KeyboardJS - Add Keyboard Shortcut Support to Your Websites

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Feb 2012
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KeyboardJS is a javascript library for binding keys or key combos. If you are building a website or web application that require keyboard shortcut, this script can save you heaps of times.

KeyboardJS will allow you to bind to any key the browser can detect. It allows for setting up complex key combos or even single key binds with ease. It is aware of combo overlap and will not fire simpler combos or single key bindings when they share key with larger combos. Basically if you want to use the keyboard, this will let you do it without restrictions.


  • No dependencies, standalone javascript
  • Binding to keys or key combos
  • Callback events
  • Language Support
  • full support for AMD module loaders such as RequireJS
  • Documentation.



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dlv 12 years ago
well... and this is the time when I ask, How to implement this on real life ( ?
Would be good if there any easy-to-understand tutorial, for example how to move trought post (as, images or something like this...

bye, have a nice day