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Start Using Premium Web Resources

The following list sums up some of the best web designing tools at the moment, that your projects will absolutely love, due to their efficiency, facility and high-quality.

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The Best Vector Illustration Mega Pack 1000+ High Quality Resources

I have a great news for you - we have a great deal from InkyDeals - Mega Graphic Bundle with 1000+ of premium resources valued at $2,700 for just $49. Too good to be true? Wait for it, we are...

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Slick - The Best Responsive Carousel Javascript Plugin

I stumbled upon this awesome carousel script called Slick. Tagged with the tag line - "The last carousel youll ever need", I'd say, the author is totally right. It works perfectly in responsive view, and the most awesome thing...

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How to Spice Up Your Bootstrap Carousel

Carousel has been a great user element to present content. Though a carousel is not compliant with accessibility, it's still a very popular way to catch user attention and organise content in an attractive way.

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Top Free Twitter Bootstrap Website Builders

If you want to have all that awesome Twitter Bootstrap features but don't want to do coding, you're reading the right post. Here we're going to introduce a list of Twitter Bootstrap builders that help you to build bootstrap powered...

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Can Website Design Affect SEO?

While building links and reaching out to influencers is essential to good SEO practices there are other things that can affect how a website ranks in search results, and one of those things is web design.

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5 Important Points for a Stellar Homepage Design

The Internet has changed greatly in just the past few years alone. Search engine optimization rules have been changed, social media is integral to the success of a website and design aspects have evolved for mobile devices. In other words,...

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Create Consistent Browser Alert Dialogues for Your Website

As a frontend developer, one of the goals throughout the development is to ensure the design looks consistent and identical in all platforms. Well, that's a life-long battle against different browsers' standards, and one of the uncontrollable element is browser...

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20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Those Who Wisely Choose a WP Template

If you’ve been looking for a nice free WordPress theme to create a great project, we suggest that you check out this list of templates which may present a strong foundation for your work.

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Cubender Responsive Website Builder is Now Version 5

Cubender is a designer friendly and feature-rich responsive website builder. Built by a group of experience people, It's intuitive and powerful. The best thing about Cubender is - you do not need to know how to code website to build...

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Learn How Easy it is to Use WP Pre-made Layouts in Your Projects

A pre-made layout can provide the perfect baseline for your web design project. It is a conceptual design whose individual elements are completely editable, making it a tool you can build upon, by taking advantage of its total flexibility. A...

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How to clear search and location history in Google Maps on Android

There might be many reasons to clear the search and location history in Google Maps but not everyone knows how to do that. Of course if you want to remove everything from your account you will have to get on...