Freebies! 17 Incredible Free Fonts

Written by Kevin Liew on 22 Oct 2015
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A great font can be a key to create a great design. This time, we have a great free font bundle for your font library!

All these free fonts have been professionally designed and made for use by graphic and web designers. These fonts can be used in printed literature, websites or any design project you have in mind.

Here are 17 incredible typefaces for you to use in your designs.

This bundle includes a variety of useful fonts, from highly geometric designs, free rounded fonts to elegant cursive scripts, from modern minimalism to traditional text faces.


Metrica is an all-caps, geometric sans serif designed by Oliver James. Its unusual structure is reminiscent of the architectural steelwork of bridges, and large public buildings. It’s ideal for any job that needs display type that emphasizes creature structure.



Nickainley is a slanted script face, designed by Seniors Studio to mimic neat handwriting. It has some interesting features, including the loops connecting characters, and the almost ampersand-like ‘s’. It’s perfect for any occasion you need a handwritten typeface that’s highly legible.



Designed by Oleg Pospelov in conjunction with Ivan Gladkikh, Oranienbaum is a modern serif that’s great when you need to add authority to text, such as editorial copy. It has some beautifully designed swashes, especially on that ‘Q’.



Christian Pannicke’s Rodina is a geometrically constructed sans, with a warmth not often found in similar designs. The minimal approach produces simple forms that work really well at display sizes.



Grafter is an unusual typeface, inspired by growing plants. Designed by ONO Creates, Grafter has an extreme contrast of weights similar to 1930s art deco lettering and the pseudo-serifs are reminiscent of Indonesian brush calligraphy. Use it sparingly, whenever you need something truly interesting.



Tharique Azeez designed Neythal with a certain innocence. The hand-drawn characters are perfect for designs that need to emphasize simplicity, and honesty.



Waterlily by The Hungry JPG, is a beautiful brush script, with compact characters and the traces of brush marks. The informal design is gender-neutral and even works well at smaller display sizes. It’s ideal for recipes, instructions, quotes, and any time you need to emphasize wholesomeness.



Designed by Adrià Gómez, Margot is a modern sans serif with a number of interesting features. The rectangular letterforms and the rounded terminals make it a friendly option for a corporate font. It’s ideal for business brochure websites.



Smaq is a fun typeface, designed by Andreas Leonidou, and ontrend for the Summer. The geometric, shaded characters are perfect for posters, flyers, club nights, and just about any music event. It wonderfully evokes the geometry of 1980s video games.



Springtime is a cursive script font, designed by Fontzilla. It has a formal, but distinctly feminine feel and is ideal when you need your message to feel personal and heartfelt.


High Tide

Hide Tide is a geometric, all-caps, sans serif, designed by Felipe Rolim. It features both a nordic style experimental font, and a more practical font with standard shapes. Perfect for carrying an otherwise understated design, High Tide would look fabulous on a wine label, or a T-shirt.



L’Engineer, designed by Ferdie Balderas, is a handwriting font derived from a pen. The characters are uneven, compact, and slant slightly to the left. It’s a great option when you need a heavily condensed, non-cursive, handwritten script.


Monastic Pro

Designed by Septarshi Nath, Monastic Pro is an angular, constructed all-caps typeface. The unpredictable character widths give it an air of rebellion and the stroke contrast gives it a vintage feel. Ideal for magazines, logos, and male grooming products.



Monthoers is a chunky wood-block inspired typeface. Designed by Agg Swist’blnk, the all-caps sans serif features rounded terminals, condensed counters, and a number of interesting swashes. Monthoers is a versatile typeface, suitable for everything from food and drink labels, to sports headlines.



Designed by Leonardo Gubbioni, Building is a condensed, highly structural sans serif. Appropriately named, the all-caps typeface is constructed, and conveys strength. It’s ideal for insurance, financial companies, and any design that needs to instil confidence in the viewer.



Firefly is a wood-block inspired typeface with strong calligraphic influences. Designed by Sean Coady, the grungy characters include swashes and alternates. Ideal any time Tim Burton hires you, the quirky font is extremely flexible and can be used for anything from fashion labels to bands.



Designed by Aaron Croasdell, Growl is an aggressive brush script typeface. Its bold shapes and ragged terminals are perfect for 1950s B-movie tributes. The stylized brush strokes feel hurried and casual. It’s a supremely confident typeface. Use it anytime you want to display a little bravado.


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