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Material Kit - A Badass Bootstrap UI Kit Based on Material Design

Web Development
13 Apr 2016
Material Design, a visual language designed by Google to demonstrate good design and a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Not just visual design,...

How to Spice Up Your Bootstrap Carousel

Web Development
14 Sep 2015
Carousel has been a great user element to present content. Though a carousel is not compliant with accessibility, it's still a very popular way to...

Top Free Twitter Bootstrap Website Builders

Web Development
07 Sep 2015
If you want to have all that awesome Twitter Bootstrap features but don't want to do coding, you're reading the right post. Here we're going...

Free Theme Every Week from Gridgum.com

23 Oct 2014
Gridgum is a new marketplace that offers high quality premium responsive website themes and templates. Currently they have a wide range of WordPress and Bootstrap...

BlackTie Free Bootstrap Themes, Really Beautiful!

Web Development
16 Jan 2014
Bootstrap is already a famous front-end development tools that I believe most designers and developers would know. Besides that, there are javascript plugins designed for...

Startup Framework - A Comprehensive UI Framework for Building Beautiful Websites Easily

Web Development
08 Jan 2014
Startup framework is one of its kind, a comprehensive UI framework that is actually easy to implement and highly reusable to create actual websites. With...

Summernote - A Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Twitter Bootstrap

23 Dec 2013
Twitter Bootstrap has been a great front-end tools for most web developers. Especially for backend development, it saves us plenty of times and efforts. Backend...

Twitter Bootstrap Version 3

Web Development
31 Aug 2013
Bootstrap 3! My favourite front-end development framework has finally get its latest update. This new version follows the mobile-first approach and some of the components...

Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

28 Jun 2013
MindMup sees the flaws in most of the rich text editors and decided to create a HTML5 WYSIWYG version that removes all those "unnecessary magics"...

Why Use Twitter Bootstrap? Because I Said So

Web Development
27 Mar 2013
Most "Why Choose Bootstrap" posts focus on the framework; how easy it is to implement, how it can save you time, how customizable it is...

Extend Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Plugins

05 Nov 2012
Twitter Bootstrap comes with many javascript plugins too. However, eventually, you will find some common javascript plugins are missing, such as datepicker. Here, I have...

18 Useful Twitter Bootstrap Goodies You Should Know

Web Development
29 May 2012
Twitter Bootstrap is a simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. In this post, I have found many...