7 Excellent Multipurpose WordPress Themes You Should Consider Using

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Jul 2021
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Being hesitant to purchase a website-building tool because you are not entirely sure of your actual needs makes sense. It’s a different story if the tool in question can do anything and everything. If that’s the case, there is little risk of making a poor decision.

The typical multipurpose WordPress theme can’t do anything and everything you set your mind to, but more than a few of them come very close. That’s certainly true of the 7 top multipurpose WordPress themes described in this article.

Whatever your vision of the website you want to create may be, the probability that any one of these best multipurpose WordPress themes cannot do the job is pretty close to zero.

Select any multipurpose theme you feel comfortable with, and you are on solid ground.

1. BeTheme – Website Builder for WordPress with 600+ pre-built websites

Its 40+ powerful core features that includes an impressive library of 600+ customizable pre-built websites has made BeTheme (with its 200,000 sales to date) the biggest, and one of the most popular multipurpose themes on market.

Be is even better than ever thanks to a powerful new Live Builder that incorporates many of the suggestions its users have contributed. The Live Builder was designed down to the minutest of details and gives its users a totally intuitive and efficient UI to work from.

With the new Live Builder –

  • Content, sections, and elements can be simultaneously viewed and customized

  •  Autosave, Update, Revision & Backup options facilitate creating, saving and restoring content

  • Users have easy access to the Pre-defined Sections Library 

  • Users also have easy access to an Item Library that features 60+ items in a variety of categories

Since Live Builder is 60% faster than its predecessor you should be able to reduce your project workflow considerably.

Click on the banner to learn more about Be’s Live Builder. 

2. Total WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a multipurpose theme that has the features and flexibility you need to build a one-of-a-kind website? Given its hundreds of styling options and the fact that it was designed with perfection in mind, Total is easy to work with and it will never slow you down.

Features that contribute to Total’s speed, ease of use, and flexibility include –

  •  A customized version of the WPBakery page builder together with more than 100 page building modules

  • 40+ quick import sample demos and 500+ styling settings to change typography, colors, widths, and other website characteristics to meet your specifications

  •  A Dynamic Template Function together with Post Cards functionality you can use to create dynamic templates for your post types

Total is developer friendly, RTL and Translation ready, and WooCommerce compatible.

Click on the banner to learn more. 

3. Avada Theme

Its more than 450,000 sales to date suggest that Avada, the all-time best-selling WordPress theme on the market, would be a great choice no matter what your website building needs might be. There are however other reasons for choosing Avada that you should be aware of.

Such as –

  • The Fusion Builder – an intuitive page builder that enables you to build a website in a remarkably short time

  • 40 stunning importable demos to jump start your design effort

  • Selections of pre-built websites and design elements that will speed up and smooth out your workflow

  • Core Fusion, Avada’s premium toolbox with $200 worth of tools and easy access to popular WordPress plugins

  •  A Dynamic Content System that gives you the needed flexibility and 100% control over your design

Avada is 100% responsive and WooCommerce compatible.  Click on the banner to learn more. 

4. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem has been called the ultimate WordPress toolbox by the 50,000+ users who have used it to build business, eCommerce, portfolio, blogging, and magazine websites.

Inside this ultimate toolbox you’ll find –

  • A highly customizable and flexible WordPress theme that features 400+ beautiful pre-built websites and templates

  • Fully supported Elementor/WPBakery page builders with multiple additional features and extensions

  • TheGem Blocks’ 300+ premium pre-designed section templates designed to speed up your workflow. 

5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This popular pixel-purpose multiuse theme is an Envato top seller with 80,000+ sales. It is ideal for freelancers, bloggers, agencies, and small businesses.

  • Uncode’s Wireframes plugin, with its 450+ section templates, enables users to create virtually any page layout

  • Other user favorites are the powerful Frontend Editor and the WooCommerce custom Builder.     

Uncode’s inspirational gallery of user-created websites is a “must-see”. 

6. Blocksy – Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Blocksy is a fast, lightweight, and thoroughly modern WordPress theme. Build with the Gutenberg editor in mind, Blocksy is extendable, customizable, and loaded with a lot of customization options.

  • Blocksy works like a charm with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and other popular page builders.

  • Blocksy is SEO-optimized, responsive, and is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

7. Impeka – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Impeccably designed, intuitive, and full of potential, Impeka gives its users the freedom they crave to envision an ideal website and then make it happen. Whatever the vision, the result will –

  • Be fast, professionally optimized for SEO, and fully responsive

  • Get noticed by the right people, be they clients, visitors, or shoppers

The Enhanced WPBakery, Elementor, or Gutenberg page builder plus handcrafted elements, custom blocks, and WooCommerce integration will get you on your way.

A typical multipurpose WordPress theme can’t do anything and everything you would like it to. But the best of them, including the 7 top multipurpose WordPress themes described above can. You can come as close to being able to do anything and everything as you will ever be likely to need.

Your vision of the website you would like to build might be different. The probability that one or more of the above multipurpose WordPress themes can do the job for you is for all practical purposes a foregone conclusion.

Select one you feel comfortable with and you’re in good shape.

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