React Spring Parallax and Animation Plugin

Written by Kevin Liew on 23 Oct 2018
15,603 Views • Javascript

React-spring is a powerful animation library for the popular React. React-spring is set of simple, spring-physics based building blocks that should cover most of your UI related animation needs. If CSS animation isn't enough, you can do more with react-spring.

There are quite a few Animation library out there, but react-spring outshined all of them. Here's the comparison between React-motion, Animated and React-spring.

react-spring builds upon animated's foundation, making it leaner and more flexible. It inherits react-motions declarative api and goes to great lengths to simplify it. It has lots of useful primitives, can interpolate mostly everything and last but not least, can animate by committing directly to the dom instead of re-rendering a component frame-by-frame.

Here's a list of flashy and cool animation you can achieve using react-spring.


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