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How Are Fonts Impacting Your Business?

22 Mar 2019
Using the right font is mandatory for a business, a high-quality product, website, banner, book and so on. It is highly important in terms of...

Don't ignore your website's readability and legibility

Web Design
27 Aug 2018
There are a few factors that affect a typeface’s legibility like weight, character shapes, ascender and descender length, size of counters, stroke contrast and character...

Top 14 Misunderstood Terms Used By Noob Graphic Designers

Web Design
07 Apr 2017
Graphic design, just like web development, is littered with technical jargons and phrases that most of the people might not be familiar with.

Amazing Typography for CTA Buttons

12 Apr 2017
When you have an online marketing campaign of some form going, you may observe certain things on how people choose to engage. You may notice...

Stop Using Lorem Ipsum, Use Redacted, The Font for Wireframing

Web Design
29 Jun 2016
Here we have a simple and effective font called Redacted, inspired by the BLOKK font. Instead of displaying actual words, it displays blocks and cursive...

16 Breath-Taking Free Fonts

31 Mar 2016
I have been searching for a good collection and here's what I found. Not just websites, you can use it in anywhere you like, and...

Freebies! 17 Incredible Free Fonts

22 Oct 2015
All these free fonts have been professionally designed and made for use by graphic and web designers. These fonts can be used in printed literature,...

Basics to Design a Website

Web Design
22 Jan 2015
Here we have an infographic designed by Template.net which outline most of the important topics to design a website from start to finish. Along with...

19 Most Useful @Font-Face Generators for Converting Fonts to Web Safe Fonts

Web Development
16 Sep 2013
Fonts! They are crucial for the success of any website. A font basically represents the nature of a website, for example; a corporate website will...

Understanding the Modern Appeal of Retro Fonts

Web Design
24 Jun 2013
Looking to the past for design inspiration is nothing new, designers in all kinds of different niches, especially graphic designers, have been pilfering from the...

Stunning CSS3 Animation Text Effect with Textillate.js

04 Mar 2013
Textillate.js is an amazing jQuery plugin that creates stunning CSS3 text animation. It's built on top of the famous animate.css which contains a bunch of...

Getting Started with Responsive Typography

11 Feb 2013
Responsive design is the "in" thing when it comes to website design. Responsiveness allows for one design scheme to work on websites, tablets and mobile...

Understanding Type Families - Everything You Need to Know

11 Nov 2012
Bold, italic, condensed, black, Roman? What does it all mean? Getting started with typography can be a little confusing. But understanding the different styles within...

19 Free Icon Font Sets, Embedding Icons Have Never Been So Easy

Web Design
09 Oct 2012
Icon fonts implementation on website is the new trend! Ever since font-face support is supported in modern browsers, icon font has became one of the...