21 Simple and Useful jQuery Tutorials You Might Have Missed

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Sep 2009
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Queness is 6 months old now, I have created 21 tutorials that focus on different section of a website (menu, gallery, slider, tooltips, dock, modal window, ajax and jQuery turtorials). jQuery is an amazing javascript framework. I used to use prototype + scriptaculous and mootools, but I found that jQuery has a great documentation, plugins and huge amount of information out there online. It never cease to amaze me.

So, just in case some of you might have missed my tutorials, this is a round up post for all of them and I hope it will able to assist you in the journey of learning jQuery.

Navigation Menu

Photo Gallery/Thumbnail Gallery



Modal Window

Content Slider

jQuery Plugin


Final words,

I hope my tutorials are useful to you. I will continue to do my best to produce high quality tutorials and bring more inspiration to you.

Thanks for your support. :)

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choen 15 years ago
i love all ur tutorial... thanks
Ben 15 years ago
Some very good stuff there. I love the verticle menu thing :)
Boba 15 years ago
They're all amazing :) And i'm sure the future ones will be even better. Keep it up.
Lorne Pike 15 years ago
Gotta love jQuery; design doesn't get much better than that! Thanks for a few that i had not seen before, Kevin.
Vipul Limbachiya 15 years ago
This is a real good list. Not all(As there are better options available) but many of them are really useful.

Thanks for sharing!

Vipul Limbachiya
sid 15 years ago
Awesome work buddy really love the list keep sharing more.bookmarking
sonichtml 15 years ago
very nice~~ thank you for shared..
Rudy Azhar 15 years ago
Can the jquery used in blogspot?? and how th easy tutorial to make that...
aminamin 15 years ago
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afra7 14 years ago
thank nice post
توبيكات 14 years ago
They\\\'re all amazing :) And i\\\'m sure the future ones will be even better. Keep it up.
animalerie 14 years ago
very good . i m using Simple Lava Lamp Menu. i have juste one problem with Internet exploreur. no problems with fire fox or chrome .
wedding 14 years ago
thanks alote