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6 Simple Tricks to Secure Your Websites

Web Development
09 Jan 2018
As a website owner, it's a horrible nightmare when your website are being hacked or seeing all of your files being maliciously modified or wiped...

Kinsta - The WordPress Hosting For Everyone

24 Nov 2017
Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company founded by Mark Gavalad, a WordPress developer and programmer with operational offices in London, Los Angeles and Budapest. Kinsta...

How to Build Websites For Small Businesses With These 13 Ideas

20 Nov 2017
 There’s a host of opportunities for freelance web builders. Especially for those, seeking small-business clients who wish to create an online presence. Yet, the competition...

10 Steps to A Well-designed Blog

Web Development
01 Oct 2017
Setting up a blog is as simple as finding a reliable WordPress hosting provider and installing WordPress with a simple theme. However, if you want...

20 Best Creative WordPress Themes 2017

20 Jun 2017
If you are a photographer, artist, musician or any other talanted personality, you will need to add a creative touch to your online presentation. In...

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A WordPress Theme

13 Jun 2017
Are you about to launch your very first WordPress site but you don’t know how to pick the theme? If that is the case, we...

28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

27 May 2017
WordPress is a community software, meaning that it is maintained by volunteers from all over the word that have an active interest in growing the...

15+ Best Decisions for Your Mouthwatering Business in 2017

05 May 2017
Let’s just admit it, everybody loves good food, fresh crunchy bread, mouthwatering cakes or great coffee so your business is already more successful than lots...

15 Yummy Restaurant WordPress Themes

05 Apr 2017
Your restaurant website is much more than a list of dishes and a gallery of appetizing images. One of the goals of creating a restaurant...

10 Best WordPress Plugins 2017 - Essential for Professional Websites

27 Mar 2017
The New Year brings about innovations in all fields of life. This also includes those in the area of technology and, specifically, WordPress. As new...

Why You Need Images in Your WordPress Content

20 Mar 2017
The importance of images in content cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true for WordPress users hoping to spread word about their brand. Find...

Delighting Themes for Designers and Photographers

09 Mar 2017
The best design and photography themes are definitely worth looking at if you are about to create your personal website that to tell the world...

Create Your Multilingual Website with Ease: Top 20 WPML-ready WordPress Themes

01 Feb 2017
In the modern days of Internet technologies and Online communication, there is no surprise that our world has turned into a ‘global village’. The trends...

6 Best Resources To Start A Blog In 2017

Web Development
17 Jan 2017
Most bloggers make building a blog look easy, but the truth is it actually requires a lot of careful planning to successfully launch a blog.