10 Great Plugins for WordPress to Use in 2023

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Jan 2023
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If you are already using WordPress for your website building projects, you know you’re on the right track. Nevertheless, incorporating certain features or functionality you would like to have in a website is often easier said than done. To do so can often require design or coding skills you simply don’t possess.

Fortunately, there are software addons. More commonly known as plugins. They can be exactly what you need to incorporate those features or functionalities. WordPress plugins can also be employed to boost speed, performance, and SEO.

As there are thousands of essential WordPress plugins available, it can take a lot of effort to find the best WordPress plugins for your needs. You’re invited and encouraged to check out these 10 Great WordPress plugins for your website projects in 2023. One or more of them might not only have what you need but could far exceed your expectations. 

1.Brizy: The Best Website Builder for Non-techies

Brizy is a website builder you can use to add new pages to an existing website or to build a new one from scratch. Brizy is free to download, and you don’t have to be a techie or proficient at coding to use it. A Pro version is also available.

  • With the Brizy theme builder, it’s as easy as it can be to improve a page or section of an existing website.
  • Brizy’s dynamic elements (shortcodes, sidebar, breadcrumbs, post info, etc.) give you everything you need to create dynamic templates for building special pages, headers, and footers, including repeating header and footer blocks.
  • You’ll find plenty of reasons to put the 150+ high-converting pre-made templates to good use along with Brizy’s selection of dynamic elements that include posts elements, breadcrumbs, shortcodes, sidebars, and more.
  • select the 100% White Label option and you can brand the builder as your own.
  • WooCommerce integration is included for building or customizing an online store.

Click on the banner to find out more about this cloud-based WordPress theme builder. 

2.WpDataTables - WordPress tables plugin


While you may be more than capable of creating an attractive and informative table or chart its users will appreciate, creating one that also needs to be interactive, responsive, and user editable could involve more than you might be willing to take on.

The wpDataTables WordPress table plugin can make the above task relatively easy for you. More than 66,000 companies and individuals tasked with processing huge amounts of complex data have enjoyed great success using wpDataTables thanks to its:

  • Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js, and Apex Charts chart-building engines
  • ability to process millions of rows of complex data taken from multiple sources and in various formants
  • ability to quickly create responsive, informative, and editable tables, and highlight key information.

Click on the banner to find out more about how, with wpDataTables, you can make imposing-looking tasks fun and easy to complete. 

3.Amelia - WordPress booking plugin

Amelia is a powerful WordPress booking plugin that can be used to effectively automate and streamline a manual or semi-automated appointment bookings operation. Amelia is ideal for client-driven businesses such as beauty salons and spas, gyms and fitness centers, consulting firms and training facilities.

Once Amelia is put to work -

  • clients can book appointments online 24/7
  • group and package bookings, ticket sales, and events bookings can be processed and managed
  • unlimited appointments at multiple locations can be managed from a single platform and dashboard
  • notifications and reminders can be forwarded to clients via SMS and Email and clients can be contacted via WhatsApp

Amelia supports WooCommerce and accepts bookings payments via PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and Razor. Click on the banner to find out more about how this powerful plugin could save your business time and money and help to keep your clients satisfied. 

4.TheDock – Ship Solid Websites

TheDock is a team oriented as well as an individual designer oriented WordPress theme builder/visual editor. TheDock encourages the collaboration that can be effective in creating websites faster and more efficiently.  Since Theme editing happens in the cloud, it augments designer/developer activity and workflow.

  • Designers enjoy complete control over their themes’ designs.
  • Global UI style and Global Modules enable rapid assignment to any WordPress page.
  • The Layout Editor allows visual editing of templates.

 5.Slider Revolution - more than a WordPress slider plugin

Slider Revolution is trusted by over 9 million users around the world. Its role has expanded from being a web designer’s slider plugin to a tool you can use to impress your visitors or customers by adding a touch or more of spice and flair to your website.

It does this with its –

  • innovative website animation effects.
  • 250+ website and slider templates that have been carefully crafted to engage and impress. 

6.WordLift - AI-powered SEO

SEO is the most effective approach to increase traffic and WordLift is the best AI-powered SEO tool you can choose.  Where other tools provide insight, WordLift helps your website speak Google’s language and better understand your content by:

  • adding structured data without writing code
  • using semantic annotation increasing internal links and make it easier for Google to understand the relevance of pages, their relationship and their value
  • building up your website’s expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

 7.Download Monitor – Best WordPress Download Manager

The Download Monitor WordPress plugin’s role is to streamline and safeguard your business operations by tracking and protecting your staff’s file downloads.

This WordPress downloads manager -

  • tracks ZIP, PPT, XSLX, PDF, and all other standard types of file downloads
  • provides easy access to file downloads statistics while setting access rules based on user roles, download quota, and integrations with other plugins.

Over 100,000 people currently use Download Monitor.

8.Essential Grid - best WordPress grid plugin

You want your gallery to stand out from the other pages of your website, but if you don’t design it properly it could be just another page.

Essential Grid is the best WordPress grid plugin to avoid that problem with its -

  • 50+ professionally crafted and customizable grid templates.
  • professionally crafted layout options that include boxed, full-width and full-screen layouts.
  • responsive designs that ensure you can adequately control grid appearances on different devices.

9.LayerSlider - Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

With LayerSlider, the best WordPress Slider plugin on the market, you can give any website a more modern look and feel that is guaranteed to impress everyone, even clients and visitors with the highest expectations.

  • LayerSlider is the right tool to easily add spice and pizzazz to otherwise run-of-the-mill websites.
  • It supports all WordPress themes and page builders.
  • LayerSlider’s 210+ customizable website, slider, and popup templates are excellent starting points for new projects. 

10.YellowPencil – Visual CSS Editor

With the YellowPencil visual CSS editor and design and style editor plugin for WordPress at your fingertips you can customize any WordPress theme or site in a matter of minutes. You can, for example -

  • instantly change by drag and drop any element’s CSS position  
  • visually edit fonts, colors, and any element’s size, margin, and padding properties
  • maintain control over changes you make so they can be re-edited or deleted at any time.


To the typical WordPress user, it is almost needless to say how important plugins are. He or she already knows how they can add all sorts of helpful features or functionality to a website.

One or more of the 10 top WordPress plugins featured in this article could give your websites the extra functionality. The flair, or spice would be guaranteed to WOW your customers or clients. The right WordPress plugin could even take your business to the next level.

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