Single Page Websites With Creative Javascript Effects

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Apr 2010
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Since last year, there are a lot of single page websites are being released to the Internet. I believe a good single page website should have great user experience. The release of jQuery and the evolution of browsers (getting more powerful) have definitely change the web industry a lot. Well, I never thought I will like javascript/jQuery so much (I hated it :P).

So, you must be thinking, how to create a website with good user experience with just CSS, HTML and Javascript? Check out these websites, they are using jQuery, and really captivating! I have gained a lot of inspirations through this findings and I believe you will love it too :)

  • Adam Woodhouse

    First of all, I ready like the swan illustration at the header, really beautiful. Secondly, check out the thumbnail gallery, you can see the demostration how a content slider, tooltips, hover effect and lightbox can work together to form a fully interative image gallery. Made with jQuery :)
  • Jan-Eike Koormann

    Moving clouds! I have a tutorial for this effect Create Background Scrolling Effect with jQuery. I have a look on this website I see moving clouds (pretty obvious), auto-scroll carousel, toggle view with ajax integration. I like the auto-scroll carousel and how it respond to mouse move, pretty neat.
  • David Spink

    He has got some pretty nice artworks over there. When I first look at it, I thought it's just an ordinary sliding content based portfolio, but then, the background changes its color seamlessly! Simple effect, but it looks really good.
  • Mediocore - David Arazim

    Nice minimal design, another example with an outstanding custom image gallery. Carousel with mouse over effect and ajax based image viewer. I will be creating a tutorial for this kind of image gallery later this week (not ajax), so stay tuned.
    • Related tutorials:
    • Carousel image gallery - Coming soon (real soon, this week)
  • Mark White

    Cool little iPhone game website with beautifully creafted illustration. It uses CSSGlobe easy slider - customized and a tooltip with preview in it. Check out the Goin' Nutty iPhone game as well, nice sound and graphic.
  • Creative People

    You will see a massive photo of the creator on the website. Slick sliding effect and an animated loading gif for the content. Similar to most of the portfolio websites, it has a carousel but the carousel has a built-in image slideshow, very creative.
  • Think Green

    Another implementation uses jQuery. I like the main page where you can see a lot of cars and planes. If you hover them, it uses different types of transition to hide those icons. Also, it uses content sliding technique to slide through different pages. Check it out.
  • Peter Pearson

    A website that uses content sliding technique. Also, if you look at the background, you can see it has the PNG transparency effect as well.
  • Designspasm

    Apparently, content sling technique has became a very popular technique used in single page website. A lot of nice illustrations, and each of the illustrations are hooked up with parallax effect as well.
  • Eric Johansson

    A very unique website! This website is a drag! It comes with a horizontal custom scrollbar and as you drag along, you will see eric riding a bike and the scenery. Make sure you stop by the portfolio section and pull the slider, and that's dragging effect! :) pretty cool huh?
  • John Zmuda

    I think this website is quite similar to creative people's. It has a slide up dock from the bottom. However, each time you load a content, the previous slide will not slide down, instead, the new slide wil cover the old one.
  • IndoFolio

    It has a really heavy religious kind of design, but it looks really cool. Like usual, content sliding and carousel in the porfolio section and check out the My Network section, drag and drop social network script.
  • Daniel Hellier

    Yep, it's another content sliding based website, however, no carousel for the portfolio section! It has a vertical scrolling image gallery.
  • World Arcade

    Actually, there is nothing much about javascript in this website, it has a custom modal window with different styles. I like the illustration, so I think it's worth to put into my collection
  • Fuel

    This is the last one, and it inspires me to write this post. It just like a flash website! It's so slick and smooth. Check out the CORE and NEWS sections, pretty cool jQuery script over there.
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