is the leading blog platform at the moment. With huge collection of free and premium themes and plugins, setting up and personalize a beautiful...

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16 Javascript Driven Single Page Premium WordPress Themes

If you are looking to have your own portfolio website and set it up fast, you should consider WordPress. WordPress is a famous blogging platform and it also does a...

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5 Robust WordPress Roles and Access Control Plugins

WordPress uses a concept of Roles, designed to give the blog owner the ability to control and assign what users can and cannot do in the blog. A blog owner...