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Written by Bogdan Sandu on 28 Jan 2021
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If you're a web site designer, you must be familiar with Bootstrap, a cost-free and user-friendly resource with lots of powerful features. Certain websites that have used Bootstrap were often criticized because of their similar presentation and outlook.

By using Bootstrap you can easily access styles and help regarding web projects ranging from any small sites to fully developed web applications.

Among other such developing sources, Bootstrap is one of the most famous ones, and there are already a lot of sites that were built using Bootstrap. Using Bootstrap you can develop some fabulous front end designs, and such features have made it one of the trending tools in the market. 

A few bootstrap sites that can inspire you are mentioned as follows: 



One of the most popular digital studios across the globe is Wokine, which is a start-up digital marketing site that assists in enhancing the credibility of a particular brand. The design of this studio is quite interesting. It has included GSAP animation, which gives the elements of the web some subtle, smoother motions. Also, they have a sidebar that helps in presenting the social media icons in the visible space.



Ensure that your site is interactive and user-friendly because it can help enrich your viewing experience with the site and save time. 



Another example of a website with amazing animations and graphics is the ClearMotion site. They have presented their idea of introducing swift responsive software and actuators with all-time adjusting suspension parameters in a highly graphical manner with lots of interesting animations. 



There are lots of digital agencies that pay attention to User-Interface designs while building mobile or web-based applications, and Cuberto is one of them. This application comprises of a simple home page design but has some unique web elements for portraying their message with utmost clarity. The application has made use of GSAP, the transition effect, and animation upon scroll for enhancing the outlook of their website. 



There are few French websites that have a wonderful presentation of their site, and Face-A-Face is one such site that provides some good features such as Parallax scrolling for the homepage and maintains a constant background image, to portray a pleasant effect for the viewers. 



Presenting the website in a virtually stimulating manner to let your users experience the scenario is a wonderful way to attract viewers. Purnatur is such a site that is built to make you feel the nature within your residence's beautifully crafted wood floors. 

Whenever you see a hotel interior that looks great or a salon design that surprises you with a decorating choice, it’s very likely that it was created initially with a tool like this one. 



One of the prestigious independent publishing houses with sheer dedication towards books is the Mendo. The website consists of an attractive header with three unique thumbnails representing individual articles. The site comprises of GSAP animation to exhibit popular novels or books in a way that leaves the viewers awe-struck. 



At the very first glimpse, the site GoSquared may seem like a basic, not so impressive one, but once you get a closer look, you tend to notice the site is not using static images; instead, they are using the widget to share sats.

Your Karma


Most of us are familiar with the term Karma which serves the motive of sharing and giving, and there is a site titled Your Karma which enables us to obtain extra data once you make another individual use your karma, this way the individual also gets some additional data hence making it a win-win situation for both of you.



Out of various guitar manufacturing companies, Fender is the topmost manufacturer as they use unique images with good potential characters, and also, their site comprises a big slider as well as a call button to make it easier for the viewers to navigate themselves through it.



Similar to Big Basket, there is another grocery delivery site by the title Instacart, which is user-friendly and also fun to use, and their presentation of vegetables and fruits with some high-quality font colors makes you feel the image is real. 



Plastic is an established User Interface design agency that produces amazing digital products since the year of 2012. The website offers a pleasant welcome to its viewers with black font text on a white background. Also, the site has GSAP animation to provide nice visual moments to the elements. 



One of the key features that every food reservation or booking site should contain is elegance and clarity. That way, you have a pleasant experience and feel the premium quality of the site services. 



Various agencies are in search of some inspiration for their work, and the go-to place for this purpose is the STRV website. The STRV website comprises of nearly more than two hundred professional designers as well as engineers. They have included some content in the form of a video to the website header for introducing the brand altogether. The web elements such as visual hierarchy, engaging headline, and a perfect CTA bring more light to the website.

Apple maps connect


We all are familiar with the services provided by Google Maps and how to pin locations there. Similarly, Apple has launched its new service in this field by the title Maps Connect which has got a unique style and also some high accuracy. 

Apple Storefronts


Apple Storefronts are presenters of the available Apple Stores with a navigation drop-down menu located at the top to produce a practical experience to the viewers by assisting them in filtering various parameters according to their interest and limit their search time. This site was developed by using Google App Engine and is published in the prestigious Times magazine.

Bite Toothpaste Bits


The Bootstrap feature is used by the site titled Bite Toothpaste Bits whose sole purpose is to provide a completely natural way to replace the paste, which we have been using until now as it contains some content of plastic in it. The website contains an attractive header with a fabulous design fully presented with various pictures of the brand products.



You might have heard of the app title Lyft which provides carpool or sharing services to its customers at any point in time is built with Bootstrap. Their website consists of simple fonts that match the background and their structures in a perfect way that makes the users feel familiar with the site. It’s one of the cool startup websites out there. 



There are a lot of web development and android app development sites available available for those who do SaaS development. Meteor is one such platform that provides its code in Javascript. They have a user-friendly and clear design, which makes them attractive and pleasant to use.



Some studios work to modify organic ideas into sleek creations, and District2 is one such studio. This clean website design serves as an efficient tool to reach a wider range of audience and publicize the brand. The website also comprises features like a full-screen layout and a slider for the bottom half to make the navigation much easier. 

This is Neat Cleaning


It is nice to have a tidy and well-maintained residency. An app titled "This is Neat Cleaning" was built with Bootstrap to remind the users to clean their house in case they have forgotten about it in their busy schedule.

The above list of websites, each serving different purposes in their respective fields, are some fabulous websites built using the Bootstrap framework. If you’d like to check out more Bootstrap related resources, you should take a look at Bootstrap tables, Bootstrap pagination, headers and a lot more.

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