10 Free Design Resources Even Hulk Can Not Smash

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Dec 2014
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Designing a website isn't as simple as it sounds. While designing a website you need to take into a lot of aspects and design accordingly. But given the enormity of the task, designing a complete website from scratch might not be a feasible approach.

This is  when pre-developed design templates come handy. These free design resources are easy to download and work with. To top it off, you can provide you personal touch and uniqueness into these templates by simply customizing or tweaking them.

Now these free design resources are such freebies which you don't get to see everyday. They encompass almost every design resource that a designer might require to sculpt a brand new website. These resources are so versatile, you can apply these elements in a different websites belonging to various niche. The other striking characteristic is that, they are easy to work with, hence you won't need to spend much of your precious time working with them. If you think this list  of resources isn't enough, checkout 1001 Free Downloads too! No wonder, why even the mighty Hulk can't smash this deal. Enough comparison of these design resources has been done with the Marvel comic character, now let's find out what designer goodies are in store for us.

1) Elegant print templates

Marketing is an important step for promoting your website. Also if yours is a corporate website, along with designing the website, you should also take care of designing newsletters, invitations, to name a few. And with the elegant print template you can do just that and much more with ease.

Download them here.


2) Seamless icons and wood patterns

With this amazing free design resources, you can actually create your website's background or poster. These 15 icons & patterns have a new look to it and can help improve the look & feel of your website substantially.

Download them here.


3) Colorful grudge textures

Grudge textures provide a realistic touch to your website. So if you have an website meant for photography or creative hobby, this is the texture you should go for. The 10 colorful textures come is different sizes and can be utilized for personal or commercial purposes.

Download them here.


4) iPad Air mockup

This is a one of a kind design resource, which provides you the iPad cover in black & white version. They are in Photoshop shapes and can be resized according to your desire & needs. The iPad Air mockup can be aptly used in Tech blogs or online cloud testing or emulating platforms. You can download them in different formats.

Download it here.


5) Big bundle of vectors & patterns

Vector patterns look ravishing yet keeps your website neat. With this free design resources, you get over 200 vector patterns. They range from silhouettes to tiny icons. They can be used as posters or background, and are extremely easy to work with.

Download them here.


6) Heraldry vector images

This freebie is all about royalty and novelty. These icons are neat, attractive and have a hint of medieval history lingering with it. The pack comes with 24 vector images containing dragons, swords, crowns e.t.c. These images are best suited for auction websites or websites that handle medieval trivia or artifacts.

Download them here.


7) Social media icons

Social media icons are a strict necessity for every website. Due to their wide usage, these icons in most websites look monotonous. But with this pack of 48 free social media icons you can go ahead of the curve and design your website with something attractive and appealing.

Download them here.


8) 3D app mockup

With the 3D mock up you would definitely be able to steal the show. This app is a great way of portraying your ideas and strategies on your website. The 3D design helps to make the concept more realistic and vivid while rendering every minute details in high quality. They can be used for personal and commercial websites as well.

Download it here.


9) WordPress themes for portfolios

These WordPress themes are best suited for users who have a portfolio of their own. The theme has unique sliding feature, which is a great way to portray the work of designers, photographers and other artists. Overall the theme has minimal design, and looks neat and attractive.

Download them here.


10) High resolution vector icons

With numerous high resolution devices circulating in the market, the need of high quality vector icons has risen immensely. This pack of free design resources has 100 vector icons, which are neat, attractive and provides a lot of information from their design itself.

Download them here.

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