30 Javascript Image and Photo Galleries - Mootool, Prototype, jQuery and Tutorials

30 Javascript Image and Photo Galleries - Mootool, Prototype, jQuery and Tutorials

30 Javascript Image and Photo Galleries - Mootool, Prototype, jQuery and Tutorials


They are numerous of photo/image and thumbnail galleries out there. I have made a post few months ago called 10+ jQuery Photo Gallery and Slider Plugins. Now, I will be focusing on new jQuery gallery and also from other javascript framework. Interestingly, I found that MooTool has quite a lot of photo gallery compared to prototype.

And also, I have included 10 tutorials that will help you create your own.




MooTool Framework




If you want more tutorials, I have just compiled a list of tutorials you can find in my blog. Check this out: 21 Simple and Useful jQuery Tutorials You Might Have Missed

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Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Wed, 2nd September 2009
Another great collection of useful links! Thanks! Reply
Wed, 2nd September 2009
Thanks for including the Sliding door effect :) Reply
Thu, 3rd September 2009
Thanks for the list! :) Reply
Tue, 22nd September 2009
many choices that i can implement for my sites. thanks for sharing. Reply
novianto agam
Wed, 30th September 2009
Could you please show me how to bind or retrieve news caption and images to this photo gallery from database using PHP MySQL...I really appreciate it.

Great job! Reply
Paul Whitrow
Thu, 22nd October 2009
Nice list mate, could I add my own gallery to that?

xFlow!, the PHP and Javascript Coverflow replacement.

http://xflow.pwhitrow.com Reply
Tue, 12th January 2010
Nice list... 90+ Javascript Image Galleries can be found at http://hgalcollection.0fees.net/Galleries-a/ Reply
Sun, 28th March 2010
Thx, i'll definitely implement some of this on my website... now only have to choose one and it's so hard ; ) Reply
Mon, 19th April 2010
Great!! thanks Reply
Text Messages
Wed, 19th May 2010
Great web site. Solid, helpful advice that you can benefit from and for free, it does not get much better than that. The web needs more sites like this one, please keep it up. Reply
Fri, 13th August 2010
Thank you very much.
I urgently need an easy to use gallery for a client with absolutely no knowledge on html, javascript, php, ajax, etc. whatsoever. I was looking around for some weeks now and couldn’t find anything really appropriate.
So again, thank’s a lot. Reply
Wed, 27th October 2010
If you are looking for an embedable gallery with a zoom feature maybe you gonna like mine. It's a jQuery plugin http://rezoner.net/labs/photoshelf/ Reply
Thu, 9th December 2010
Well, It's give me a great help to change my web's flash bar into js object drives. thank you very much Reply
Ajax Examples
Thu, 6th January 2011
great ! here you have another list of javascript galleries
www.ajaxshake.com Reply
Sat, 8th October 2011
Very nice, Tankyou
nicole holler
Wed, 18th January 2012
awesome tutorials and love all the links :) you did a fantastic job on this. Reply
Sat, 21st January 2012
nice one mate...Thanks a lot... Reply
Geraldo Novais
Mon, 27th February 2012
A good Javascript gallery

http://www.flamoil.com.br/en/gallery/ Reply
Thu, 22nd March 2012
i want ot 3d image scroller can u gude me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply
Mon, 26th March 2012
Nice roundup. Another one(my favorite): http://www.menucool.com/javascript-image-slider
It is a pure javascript, and it's 17 transition effects are fully customizable. Reply
Wed, 28th March 2012
Thank you Kevin. I will :). Reply
Wed, 4th April 2012
I've been looking for a slider like this. This is perfect... Reply
Mon, 4th June 2012
nice Reply
Fri, 14th September 2012
you forgot about Juicebox. Free, responsive customizable image galleries that work great on mobile devices: www.juicebox.net Reply
Wed, 11th December 2013

nice page... Reply
Sun, 28th December 2014
This is the best image / video gallery of it's kind I think. And it's free too. Unite Gallery.


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