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Win 1 of 3 ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes

So many people use WordPress for their blogs, and you’re probably one of them. Three lucky people will be winning a giveaway for a free WordPress theme. If you win, you can choose the theme you’d like for free. Thanks...

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A Simple Responsive Email Design Tutorial

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with responsive emails this is a perfect place for you. In this quick tutorial I will be going over how to code a simple and minimal typography based responsive email. It will provide...

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3 Great Tips on Mobile Design from the Mobile Design Book

Over the last couple of months, I have been writing a book about design with my co-author Tomas Laurinavicius. This post is filled with a bunch of great advice about how to design mobile apps that came about from our...

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9 Web Based Solution to Create Stunning Slideshows Presentation

We have HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Just like building websites, we can integrate multimedia such as photo, video and audio into HTML slideshows. With the power of CSS3 and Javascript, we can create stunning slide transitions that you can't find...

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Send Friendly Upgrade Browser Notice to Visitors with OutdatedBrowser.js

Here we have Bürocratik, a brand identity and digital design creative agency from Protugal. They have enough with people who are still using old browsers and decided to make an impact by introducing this Javascript plugin called OutdatedBrowser.js.

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Fenix - A Simple Static Desktop Web Server

Web server is an essential tool for web developer. It's an essential tool to save times and bandwidth. By developing or updating a website locally, we can skip the file upload and download tasks completely. We can do it once...

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What is The Point of CSS Preprocessors

When it comes to preprocessors some of developers have the opinion that they are fixing something that is not broken. However, I’ve personally found that CSS is a pretty dumb language as it is very repetitive and inflexible. If you’ve...

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Be a jQuery Expert! jQuery Plugin Development eBook Giveaway

We have a sweet giveaway to offer readers -- 10 free copies of "jQuery Plugin Development In 30 Minutes"! The first ten lucky people who write a comment in this post will get their free copy.

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IVPN -  A Highly Secure Premium VPN Services

Introducing IVPN, a premium highly secure VPN service focuses on protecting your online privacy. IVPN is a registered private company based in Malta where Data Retention Directive (DRD) is not mandated, that means as a VPN provider, they won't store...

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20 of the Best WordPress Theme Shops / Developers

Therefore, we’ve made up a top 20 of the best teams that design themes for WordPress sites. So, if you’re on the market for such a website, take a look.

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5 Best Website Builders You Need to Know

There are many website builders available online nowadays. Depend on your need, each of them offer different packages and features. However, the most important element of a website builder is its simplicity and user friendliness. It's built for people who...

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Parallax Scrolling Animator For Professional Designers. Webydo’s Closed-Beta Invite

Webydo recently launched its closed-beta trial for designers to test out the new Parallax Scrolling Animator and the first 3,000 readers who sign up within the next seven days will have the chance to participate. Last week, 2,000 invitations were...