10 Awesome HTML5, CSS and Javascript Demonstrations

Written by Kevin Liew on 15 Jun 2010
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I haven't really digging into HTML5 yet, but it's so hot right now I can't even avoid it. I thought it would take a while to adopt it by web community and I think Apple has play a role in it. Apple's iPad has stimulate the acceptance of HTML5! Alright, I haven't got an iPad yet because I think I don't need it YET. Okay, back to HTML5, HTML5 has changed the game of web development and it's so exciting. I have collected 10 awesome html5, css and javascript demonstrations that show you the power of them combined together!

  • Blob

    Cute little round shape character. It uses HTML5 canvas plus javascript to create such cool animation and interactivity.
  • Bubble

    Generate colorful bubbles using HTML5 and of course with a magic touch of javascript.
  • jParallax

    Awesome jParallax. I have been wanted to use this in my projects, but still haven't got the chance yet. It's a plugin and it's free.
  • Firework

    Never thought we can make firework with Javascript and html5.
  • Canvas Photo

    Create polaroid photo effect with HTML5 canvas. It also come with the export tool.
  • Video showcase from Apple

    Apple has a sweet demonstration of video masking, scaling and changing perspective of the video.
  • Photo Gallery

    Another awesome demonstration. You can change the layout of the photo gallery and it has a nice blur effect.
  • Particle Animation

    Using 300 sprites to spell out the word. It's the demonstration of canvas particle animation.
  • Spread
  • Block based destruction of HTML5 Canvas Video

    If you think apple's canvas video is awesome, check this out. Recommended to use webkit based browsers.
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Jordan Walker 14 years ago
Those are great demonstrations, looking forward to the concrete standard that yes yet to be set in stone.
WebpageLottery 14 years ago
Parsing websites is gonna be a big challenge to search engines now.
Vim 14 years ago
Great showcase, I'm looking forward to code in HTML5, that is when its set in stone and everyone starts to use it, i can imagine that a lot of coding is going to be needed when making dynamic content in HTML5.
Free online adventure games 14 years ago
Great examples. Thanks.
Petter Nilsen 14 years ago
The "Block based destruction of HTML5 Canvas Video" is actually smoother and better looking in Opera 10.61 than in a webkit browser.
Azzoz Al-Hasani 14 years ago
That's Awesome!
hema 12 years ago
cool demonstration! eventhough HTML5 audio player might not pack all of the features it works well.. it let’s iOS folk hear the mp3, tho the player will launch in a new webpage; and to return to your original page, <a href="http://html5socket.com ">html5 music player</a>
averta 12 years ago
here is a great HTML5 image slider