16 Breath-Taking Free Fonts

Written by Kevin Liew on 31 Mar 2016
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Ever since the Internet starts supporting custom fonts, we can see websites with beautiful typography and font styles everywhere. It's a great thing to be able to use not just web safe fonts but other custom made font to compliment our design. You should stop using Helvetica or Proxima Nova but use these instead.

I have been searching for a good collection and best free fonts, here's what I found. Not just websites, you can use it in anywhere you like, and I'm pretty sure it will make your design stand out a little bit more!

Here's the collection of really attractive fonts for your upcoming projects.


Coves is inspired by the author place of study - Falmouth. Created by Jack Harvatt.

Coves Free Font


The new Kust font is a handwritten typeface, written by Ieva Mezule, fashion designer and painter.

Kust Free Font


Generated from vintage graphics resources. Created by Geovanny Gavilanes.

Caja Free Font


ELIXIAâ„¢ is a slightly condensed typeface inspired by the hexagonal grid system. Created by Kimmy Lee.

Elixia Free Font


HAMPURA is an Asian Font Style. Named from the sundanes language, it's mean is "Sorry". Created by Ryan Mahar.

Hampura Free Font


Created by Yai Salinas.

Ginebra Free Font


Rolade is based on elegant vintage style with condensed proportions. Created by Fadhl Waliy UI Haqq.

Rolade Free Font


BRUX is an awesome stylish brush font.

Brux Free Font


Bavro is a very nice clean font perfect for posters and headlines. Created by Marcelo Reis Melo.

Bavro Free Font


Andrea Script is a beautiful hand-drawn font carefully crafted with love and expertise! Created by Dmitriy Chirkov.


A beautiful font inspired by vintage ads, and created to give a genuine hand-written impression to your work. Created by Unio.

Carosello Free Font


Created by Camilla Bertoni.

HoneyLlama Free Font


Created by Peter Acanski. BlowBrush is a hand written, marker style font with natural lines and edges that will give your text a unique character and a nice flow.

BlowBrush Free Font


A lovely hand-made script font created by a guy from MySunday.

Arabella Free Font


Devious Typeface, a new font with simple, minimalistic, retro and vintage feel. Created by Graptail.

Devious Free Font


Anurati is a new futuristic font created by Emmeran Richard.

Anurati Free Font
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