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Posted by Kevin Liew on 05 Jul 2013 under Javascript has 22009 hits and 5 comments.
Create Attractive jQuery Tab Module with Tabulous.js

Tabulous.js is a great jQuery tab module. With its supports of animation in content, I reckon you can use this plugin to create a cool website layout. Imagine this, you...

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Create Side Menus Easily with Sidr jQuery Plugin

It's also developed to support mobile swipe gestures and can be attached to a button and toggle display the menu programatically.

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Create Tooltip style Toolbars Easily with Toolbar.js

If developing web application is one of your skillsets, you definitely need to check this out - Toolbar.js. Toolbar.js allows us to create tooltip style toolbar easily with a few...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 15 Jun 2012 under Javascript has 19857 hits and 0 comments.
SelectNav.js - Responsive Drop Down navigation for Mobiles

If you are building a responsive layout website, you definitely have encountered the nav issue. As the website width become smaller to adapt smaller screen size, the navigation menu have...