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Written by Kevin Liew on 31 Mar 2010
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I have been running Queness for a year now. I still remember the main objectives of this blog, to share more about jQuery, tutorials and to spread my knowledge to everyone who wants to learn and lastly, to keep myself updated with the fast growing pace of web design and development field. Thanks a lot for all the supports, Queness has grown so fast and have got a lot of positive feedbacks.

Now, a lot of new web design and development blogs have emerged, and there are tones of resources out there to feed our craze for it. Here I present you the 10 fresh new blogs that caught my attentions and I really glad they are also making the efforts to grow the web design and development industry. Enjoy.

  • She Loves Design | Subscribe RSS

    She Loves Design is a new blog about... you guessed it... design, run by Amy Biggs, a designer from Melbourne Australia. A place for inspiration, She Loves Design showcases design from around the world including web design, graphic design, typography, illustration, motion graphics and animation. If you would like to suggest a designer, a piece of nice design or if you come across anything that we designers might be interested in, send an email via the contact page.
  • Web Developer Juice | Subscribe RSS

    I have been visitng this blog for quite a while, it has some practical jQuery tutorials, tips and tricks. Also, it covers CSS, AJAX, web design, graphics and typography as well. So, make sure you have this website bookmarked.
  • WPCanyon | Subscribe RSS

    Wordpress has always the best blogging platform because of the popularity and plugins. However, if you want to learn how to customize your wordpress, you have to visit this website- WPCanyon. This website focuses on tips and tutorials to enhance your wordpress blog, everything about wordpress.
  • CoolVibe | Subscribe RSS

    Coolvibe is a digital magazine that showcases stunning sci-fic, fantasy, 3d, anime, space and all the best digital art from around the web. It always have a really good collections of digital arts which never ceased to amaze me.
  • InspireBit | Subscribe RSS

    InspireBit is a website with heaps of design inspirations. I like the monday morning inspiration posts, they always have something new to keep me awake. :)
  • VisualSwirl | Subscribe RSS

    Visual Swirl is a community-focused design blog. Theirs purpose is to create and distribute quality resources, thought provoking articles, breathtaking inspiration and instructional tutorials. They have a lot of inspirational resources that will feed your craze for web design and development.
  • Design Ora | Subscribe RSS

    Designora is a co-writing collaborative of graphic designers, coders, professional writers, photographers, artists, and web connoisseurs. They’re here to create, develop, and present amazing concepts, designs, tools and tutorials, and to provide overall inspiration from a usable perspective. I'm quite amazed, they have so many contributers!
  • Position Absolute | Subscribe RSS

    Position: Absolute is run by a dedicated team to bring you the best content about everything that concerns web development. It's like a CNN for web design and development. It has news, articles and code snippets!
  • OneXtraPixel | Subscribe RSS

    Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is a weblog dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers and web developers. OXP was started by two very enthusiastic Singapore web developers and designers. OXP endeavors to present noteworthy tips, excellent tutorials, and web resources that any modern web follower will appreciate. A great website with great articles I must say.
  • Design Informer | Subscribe RSS

    Design Informer is a web design and graphic design blog. They feature freelance articles, tutorials, freebies, resources, and inspiration posts. They cover interesting topics that you will not able to read it from other blogs. Very interesting.
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Nice catalog! As for me it's neccessary to learn: http://phpforms.net/tutorial/tutorial.html - php and html tutorials for beginners.
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Hi There, Thanks so much for including Inspirebit in this List. Really gives me even more motivation to Blog :)
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