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Send Friendly Upgrade Browser Notice to Visitors with OutdatedBrowser.js

Here we have Bürocratik, a brand identity and digital design creative agency from Protugal. They have enough with people who are still using old browsers and decided to make an...

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Add to Homescreen Javascript & WordPress Plugins

iOS and Android are ruling the smartphone world. In the same time, websites are designed to display nicely on smartphones. We have dedicated mobile website and even the most popular...

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Shine.js - A Library for Pretty Realistic Shadows

Shine.js creates pretty shadow, not just the plain box-shadow, but shadow that reacts to the element itself. It's a standalone Javascript with easy to customize shadows and light positions. It...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 22 Apr 2014 under Javascript has 15789 hits and 3 comments.
Magic CSS3 Animations by miniMAC

Introducing Magic CSS3 animations by miniMAC, adding CSS3 animation is simple. You just need to choose from a list of predefined animation transitions, and apply the right class with Javascript...

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LocalStorage Made Easy with store.js

Introducing store.js - a localStorage wrapper for all browsers without using cookies or flash. It uses localStorage, globalStorage and userData under the hood. store.js use localStorage when available, and falls...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 16 Jan 2014 under Javascript has 20787 hits and 2 comments.
Simple Loading Spinners Animated with CSS3

Before CSS3, we see loading spinners in flash website, and then AJAX component with animated GIF. Besides, animated GIF, we have seen VML & Canvas spinners too. Now, we have...

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Summernote - A Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has been a great front-end tools for most web developers. Especially for backend development, it saves us plenty of times and efforts. Backend usually doesn't need fancy design,...

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Create iOS7 Slick and Minimal Switches with Switchery

iOS7's new UI design definitely bring another wave of design impact into web design and development industry. One of the notable UI changes would be the new switch control.

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MightySlider - Powerful, Limitless and Fully Responsive jQuery Slider

Yet another slider! This time we have MightySlider. It can be used as a simple image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation....

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Beautify Boring Footnotes with jQuery Bigfoot

The way we handle footnotes on a webpage is rather standard. We superscript a number and put next to the sentence, and then when user clicks on it, it will...