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Basiliq - Beautiful Freehand Vector UI Kit for Wireframes

Web Design
25 Oct 2013
One of the benefits of UI kits is to create quick prototype. Sometimes, it's hard to explain an idea to your client, that's when UI...

How to Design a Website that People Trust

Web Design
16 Oct 2013
One of the toughest hurdles for an online business to overcome is establishing trust with its audience. While most of today’s consumers buy from online...

Amazing Compilation Free Download from Freepik

Web Design
24 Sep 2013
Freepik launches today this amazing Compilation Free Download with six high quality icon and vector packs put together with different styles and uses so.

Responsive Web Design: Will this bubble burst?

Web Design
19 Sep 2013
There is a lot of hullabaloo about Responsive Web Design (RWD). Why not? After all Google recommends Responsive Web Design. So is it time for...

10 Resources and Promotion Facts for Freelance Designers

Web Design
04 Sep 2013
It’s definitely hard to stand out in the crowd sometimes when you’re a freelancer, so it’s important to promote yourself and make an impact. Self-promotion...

Skeuomorphism: Perfect if You Aren't Digging the Flat Design Trend

Web Design
25 Jul 2013
It seems like "flat design" is popping up everywhere and dominating the topic of web design conversation these days. Designers seem to love it or...

How to Promote Yourself Through Microsites

Web Design
18 Jul 2013
From Pepsi Refresh to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, more and more companies are turning to microsites to promote new products and branding strategies. The reasons...

Great Design Freebies for Designers

Web Design
14 Jul 2013
Nowadays, there are ton of free design resources out there. Instead of creating something from sketch, you can download, reuse or modify them to fit...

Long Shadow Is The New Flat Design

Web Design
11 Jul 2013
Flat design has been a hot topic in web industry especially when iOS7 got previewed (Apple never mentioned about Flat though), so what's next? If...

Understanding the Modern Appeal of Retro Fonts

Web Design
24 Jun 2013
Looking to the past for design inspiration is nothing new, designers in all kinds of different niches, especially graphic designers, have been pilfering from the...

50 Gorgeous and Absolutely Free Flat Icon Sets

Web Design
11 Jun 2013
Here we have a good collection of absolutely free flat icons. These icons have minimal or no use of shadows, gradients, feathers and embossing, everything...

Flat Design is In: Should You Get in on the Trend?

Web Design
03 Apr 2013
It’s all we’ve heard about for weeks now – flat design. It went mainstream in a major way thanks to Microsoft and the new Windows...

Web Design Trend: Single-Page Websites that Work

Web Design
16 Jan 2013
Single-page websites are often designed around super-striking visuals and have a cool, modern feel. More recently, sites are expanding that single page trend from a...

Impressive and Trendy Web Design Showcase

Web Design
23 Dec 2012
Here we have a list of pretty impressive and trendy websites to show you. Each and every website is pretty javascript driven to give a...