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8 Incredible Wordpress Plugins

05 May 2010
It happens to everyone or just me? I found it hard to find a plugins that works and compatible with the latest wordpress. I have...

Single Page Websites With Creative Javascript Effects

19 Apr 2010
So, you must be thinking, how to create a website with good user experience with just CSS, HTML and Javascript? Check out these websites, they...

12 Insanely Awesome Javascript Effects

07 Apr 2010
Yes, it's insane, I found these javascript effects in chrome experiments website, and I think I should promote and show them to all of you....

10 Fresh and Useful Web Design and Development Blogs

Web Development
31 Mar 2010
Now, a lot of new web design and development blogs have emerged, and there are tones of resources out there to feed our craze for...

20 Gorgeous Free Fonts for Your Headlines

23 Feb 2010
Headlines are very important. One thing is they need to inform, the other they have to draw attention. And there is no better way to...

How Those Famous Websites Have Evolved Throughout the Years

Web Design
18 Feb 2010
I went to wayback machine and searched for those famous websites and take a screenshot of it in few years ago and also their current...

12 Useful Logo Web Galleries to Help You Create a Great Logo

11 Feb 2010
Logo design, I guess it's one of the most difficult design because we need to embed meaning, branding and corporate identity into a simple piece...

18 Incredible CSS3 Effects You Have Never Seen Before

17 Feb 2010
I did some search around the web and there are heaps of CSS3 examples that are really make my eyes wide opened! It's incredible! I...

10 Brilliant CSS3 and jQuery Examples

09 Feb 2010
This post is all about CSS3 and Javascript. With all the new features that come with CSS3, there are whole lot of animation possibilites that...

10 Stunning Examples of jQuery Animations

02 Feb 2010
jQuery can pretty much do anything you can think of. All you need is a creative imagination and some time to learn the simple and...

20 Absolutely Stylish Web Form Design Showcase

Web Design
05 Jan 2010
A web form is one of the methods for users to interact with the website. We use it to collect user feedback, sign up for...

40 Incredible Vintage Websites

Web Design
21 Dec 2009
Here, you’ll find 40 of the most incredibly well designed vintage web sites. In reality, of course, they’re only vintage at the most superficial of...

26 Captivating Wodpress Comment Form

28 Oct 2009
Need inspiration for your form? Check out these 26 well-designed and beautiful comment forms, I'm sure it will bring you inspiration in form design.

25 Stylish and Outstanding Login Forms

15 Oct 2009
This time we will focus on one of the design elements - the Login Form. I have collected a list of login forms that are...