Translating Client-Speak like a Pro for Web Designer

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Nov 2014
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Before I was a web developer, I had tried to be a web designer. While it's enjoyable to design my own projects but when it's client-related projects, it's a complete different story.

It's design hell, my clients have actually said something like "The design is not POP enough" to me. Until now, I still don't understand what does "POP" mean and I believe some of you have encountered similar situation too.

Here we have a very useful infographic created by Plato Web Design to help you translate client-speak like a pro. It's a quick cheatsheet to explain what clients really mean when providing feedback.

Translating client speaking

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simon 9 years ago
I can see the truth behind most of these, the one about "jazzing it up" is particularly apt and true. Good laugh