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The Ultimate List Of Black Friday Deals

We prepared for you guys a list with the most enchanting deals for web designers and developers. This is the Ultimate list of Black Friday deals !

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Wrike - The Comprehensive Project Management Tool

Have you heard of the Wrike? They are a leading company who combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion and document sharing. It is used by many corporations and enterprises. These huge companies like PayPal, Citrix, PureStorage,...

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Pixova Lite - Free Parallax WordPress Theme

Some WordPress theme needs to be purchased and some can be free. So today I’m going to talk about how to get the free one page WordPress theme – Pixova WordPress Theme. They are providing a fantastic offer. You can...

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Why Pre-Built Websites Are the Future of Web Design

Web designers typically take one different approaches in building website. Each approach has its pros and cons, but there is a new and different approach that is beginning to make waves. Once you have an understanding of the website requirements,...

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Exclusive Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Released in the summer of 2015, Monstroid has already been downloaded by 2000+ users, and there is a solid reason for such a boom in its popularity. It comes with powerful frontend and backend features, 30+ child themes, 20+ built-in...

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Best Web Apps and Tips to Improve a Design’s Team Productivity

Some of the apps described here cover web design, prototyping, and project management. Several focus solely on project management, and for a few the main focus is almost entirely on real-time collaboration. All of these apps are productivity enhancers, and...

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The Web Development Resources You Need to Know About

The market for web development and design resources isn’t lacking in tools. Consequently, any web or design professional can spend days on end searching for what they need a seemingly endless repository.

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Vintage Backgrounds Always In Fashion

If you want to make your design special and unpredictable, vintage backgrounds will help you. Muted colours, burnt edges effect, traceries and flourishes - these characteristic elements will add to your site or product fascination, attractiveness, singularity and charm.

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10 Ruby Tricks to Make Your Code Nearly Perfect

Ruby is awesome! If you think it’s not, you just haven’t got an opportunity to explore the simplicity, elegance and power of Ruby. A lot of web services and enterprise level platforms use Ruby. Which ones? Twitter, Shopify, Crunchbase, Groupon....

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Freebies! 17 Incredible Free Fonts

All these free fonts have been professionally designed and made for use by graphic and web designers. These fonts can be used in printed literature, websites or any design project you have in mind.

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Game Development: The Process that Converts Sweat and Coffee into Fun

Many of you might think that game development is an easy task. Well, you might reconsider if you ever try to build your own. You know the meme about how programmers convert caffeine to code. Game developers have an even...

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Use Prototyping’s Best Practices and Tools for the Best Results

It’s common sense to look for the best tool if you want to get something done right, but even the best of tools may not be enough if you don’t adhere to best practices. Several of the very best prototyping...