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Creating New Projects By Using Strong Resources

Whenever you start a new project, I believe you will have a list of web applications up your sleeve, a well-chosen tools that will smoothen the planning, design, development and support process. Here we have a good list of web...

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 The All-in-One WordPress Theme: First Impressions of the Jupiter V5

In this time, of course, some themes proved to be highly functional, aesthetically engaging and even speedy. Though after purchasing the Jupiter V5 Theme, and having direct exploration and scrutiny of it, I would say you’d be hard-pressed to find...

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7 Things You Need to Know When You Build a Small Business Website

Every small business today needs a web presence. It’s not only the face of your company — a modern-day calling card giving essential contact information, but it conveys in a nutshell what your business is about. Given its importance, here...

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20 PSD Website Templates by TemplateMonster To Build A Website From Scratch

Here’s a collection of 20 of the best and most beautiful website PSD templates by TemplateMonster. Enjoy!

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Buddy - Simple Git Hosting with easy CI tools

Buddy is a simple tool that lets web and software developers host, build and deploy apps and websites with little to no effort. It supports Github or Bitbucket repository. It can also work as a CI/CD tool, or used as...

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2016 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

It’s almost 2016, and with the new year comes a new set of web design trends waiting to be discovered. While most trend reports focus on visual styles and technical functionalities, the following infographic adds a new element to the...

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The Ultimate List Of Black Friday Deals

We prepared for you guys a list with the most enchanting deals for web designers and developers. This is the Ultimate list of Black Friday deals !

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Wrike - The Comprehensive Project Management Tool

Have you heard of the Wrike? They are a leading company who combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion and document sharing. It is used by many corporations and enterprises. These huge companies like PayPal, Citrix, PureStorage,...

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Pixova Lite - Free Parallax WordPress Theme

Some WordPress theme needs to be purchased and some can be free. So today I’m going to talk about how to get the free one page WordPress theme – Pixova WordPress Theme. They are providing a fantastic offer. You can...

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Why Pre-Built Websites Are the Future of Web Design

Web designers typically take one different approaches in building website. Each approach has its pros and cons, but there is a new and different approach that is beginning to make waves. Once you have an understanding of the website requirements,...

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Exclusive Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Released in the summer of 2015, Monstroid has already been downloaded by 2000+ users, and there is a solid reason for such a boom in its popularity. It comes with powerful frontend and backend features, 30+ child themes, 20+ built-in...

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Best Web Apps and Tips to Improve a Design’s Team Productivity

Some of the apps described here cover web design, prototyping, and project management. Several focus solely on project management, and for a few the main focus is almost entirely on real-time collaboration. All of these apps are productivity enhancers, and...