How Are Fonts Impacting Your Business?

Written by Kevin Liew on 22 Mar 2019
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Using the right font is mandatory for a business, a high-quality product, website, banner, book and so on. It is highly important in terms of design and readability, but also in terms of associating your image or product with the font. You know that The Declaration of Independence was printed in Caslon? Ironically, Caslon was a popular British font.   

Fonts look great when are a perfect match with the website. I highly recommend testing several fonts and take your time for this. There are huge differences between fonts, but this can only be seen if you change your font on your website and make comparisons.

The impact of fonts is important, even if many people think not. When someone interacts with your brand for the first time, within seconds they already have formed a first impression with what your brand is telling them. This happens through the personality your font is giving. The impact of the font is there not only for the first time, IKEA switched from Futura to Verdana in 2009 and people were not happy.

Carefully choosing the font for your projects (including your business cards) is not complicated and a good designer can help you make an excellent selection. There are plenty of books written on this subject, if you have time, it is worth reading them. These books will enrich you on several subjects, not only fonts.

Adding typographic personality to your website can be done without breaking the bank. How? It is super simple, and everybody can do it in a couple of minutes, without spending money. You start surfing the internet for websites that you like and when you see a font that you love, you take a screenshot. Right after you go to WhatFontIs  -, you upload the screenshot and in no time, you will find out the name of the font that you are looking for, if it is free or commercial, and you will also get alternatives.

WhatFontIs is the best font identifier on the market, being loaded with over 490k free and commercial fonts, a powerful AI software and a intuitive interface that will guide you every moment. There are 4 steps to identify any font from any picture or URL.

Step 1 – Go to WhatFontIs – the interface is super nice and simple.

Step 2 – Upload the picture of the font you are looking for or write down the picture URL.

Step 3 - After uploading the picture on WhatFontIs, you are going to have to write underneath each character the letter it represents, as an assurance that the website detected the correspondent letter.

Step 4 - By hitting the Continue button, you will be redirected on the results page, where you can happily scroll throughout the numerous options.

If you don’t find the particular font you are looking, you can ask on WhatFontIs forum by posting a picture with what you are looking for. Other users will help you.

WhatFontIs is free to use, but they are offering interesting features in the premium account which is $29.9 per year:

  • Unlimited number of fonts identifications
  • Unlimited access to over 490,000 fonts results
  • Zero ads
  • Fonts identification by price
  • Custom text preview
  • Automatic character recognition
  • Selection of sources for commercial fonts
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