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Translating Client-Speak like a Pro for Web Designer

Web Design
12 Nov 2014
Here we have a very useful infographic created by Plato Web Design to help you translate client-speak like a pro. It's a quick cheatsheet to...

Muzli, The Ultimate Designer's Toolbox

Web Design
10 Nov 2014
Many of us have a dedicated design news feed, aggregates latest inspirations from all major design websites. Here I have something similar, a great tool...

9 Quality Web Resources to Blow Your Mind

Web Design
20 Oct 2014
The lack of quality web resources makes it difficult for every web developer or designer to give his/her best to the project. But then there...

Simple Things to Create The Best Call to Actions

Web Design
22 May 2014
A call to action, or CTA, is a prompt on your website which gets your visitors to do something, to complete an action. It can...

Analyzing The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

Web Design
07 May 2014
Just like any other web page, landing pages too have an introductory section, a header. The current design trends and conventions usually use an image...

Handy Photoshop Plugins and Scripts You Can Get It For Free

Web Design
20 Mar 2014
For designers and front-end developers, Photoshop is a tool that we would use it almost daily during work. We know it's not perfect and that's...

The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns of 2013

Web Design
28 Jan 2014
Campaign Monitor has created a free downloadable PDF e-book called The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns of 2013 that showcases top 100 of thiers client's...

Social Kit - Free Photoshop Plugin for Latest Social Media Templates

Web Design
27 Jan 2014
Social media is one of the important marketing media to reach out to potential customers. Companies are really putting efforts to make it display nicely....

Super Cool Smooth Scrolling Parallax Websites

Web Design
22 Jan 2014
Single page website design has evolved into a fully interactive, stunning animations and technically challenging web projects. Here we have 8 handpicked smooth scrolling websites...

Flat Design VS Realism

Web Design
11 Jan 2014
Happy New Year people! :) It was an exciting year of 2013 in web design and development fields. We had so much things going on...

15 Latest CSS Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Web Design
11 Dec 2013
CSS tools are considered as an important asset for web developers and designers as they help them achieve desired results by simplifying their jobs they’ve...

Anatomy Of A Grid-Based Website

Web Design
05 Dec 2013
While the existence of grid-based design approach for the print dates back to the post-world war era, it has started to gain popularity in the...

Responsive Images Problems and Solutions

Web Design
08 Nov 2013
Responsive website is a really popular solutions nowadays due to the rise of mobile devices that come in different screen dimensions. And most clients would...

Up and Coming Navigation Trends

Web Design
05 Nov 2013
Website navigations have been getting more and more creative over the recent couple or so years. Our browsers are capable of handling crazy animations and...