8 Amazing Javascript Experiments of Physic and Gravity Simulation

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 May 2010
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In this list I have gathered 8 examples/experiments that apply physics and gravity to demonstrate the power of Javascript. Few years back, all of these experiments must be done using Java or Flash, I don't think we can implement this using Javascript because of the standard and browsers.

A lot of stunning examples in this list, personally, I like the Cloth Simulation a lot, I just can't believe it's built with Javascript.

  • Cloth Simulation

    This amazing javascript experiment demonstrate the power of javascript. Few years back, this wasn't achievable and I think you only can do it with Java or flash. Pretty impressive and the creator uses javascript physics library called Processing.
  • Random Arboretum

    Yet another physic experiment that uses the javascript physic library called Processing. Everytime you click on it, it will generate a radom branch. Look at the way it shakes and move, it's really nice.
  • Box2DJS

    Box2D is an open source physics engine written primarily for games. As the name suggests, Box2D is a purely 2D engine. BOX2DJS is a Javascript port of BOX2D.
  • Ball Pool

    Start by shaking the browser, then create new balls (click on empty space), move some others (drag) and reset the screen (double click). Stunning gravity and physic demonstration!
  • Google Gravity

    What will happen when we put gravity on every single elements in Google's homepage?
  • Wavy Scrollbars

    A very creative use of scrollbar to simulate wave effect. Best view with chrome, firefox is a bit laggy.
  • Waterfall

    Balls falling on an hidden random terrain. This experiment is using physic simulation trought the library box2djs.
  • physicSketch

    When you draw something on a canvas, it starts moving under the Newtonian law.
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Christoph Pacher 11 years ago
I built an open source JavaScript Physics Library. It can be used together with Scriptaculous effects and can draw lines, and that all without HTML5. have a look https://github.com/ChristophPacher/JavaScript-Physics-Library
and more Information on my blog:
Flash Monkey 11 years ago
here is some JavaScript physics stuff I made that people might find useful:


(sorry shameless self promotion)
Dave 11 years ago
http://www.addeffects.net has 50 more webpage effect experiments and you can use any site (even works in IE too).

Ex: http://www.addeffects.net
or http://www.addeffects.net
hey 10 years ago
Michal Budzynski 10 years ago
"I like the Cloth Simulation a lot, I just can't believe it's built with Javascript." It isn't, it's Java.
asd 10 years ago
http://psi.cc/proj/traer-js/cloth.html there is javascript version
asd 10 years ago
I just created high quality version of javascript cloth simulation. I'd say it's very cool. Look there:
kingbullet 10 years ago
Hi your doing amazing one very nice to see. Well great work ya.....
sharkman 9 years ago
What is this?
andrew 10 years ago
these are so cool
Daniel Blythe 9 years ago

The google gravity script taken from here (http://code.google.com/p/gravityscript/) doesn't appear to work probably on the Safari browser. /yet Mr Doob's google gravity script works fine on Safari. Does anyone know why this might be???