10 Best WordPress Plugins 2017 - Essential for Professional Websites

Written by Kevin Liew on 27 Mar 2017
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The New Year brings about innovations in all fields of life. This also includes those in the area of technology and, specifically, WordPress. As new plugins roll out each day, it is time for a new roundup of the best WordPress Plugins 2017 so far. The top 10 are:

Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin

WordPress has become the go-to choice for e-commerce websites and online stores because of its ease of use. Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin is one that allows you to create an online store instantly easily. The versatile plugin works worldwide and can handle many different currencies. Also, the plugin has a wide variety of other features. Coupon codes can be setup for customers. Shipping fees and taxes are calculated automatically. Many different payment methods are also available for use with the plugin. The plugin allows you to add images to products. It also features a powerful organization system. This lets you manage and sort products with no effort at all. If all that is not enough, you can expand this functionality with over ten different extensions. All of this makes this one of the Best WordPress Plugins 2017.

FotoPress Image Editor

Finding royalty free images can be a tedious task. Editing them can be even worse. This is where FotoPress is a lifesaver. It combines both these functions into a simple WordPress plugins. This is why FotoPress in one of the essential WordPress plugins 2017. Within your site, you can quickly discover and alter images. You can choose from a library more than 2 million unique images. Not only is it a trouble-free process, but the editing tools are also very powerful. From Photoshop-like retouch effects to filters that resemble Instagram, FotoPress has it all. The editor supports a wide variety of effects and tools which can be used for professional quality editing. The best WordPress plugins 2017 also includes SEO functionality which allows you optimize your site.

Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization is vital to the success of any WordPress blog. WordPress is already great for SEO, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve it. Yoast SEO is a plugin that is the ultimate solution for all your SEO needs. The tool helps you to write better content by providing help in using focus keywords. It also provides a page analysis that checks out all the little things that you could have missed while writing content. It also adjusts WordPress settings to allow for the best configuration. The plugin also improves meta-data and link elements which alter how search engines catalog your site's pages. XML Sitemaps are another feature which massively boosts your rankings on search engines. Other features RSS optimization and Breadcrumbs functionality. It also allows you to edit your robots.txt and .htaccess files which are crucial for good SEO. The essential WordPress plugins 2017 can also import functionality from other plugins so that you don’t have to deal with handling all of your different plugins. The plugin is also available in many different languages.


Creating tables can be a complicated process. While simple tables can be made relatively quickly with WordPress built-in functionality, it can be difficult to build multiple tables with many features. The plugin also functions as a manager for tables on your WordPress site. Tables can easily be put in text or widgets. They can also be used in the site’s theme using Template Tag functionalities. Tables can contain any formula and provide Excel-like formulas. Table names and headers are fully editable. The DataTables JavaScript library has been implemented to allow pagination, sorting, and filtering. Tables in a wide variety of formats can be imported to your website. Copy and delete functionality is also available. The style of the tables can also be changed without knowing HTML and with little to no technical knowledge. If you know CSS, you can also customize the charts’ style to your liking. It's a great convenience and tools make this an essential WordPress Plugins 2017.


For your business website, having an online booking and appointment system is a must. Customers today expect the ease of online booking, so it is essential to provide them with this facility for the success of your business. This plugin makes it easy for both you and your customers. With it, you can create a working appointment system within minutes. Track records of your appointments are kept and customers are only assigned dates which are available. It also has options for either cash or PayPal payment. It also sets automatic reminders for appointments and disables days such as holidays. The plugin is easily configurable, but it still provides enough versatility. You can easily edit options such as working days and time slots. This is combined with an easy-to-use admin panel. The plugin also combats spam using Captcha. It is easily Best WordPress Plugins 2017 in the utility category.

Content Resharer Pro                                                                                                          

Resharing content has become a crucial part of social media marketing. Many tools allow you to achieve this task. However, most of them are extremely complicated to configure, making reposting a headache. Content Resharer Pro is practically the solution to this problem. It has a straightforward and easy method of resharing content. It allows you to set the frequency of sharing, the custom message for reshared posts, share posts of a particular keyword or tag, implement URL shortly via Bitly and even add automatic hashtags to the posting. Resharing content will increase the content value of your social media pages, attracting more traffic while also saving your time. Instead of wasting your time reposting, you can use it to create new content.

Profile Plus

Are you building a WordPress community website but cannot figure out an easy way to do it? While there are many plugins out there which allow content restrict7ion through user registrations, plugins like Profile Plus are scarce. Profile Plus not only allows content restriction but it is an entire social networking platform in one plugin. It supports user profiles, email integration, profile layouts, integration with big social media companies and is mobile friendly. Once set up, Profile Plus will allow users on your websites to interact freely with each other. Why is this more beneficial as compared to Facebook page or Twitter handle? Well, that is simple, on your own website only relevant people will find relevant information, which is the focus of the website. This is also demonstrated in one of the features of Profile Plus, which makes links to users profiles SEO-friendly. It also allows custom CSS templates for profiles, in case of any tech-savvy customers. All in all, Profile Plus is one of the richest plugins in the field of content restriction or WordPress community plugins. This is why it is essential WordPress plugins 2017.

Backup Manager

We put in our blood and sweat into perfecting our websites, to become exactly what we want them to be. It is scary to think that we can lose them as a result of a hack, accidental deletion or even a server malfunction. This is why, the ability to back up your entire website is extremely crucial. WordPress has a native backup tool but it is extremely limited in what it backs up and how it does that. A third party tool must be used to allow the simple backup and restoration of WordPress websites. Backup Manager for WordPress is the ultimate tool. It allows one-click backups and restores for any WordPress site. It not only backups your pages, content and posts but even your other plugins! Additionally, it allows for automatic scheduling of backups, backup upload to numerous cloud storages and even backing up multiple WordPress websites on one domain.

Blog Subscriber

It is no secret today that email marketing and promotions are one of the most important tools in attracting traffic to your website. However, it can become difficult to manage mailing lists because of the lack of innovative plugins in this regard. Blog Subscriber has been one revolution in this category. Blog Subscriber collects leads on your blog and enhances a user’s experiences by directly engaging him with relevant content. Updates are automatically sent via email to users whenever a new post is made. One of its best features is that it allows users to set custom subscription preferences, limiting their email updates to certain post types only. It also makes things easier for a website owner as it provides a subscriber management dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. In the dashboard, owners can edit or delete subscribers. The forms supported by this plugin are all based on AJAX which end up giving a more professional outlook to the website.

Slim Stat Analytics

Setting up a website is just the start, the most difficult task is to maintain a website. In order to know what to do, you must first know how your website is doing. Essential questions must be answered. How many people are visiting your website? Where are they coming from? What are their demographics? What is the most popular content niche? Slim Stat Analytics will help you answer all of these dilemmas. Slim Stat offers real time analysis of website traffic. By partnering with MaxMind and amMap, they have one of the most accurate geolocation tagging of any WordPress plugin. It can either backup your statistics onto CSV or email you a daily report according to your preference. You can even choose to exclude certain kinds of users like common robots or specific IP subnets. It is certainly one of the most informative plugins out there

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