Vintage Backgrounds Always In Fashion

Written by Kevin Liew on 28 Oct 2015
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For those of you who are working with special visual stories, CannyPic prepared this selection. Using vintage backgrounds is a trend in current digital advertising. Client wants to see something real? Go with these suggestions.

If you want to make your design special and unpredictable, vintage backgrounds will help you. Muted colours, burnt edges effect, traceries and flourishes - these characteristic elements will add to your site or product fascination, attractiveness, singularity and charm. Using vintage elements is trendy now, so you’ll be not the only one who draw attention to this technique. But thanks to our search engine you can find original examples for you and create your own and rare design.

Some of clients want to create a whole site in vintage style. Just for such cases we gathered all our vintage backgrounds in one place. Enjoy this amazing old-fashioned design on CannyPic.

Most of us look in the morning as this sleepy bird.


This background is perfect for your wedding photo.


Universal vintage background with stripes of different colors


Background for writing a letter in a retro style


New background with retro elements of clothes


Do you need a cover for the menu? Here in retro style


Vintage strips to decorate any packages.


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