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Can Website Design Affect SEO?

While building links and reaching out to influencers is essential to good SEO practices there are other things that can affect how a website ranks in search results, and one of those things is web design.

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5 Important Points for a Stellar Homepage Design

The Internet has changed greatly in just the past few years alone. Search engine optimization rules have been changed, social media is integral to the success of a website and design aspects have evolved for mobile devices. In other words,...

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Create Consistent Browser Alert Dialogues for Your Website

As a frontend developer, one of the goals throughout the development is to ensure the design looks consistent and identical in all platforms. Well, that's a life-long battle against different browsers' standards, and one of the uncontrollable element is browser...

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20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Those Who Wisely Choose a WP Template

If you’ve been looking for a nice free WordPress theme to create a great project, we suggest that you check out this list of templates which may present a strong foundation for your work.

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Cubender Responsive Website Builder is Now Version 5

Cubender is a designer friendly and feature-rich responsive website builder. Built by a group of experience people, It's intuitive and powerful. The best thing about Cubender is - you do not need to know how to code website to build...

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Learn How Easy it is to Use WP Pre-made Layouts in Your Projects

A pre-made layout can provide the perfect baseline for your web design project. It is a conceptual design whose individual elements are completely editable, making it a tool you can build upon, by taking advantage of its total flexibility. A...

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How to clear search and location history in Google Maps on Android

There might be many reasons to clear the search and location history in Google Maps but not everyone knows how to do that. Of course if you want to remove everything from your account you will have to get on...

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Free Design Project Resources for the Asking

There are a number of sites that feature free design downloads, and that number is in fact fairly large. The quality of these offerings will naturally vary, and moving from site to site to find something you can use can...

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Use video content to drive sales, traffic and brand loyalty

Did you know that 93% of all marketers currently use video content to help drive sales, increase traffic volume, build brand loyalty, and help communicate with their customers? If you’re not in the majority then you’ve come to the perfectly...

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Website Hosting: What is the Best Option for You?

If you’re in the market for a website hosting service, you probably already know that there are a lot more options than there used to be – irrespective of whether you’re looking to host your first site or 1001st. Let’s...

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10 Useful Web Development Tools You Should Use In 2015

We're half way through year 2015, and these are some of the best web development tools to help you deliver your website on time. Potentially, they can make you work efficiently and reduce the amount of time so you can...

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Get 35 Royalty-Free Stock Images from Bigstock

The internet has brought about the age of visual culture, and while old media formats still heavily populate this new world, most content is now built around captivating photos and videos. In fact, you’ve probably found yourself in a position...