20 Best PSD Website Templates To Lay The First Stone of Your Project Right Now

Written by Kevin Liew on 23 Mar 2016
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The whole business-life wisdom narrows down to a phrase “You may either be good at everything, or be great at one thing”. Which would you choose? Some of you might disagree and claim that it’s possible to be great at many things. However, unless you have a phenomenal brain which could potentially get you the Nobel prize… it is unlikely. Your time has limits, and it’s your choice either to devote it fully to mastering something specific and becoming incredibly competitive in your business niche or… no, no “ors”.

If you are good (or planning to be good) at coding, the good news is this. You may not spend a single minute on web designing and yet be able to produce a stunning website in the end. For this purpose, high quality PSD templates would be of immeasurable assistance. They will help you create a great website while, at the same time, sharpening your coding skills. They are appropriate for different websites with different coding languages or CMS.

Here we’ve gathered a collection of high quality, beautifully designed PSD templates for websites that will inspire you to experiment with coding.

In case you need to sharpen other business skills and you prefer not only an already-designed, but also an already designed-and-coded website, remember that there are great WordPress themes available.

Travel PSD Template

Traveling means a lot to each of us as it invariably stirs natural, adventurous instincts. At some point, after experiencing a proper dose of travel inspiration, we might make a firm decision to take a vacation immediately, and set off. Why not make your website this inspiration? It would be a win-win case for you and your customers, particularly if you have a travel agency website.


Steel Service Center PSD Template

A design like this will look amazing as the foundation for a serious business, such as a steel, or company website. See the pointing buttons? Not only do they serve as clicking buttons, but also guide a viewer’s attention to the right destination.


Hosting Company PSD Template

A hosting company is associated with something secure, reliable and profound, which is why dark colors, big flat widgets and a nothing-superfluous design will raise the level of trust in your potential customers.


Securax PSD Template

Here is another template that will increase trust in your visitors’ minds. A website designed like this may provide a great combination of not only conveying the necessary information but also of neat image presentation.


Globex PSD Template

Do you need something that looks light, easy, innovative and refreshing? Check out this PSD template which creates a truly pleasant impression on the eye.


Domestic PSD Template

In case you need a business PSD template, which would also look incredibly natural at the same time, consider using this template for your project. Its bright colors will make your website stand out from the lines of grayish websites of your industry peers.


Bingo Biz PSD Template

Do you want your customers to give you a call as soon as they enter your website? The easiest way to accomplish this is by placing your business phone number right in the middle of the home page so that he or she simply can’t help noticing it.


Agriculture PSD Template

The theme says, “Make your business flourish”, and we dare say you could do that by building a website with a design like this. A long-scroll page will engage your visitors in the flow of discovering further information about your company.


Quamax PSD Template

A Green-colored business is considered a trustworthy business, as the color Green tends to instill trust. The round shapes look smooth and inviting - just what website visitors need when making a decision as to whether or not to order the services of a company.


Lingerie PSD Template

This is a seductively attractive PSD website template, but it uses a quite reserved color palette. Create a beautiful eCommerce website with a design that conveys incredibly powerful imagery.


Industrial Company PSD Template

Do you need the images on the website to be the first thing that is noticed? If so, place an image slider prominently. This is a template which has a slider just like that. You can’t help clicking right and left before delving further into the website.


Drug Store PSD Template

When you hear “Natural products”, what is the first color you tend to associate with this phrase? It is probably green, which means that for a kind of business like this, green is the most appropriate color.


Car Repair PSD Template

We’ve already spoken about “hidden adrenaline” in everything car-related as a possible reason for having a somewhat aggressive design. This template is no exception with square shapes creating an impression of a serious car business.


Wine PSD Template

This is an elegant template for a wine store. Every image looks so alive, that it resembles a shop window in a wine boutique, into which you can’t help peeking.


Gift Store PSD Template

Something about this template is different, which may be due to the placement of the images on the page. A bigger image usually goes on the left, while small images are placed on the right/on top or below it. However, this is what happens when you change the placement, a subtle trick, which may make your website appear somewhat different.


Politics PSD Template

An incredibly patriotic PSD template that would serve well, not only for a government website, but also for any website needing a structured perception and data placement.


Spice Shop PSD Template

A delicious design for a “spicy” website. Sense the Eastern aroma of best spices when looking at this PSD template.


Logistics Company PSD Template

Everything connected with cars associates with something a little bit aggressive for some reason. Aggressive aesthetics, somewhat aggressive shapes… maybe that happens deliberately to evoke a subconsciously hidden dose of adrenaline. Why not use some aggressive red in your design for car website?


Cellular Repair Center PSD Template

If you aim at creating a highly aesthetic website, which would make your visitors click and stay longer, you could use a design like this. A hero image, a combination of dark brown color with light green, creates an impression of something innovative and promising.


Prima PSD Template

Who said that calm colors look uninteresting? Have a look at this template. Not only is it elegant, chocolate-colored and neatly designed but it also presents the images of your business at their best.


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