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Magic CSS3 Animations by miniMAC

Introducing Magic CSS3 animations by miniMAC, adding CSS3 animation is simple. You just need to choose from a list of predefined animation transitions, and apply the right class with Javascript to the element. Magic CSS3 is came with staggering 55...

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LocalStorage Made Easy with store.js

Introducing store.js - a localStorage wrapper for all browsers without using cookies or flash. It uses localStorage, globalStorage and userData under the hood. store.js use localStorage when available, and falls back on the userData in IE6 and IE7. No flash...

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This Year’s best 15 Pro Platforms for Designing Beautiful Websites

If you’re a web or graphic designer, chances are that many of your clients have asked you to create their website to help boost their online exposure. The question is do you know which platform is the most adequate to...

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How To Create The Float Label Pattern

Today I want to walk you through a story about the float label pattern. I can’t speak to who thought of this first, but I can say that Matt Smith popularized it with one of his Dribbble shots a few...

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Win A2 Hosting's 300% Faster WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting's blazing fast WordPress Hosting, can make sure you don't fall victim to slow hosting. Your account comes hosted on their SwiftServer platform, and they feature blazing fast SSDs with page load speeds up to 300% faster than competing...

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Handy Photoshop Plugins and Scripts You Can Get It For Free

For designers and front-end developers, Photoshop is a tool that we would use it almost daily during work. We know it's not perfect and that's why we have extensions out there to enhance it. Here I have collected 10 photoshop...

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Giveaway TeslaThemes' Responsive WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes giveaway is back again! This time we have TeslaThemes, experts in WordPress theme. We will be giving away 3 responsive WordPress themes. All are equipped with TeslaTheme Framework for easy customization.

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DealFuel Is Giving Away 20 DealClub Memberships Worth Hundreds of Dollars

So all the Netizens out there! The stalwarts creating new websites and designing them, Let Dealfuel help you to ease your workload and save time on your process. With range of e-books, graphics to design templates,stock images , courses...