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 When You Want a Professional Form for Your Website, But Don’t Want to Build One

The Form Theme Store is fresh and hot off the press. The first ever marketplace for buying and selling form themes, the Theme Store is exciting for designers as well as everybody else.

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Exclusive Giveaway: Win An All Inclusive Website Pack from ThemeFuse

Get WordPress Theme + 1 Year Hosting Plan + 1 Optional Free Domain for free! ThemeFuse is giving away an all-inclusive pack consisting a standard premium WordPress theme, one year free domain and one year of hosting plan. Here is...

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Get One of Five Premium WordPress Themes TOTALLY FREE

The point is this week we’re having a WordPress Theme Giveaway together with our friends over at TemplateMonster. To make a long story short, we’re looking for 5 winners and each winner will get a premium WordPress Theme by TemplateMonster.

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Unique and Creative Free Fonts

Typefaces actually affect the branding, image and atmosphere given off by your company. They offer a first impression of your business without a client or customer having to even know what you do. If this has you rethinking the typography...

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What Makes Simplicity In Mobile Design A Good Thing?

Often time you see designers and articles preaching for simplicity. It’s a very common topic when one talk about mobile design especially because of the smaller screen sizes. However, it is in fact true that simplicity is scientifically better for...

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Why Learning is good for Our Brains

Learning is more than a natural process, it is actually good for your brain and this has potential health benefits. Here we take a look at how learning different activities benefits the brain.

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How to Get More Eyes on Your Blog

Most bloggers will come across one point in their careers where they notice that traffic to their blog is slowing down. If this happens to you, the important thing to remember is not to panic.

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10 Free Design Resources Even Hulk Can Not Smash

Now these free design resources are such freebies which you don't get to see everyday. They encompass almost every design resource that a designer might require to sculpt a brand new website. These resources are so versatile, you can apply...

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Web Development and Design Deals on Black Friday

Black Friday comes to web development and design deals, here is a list of 11 exclusive deals for some of the best tools you should be using.

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The Best 20 Tools for Web Development

It’s complicated enough with all the different devices that now have access to the Internet to make a website that will look good and function properly across platforms. This is why there are an abundance of tools and services out...

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Translating Client-Speak like a Pro for Web Designer

Here we have a very useful infographic created by Plato Web Design to help you translate client-speak like a pro. It's a quick cheatsheet to explain what clients really mean when providing feedback.

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Muzli, The Ultimate Designer's Toolbox

Many of us have a dedicated design news feed, aggregates latest inspirations from all major design websites. Here I have something similar, a great tool to inspire you everyday - Muzli, the ultimate designer's toolbox.