Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2021

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Jul 2021
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If you are a WordPress website owner, you understand why the WordPress platform is so popular with a large percentage of website designers and developers.

WordPress can do a lot of things and do them very well. But there are limits to what any website-building platform is capable of doing.

Add WordPress plugins to the picture and those limits will, for all practical purposes, virtually disappear. One of the benefits an open source platform brings to the table is that you can keep adding good stuff to it. Like the 10 top WordPress plugins presented here as an example.

These cool plugins for WordPress are “must-haves” for lots of website designers. One or two of them could be a “must-have” for you as well.

This collection of top-rated WordPress plugins is definitely worth checking out.  

1.Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

The Amelia WordPress booking plugin fully automates a business’s interactions with potential customers and existing clients by helping them select the right service, at the desired time, and if need be, with the right employee.

Automated booking is especially useful for certain types of service-oriented businesses such as spas, beauty salons, health and fitness centers, and training centers.

  •  Amelia is simple to install and configure; both can be done with just a few clicks

  • There is no limit to the number of appointments Amelia can manage, nor to the number of clients or customers

  • Amelia can manage bookings and employee schedules and assignments at multiple locations from a single platform

  • Clients can book appointments 24/7, manage their own appointments, and also book events

  • Amelia automatically sends reminders to clients regarding upcoming appointments or payments due; payments can be made online

Click on the banner to learn even more about this time- and money-saving automated booking system. 


The wpDataTables WordPress plugin makes building interactive, responsive, and editable tables and charts a quick, easy, and efficient process.

wpDataTables is packed with features designed to suit both first time and advanced users as well as those responsible working with large amounts of complex data.

With wpDataTables you can –

  • Create tables that allow frontend editing, whether they are created manually, from spreadsheet data, or from MySQL-based data

  • Filter tabular data by single or multiple column values

  • Access HighCharts, Chart.js and Google Charts libraries

  • Use the conditional formatting feature to highlight or color code key table or chart information

  • Sort data by single or multiple columns

wpDataTables can create tables from the most widely used data formats and from multiple sources and can process hundreds of thousands of rows in data in minutes or even seconds.

Click on the banner to discover what 50,000+ companies and individuals already know. 

3.Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is an intuitive drag and drop website builder that enables you to design pages and create full websites quickly, easily, and worry free. This ReactJS-based website builder comes with a full complement of templates, blocks, design elements, and extensions. Coding skills are not required.

  • Business owners can create their own online presence and showcase their brand in the process

  • Designers can meet and exceed their objectives of creating pixel-perfect, high performance websites

  • Marketers will appreciate how easy it is to create high-conversion pages and generate more leads by being able to smoothly integrate with social platforms

  • Visual Composer is a great tool for creating a WooCommerce-based online store

A key feature is the library of 500+ content elements that can be downloaded from the cloud, plus Visual Composer-built sites are fast, SEO-friendly, and responsive.

Free and premium versions are available. 

4.Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution works seamlessly with all the popular WordPress page building tools and adds pro-level visual capabilities to your design toolbox.

  • The ability to add these new and impressive visual editing capabilities will not require coding on your part

  • Revolution Slider brings with it an impressive selection of sliders, background and hero images, premade layer groups, WooCommerce carousels, and a royalty-free media library

24/7 access to the support team is a given. 

5.Logic Hop

The Logic Hop plugin supports site personalization across multiple criteria and increases conversion rates by up to 300% in doing so.

  • You can tailor your content to address a unique or special audience

  • Logic Hop works with all the popular WordPress page builders. If you can customize a content element in WordPress, you can customize it in Logic Hop.

If you are not attempting to personalize your content, you are missing out. 


Stacks lets you create a website or mobile app without coding with an option to host your website on Amazon.

  • Team support is available to help you with your design and resolve any problems you may encounter

  • Certificates you’ll need to publish an app on Google Play or the App Store are automatically generated

  • Stacks works perfectly with WooCommerce and uses the same payment gateways.

The Stacks team supports its customers 24/7. 


Tablesome is a free WordPress table plugin that creates responsive tables for embedding in pages and posts.

  • If you already have table data in an external spreadsheet tool (e.g., Google Sheets, Excel) you can import them in the form of CSV and XLSX files

  • Table shortcodes are provided to embed tables in one or multiple locations

  • Published tables can be edited by anyone granted access

Tablesome will work seamlessly with any decently coded WordPress theme. 

8.Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

This intuitive WordPress ad management popular plugin can manage an unlimited number of ad spaces and sold ads.

  • Clients can manage their own ads

  • Use any of the 25+ pre-defined templates or create custom ad sizes with Ad Creator

  • There are 20 different advertising display styles

  •  Ad spaces can be shown or hidden for specific categories, specific devices, and specific geographical regions

  • 4 Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce Integrated, and Bank Transfer. 

9.Static Pages

The Static Pages plugin provides a simple solution to set a static web page with a custom URL in WordPress.

  • Static pages can be used to add beautiful landing pages to shop or blog sites to improve sales.

  • Or, add a page with a subscription form; Mailchimp, for example.

  •  A static page can also be used to quickly test a new idea or product. 

10.Heroic Inbox

The Heroic Inbox plugin enables businesses to manage all of their emails in shared inboxes from a single platform and right inside WordPress.

  • Customer data and communications is presented on a sidebar while communicating, or next to your chat or text message

  • Heroic Inbox tracks key performance metrics to assess team and overall company performance

  •  Zero Inbox status is easy to achieve and easy to maintain.

Have you been on the lookout for a top-of-the line WordPress plugin to resolve a specific problem? Add a needed feature to your website, or help you take your business to the next level?

The good news is, there are 58,000+ useful WordPress plugins to choose from. The not-so-good news is you could quickly become dazed and confused trying to find a plugin that would serve you best.

This post offers a collection of top plugins for WordPress websites that range from “good to have” to “must have”. We hope you find one that will make your day.

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