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Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Mar 2015
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Follow along to educate yourself on how you can improve yourself as a web designer. You will learn about how to level up your organization skills and how you can increase your productivity rate.

After reading it, you will have a more entrepreneurial mindset towards how to take on your web design projects. You will be able to increase your number of clients, decrease your time spent on each job, and ultimately make more money. Follow through the piece and learn exactly what you need to get started.

Tips for the universal web designer, as well as the niche designer

Do you take specific assignments, or are you still looking for the perfect playground for you? Regardless of that fact, you can use pre-made website templates to quickly create quality websites. Many things should lure you towards the use of pre-made layouts. Two big reasons include the ability to create websites, seemingly from scratch, in a short period of time, and, being able to meet high business requirements and avoid revision requests on most projects.

Example of pre-made layout

Getting an advantage on productivity as a website designer requires a great deal of organization and discipline. Follow the tips below to make sure you succeed as a time efficient website designer.

  • Use website templates to avoid starting from ground zero, unless it’s an non-negotiable requirement.
  • Get the client to agree to a WordPress website, as they are easier to design (and manage!).
  • Look under the list of WordPress themes from Elite Authors and select one, such as the "Be Theme" which works well for all types of businesses.
  • Select a pre-made website template and modify it as you wish.
  • Consider the input of your client, but shake off any poor feedback.
  • Increase the expectations you have of yourself every time.
  • Keep up with the latest design trends and explore some approaches, when appropriate.
  • Explicitly state your approach to the project, and keep the client informed as your plans play out.

Sticking to the tips above will guarantee you are able to better manage your time as a website designer. You will also be able to ensure every website you create is cost-effective and meets a certain quality standard.

Making beautiful websites with the help of pre-made templates

Pre-made templates make it a lot easier for you to create amazing work in hours, instead of days. You don't need to complete every single aspect of the design. The kick-start adds great value to the work the client receives. Two other reasons to consider the use of website templates as a web designer include:

- Like when you pre-order the latest smart device, you already know you will be getting the item soon. You don't have to stress over going to get it. That’s the same with pre-made layouts: you literally pre-ordered your client's website design, or at least the majority of it, and almost before knowing what the client wants.

- With simple short codes, that can be replicated between projects, designers are able to use a variety of website templates to ensure all quality expectations are met. This also helps you create costs-balanced work, making it easier to lower your rates for your clients.

Making these changes will do wonders for increasing your organization and production rate, which has a huge difference in the eyes of your client.

Adhere by the last part of this guide and get a firm understanding on why the "Be Theme" package may be your key to increased productivity.

Basically, the Be Theme consists of a package of WordPress themes. These over 90 different layouts are ready to go and can be installed in a single click. With this package, you can focus more on creating quality design work, making the end result a much better product.

The Be Theme package offers you access to a large selection of useful features and tools. This includes the Muffin Builder and Visual Composer. These make it easier for you to modify visual elements and to adjust them as needed to fit any client's needs. As a result, both you and your client will be able to work on the same page, in the same language, all thanks to the Be Theme.

It helps to have improvements to the grid versions that are available, and ease-of-use for the Layer Slider is always great. You have less interference, and more time to focus on quality design work.

Ultimately, the Be Theme package features endless tools to add to your arsenal. Plus, it contains six separate layouts, making it a versatile website theme to add to your portfolio.

Take advantage of pre-made website templates to automate as much as possible your website design process. The Be Theme features and tools make it incredibly easy to create inspiring website designs in short periods of time. Press the button below to find out more about the Be Theme.

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