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Translating Client-Speak like a Pro for Web Designer

Here we have a very useful infographic created by Plato Web Design to help you translate client-speak like a pro. It's a quick cheatsheet to explain what clients really mean when providing feedback.

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Muzli, The Ultimate Designer's Toolbox

Many of us have a dedicated design news feed, aggregates latest inspirations from all major design websites. Here I have something similar, a great tool to inspire you everyday - Muzli, the ultimate designer's toolbox.

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Create Great WP Websites With Startup Framework For WordPress

Accordingly, if a startup company is looking to get online representation, then a solution like Startup Theme for WordPress would certainly help.

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7 Essential Techniques to Speed Up Your Websites

Just recently, I was assigned to a a job to optimize the performance and loading speed of a microsite. As a developer I know of a few tricks up my sleeve. The easier thing to do is to reduce the number...

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Free Theme Every Week from

Gridgum is a new marketplace that offers high quality premium responsive website themes and templates. Currently they have a wide range of WordPress and Bootstrap Themes available but the marketplace is open to any type and category of themes as...

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9 Quality Web Resources to Blow Your Mind

The lack of quality web resources makes it difficult for every web developer or designer to give his/her best to the project. But then there are things that give you a ray of hope when you are stuck. And this...

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Top 20 Best Tools for developers and designers

The Internet is more accessible than ever before in our current day and age. Due to this fact, having a presence online is more important than ever for businesses, organizations and so on. We’ve gone through the best tools for...

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Quill - Another Great Standalone Javascript Rich Text Editor

Quill has a minimal interface, simple and straight forward layout. Just like the standard rich text editor, toolbar is located on top of the editor. It does not use any Javascript framework, it's a standalone editor without the need of...

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Become a Web Developer from Scratch

Web development is a very interesting industry, you don't learn just one language, but at least 3 - HTML, CSS and Javascript. And as you progress into a more senior developer role, you pretty much will be equipped with server...

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Opus Theme Review: A Multi-Purpose WordPress Business Theme

Opus is a WordPress theme by PremiumCoding, developers who boast an impressive catalogue of premium WordPress themes, WooCommerce themes, plugins and flash elements. It is another theme in the line of themes which boast huge amounts of features, customization options,...

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TETHR - The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Indeed!

iOS designers, brace yourself and get ready with all the tools for a surge of iOS projects! :) I just got to know InVision has released a really great UI kit for iOS. It's comprehensive, high quality and most importantly,...

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Want To Have A Great WooCommerce Theme? Check These Out

 If you are looking to make a name for yourself in the field of ecommerce and have decided to use WooCommerce, you might just be overwhelmed looking at the number of WooCommerce themes out there. We have narrowed down a...