9 Quality Web Resources to Blow Your Mind

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Oct 2014
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The lack of quality web resources makes it difficult for every web developer or designer to give his/her best to the project. But then there are things that give you a ray of hope when you are stuck. And this is what these 9 best free vectors and web resources are for, that includes 169 items to get you out of dark and make the sun shine bright at you. 

1. Modern Touch UI Kit by PixelKit

UI kits are very important to give your website graphical upgrades and improve your work-flow without spending lot of time thinking what to design. The best bet in choosing the right UI kit is the one that offers a ton of elements. And here we have an UI kit that does this job in the best possible manner that too free.

Download it here.


2. Bundle of Web Resources

Now is the time to rock your project. With this bundle of web resources you get a landing page template that have cool jQuery animations and many other features. Templates for Joomla that are best suited for blogs and a pack of 12 pixel perfect elements.

Download it here.


3. Joomla News Ticker

Do you have a Joomla website? Then a news ticker is a must to showcase your articles or while making some announcements. Most news tickers digs a hole in your pocket because of the price tag they come with, but with this dynamic ticker which cost you nothing you get what you wanted.

Download it here.


4. JTAG Helpdesk

JTAG helpdesk is the most advanced and user-friendly help desk component for Joomla website. With this easy-to-setup and customizable help-desk you can easily manage your support tickets and FAQ knowledge base.

Download it here.


5. Pack of 100 Smart Device Icons

Whenever a person first visits a website, he searches for visually appealing content, and then go on search deeper. And here comes the job of icons, which creates that visual delight to the visitor. They are simple and effective way to draw attention of the visitor.

Download it here.


6. Flatter Responsive One Page Template

One page websites are in huge demand right now. Because of the fluidic design and only a single page that shows all the information, one page websites are being used by lot of businesses. These one page website focuses more on quality of data rather than quantity of data and for this reason the results of using one page website are tremendous.

Download it here.


7. Vanilla Cream UI Kit

The success of any website depends on how interactive is the user interface designed. To design such an interface that appeals to all is big task to do. But this task can be made simpler by using a UI Kit that is highly responsive and provides clarity to the design.

Download it here.


8. Website Checklist for Graphic Designers

While working on a project with multiple tasks, we sometimes forget a thing or two, which creates a bigger impact later. But when you have a checklist you just cannot go wrong. A website checklist guides you through the important content and helps you focus on design.

Download it here.


9. Web Design UI Elements

Having a light and clean interface is the best approach for a site or online journal. Whether it is a corporate web page or a website for a business, a clean and uncluttered UI is helpful. To make such a web page you need high quality UI elements which makes an impact on the visitor.

Download it here.

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