7 Brand New Impressive Javascript Experiments

Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Nov 2010
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Alright, after a while, we have got new chrome experiments to showcase again! Always look forward for this post to show you what have been happening in the HTML 5 and javascript development. Unfortunately, it runs well in chrome, maybe sometimes in firefox but not in Internet explorer most of the time. Anyway, make sure you check out each of the experiment here, pretty sure they will blow you away!

  • Sketchy structure
    Sketchy structure
    Draw whimsical scenes remenescent of complex structures.
  • Extruder
    This experiment is a reinterpretation of the Joy Division album cover "Unknown Pleasures" in an animated line-landscape visualizer.
  • Voxels
    Started as a three.js interactivity example but I guess I got a bit over excited :)
  • Tito
    A musical instrument that uses a bouncing ball gravity model to trigger and manipulate audio samples.
  • Banana field
    Banana field
    This is a 2D arcade-style game in which you drive a car around and try to collect bananas for points while avoiding purple people eaters (randomly moving purple dots).
  • Rumpetroll
    You're a little tadpole in the world wide pond where you can interact with other swimmers...
  • Pixelatr
    A massively multi-user collaborative pixel art page. Lets any number of users edit the same large grid of pixels in real time.
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