20 PSD Website Templates by TemplateMonster To Build A Website From Scratch

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Dec 2015
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Good PSD design is a beneficial foundation for a great website. If you are a beginner or a coder who needs to create a website ASAP, PSD website templates are the things to help you out.

None of us is a Jack of all trades, and even if there were some exceptions, no one would argue that mastering something takes time and effort. If you are good at coding, you don’t need to design websites perfectly. Besides, you wouldn’t need to do this in the first place, as there are ready-made PSD templates, which you can download and use. Some of the templates look so stunning, that your project will become an outstanding example of how great web design should look. But do you necessarily have to code in order to create a website? Of course, not. You could choose a ready-made WordPress theme that may be either a one-project-type theme or a multipurpose one. Speaking of the latter, there are multipurpose themes like Monstroid. The great thing about this theme in particular is that you are not limited in the choice of a design, as there are 30+ child themes that come with it and the number is increasing. No matter which project you need to create, whether it’s an eCommerce website or a personal blog, this theme can be a great choice for any of them. However, if you are not afraid of a little challenge and you are ready to invest some time and effort in building a website from scratch and enjoy your work once it is completed, using a PSD file is a great option.

When choosing a PSD template, pretty much depends on what you need to have. You may choose templates with full-screen images, with or without image sliders, typically or sophisticatedly designed. Fortunately, the PSD templates on the Web are so varied that regardless of which website you need, you’ll probably find a template which meets the requirements. However, finding the perfect beautiful PSD file may take time. We recommend that you work with well-established providers who have a big range of PSD items from which to choose.

In this blog post we suggest that you to take a look at the list of PSD website templates by TemplateMonster. These guys have 3000+ of them, and judging by the quantity, it’s very likely that your perfect PSD file is among them. In order to simplify your search, we offer the best 20 of these 3000+ PSD templates. Please keep in mind that tastes and web design requirements differ, hence you may like other templates better. See the full list of templates.


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A design where every line clearly emphasizes the professionalism of the website owner. Check out the rich colors, as they, psychologically, convince visitors that the agency is trustworthy.

Office for Rent

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Need a real estate website PSD file? This may be the one. The calm colors and straight lines will confirm positive first impressions.



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If you are looking for something extraordinarpy, a layout that will touch a viewer’s mind and make them think that the website looks incredibly appealing - take a look at this template. It is a perfect example of how a stripe changes the whole design.


Real Estate

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A real estate website template where a contact form looks like floors. Nice, isn’t it? You may create a presence where they will register just moments after entering a website. Boost conversions!


Tomi Solas

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A template which consists of chocolate colors and tints, transparent design items and beautiful typography. A cozy home page for a beautiful blog or a portfolio.


Personal Page

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The first thing you notice about this template is its header. Insert the name of the website owner and his name will get imprinted on the mind of visitors for a long time.



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Greenery, freshness, attractive lawns and fresh air, the template seems to ooze green and clean. With nothing superfluous, this template is a great basis for an eco-friendly and appealing website.


School District

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For those who need to create a cheerful website there is a design which has a square shape as its basic concept. The design is created in such a way that a person can input a lot of text along with the images, yet not overload a viewer’s perception.


Design PSD Template

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This PSD template would be a great design for a creative website. Bright colors, audacious shape, calendar for upcoming events - all these features create a great impression.


Dentist PSD

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Dentist websites are always in demand, just as dental services are. With this PSD template you’ll be able to create a trustworthy, client-friendly website. Check out the design to see more of the theme’s features.



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If you need green in your design as a major color, you may consider using this template. This PSD file could suit a blog or an agency website perfectly.



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Coding for this PSD template could be a pure pleasure. The website based on it would look light, elegant and image-oriented. Ghost design items would be a great addition to the overall impression.


SPA PSD Template

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One more elegant and tender looking PSD template, which would best fit a SPA salon. Engage with the readers right away, with the buttons ‘Read more’, ‘Image gallery’ and social buttons at the top of the template.



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Speaking of dentists, there’s one more PSD file, which could become a great dentist website. ‘Clean’ is the first word that pops into your head when you see this template. Nothing complicated, everything is light and simple, a great choice for those websites which need to be available for all audience ages and web knowledge levels.



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For a photographer portfolio they often use full-screen images in design. Use this trend for your new project, by focusing the visitors’ attention on the photos and encouraging them to see more of the images using the image slider.


Perfect Rent

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Feel a fresh breeze coming from this template? If it looks a lot like your future website in your imagination, consider using it. A blog or an agency website - this PSD can be a great Internet presence for any of them.


European Cuisine

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This is a delicious template which evokes appetite, invites visitors to share the content via social buttons and shows them where the place is actually located. If you have images that need to be beautifully displayed, using a design which would look classic and modern at the same time, check it out.


Personal Profile

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Although hundreds of blog designs have been created, designers still manage to devise something unusual, something that will make your website stand out from the others. This is a businesslike, yet easy-to-view, template which will let your customers focus on the content.


Information Technology

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If you are looking for a flat-designed template, check this one out. Following current trends, it can serve well those who need to move their business online.


Bread Bakery

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This is a delicious, crispy template created specially for bakeries. Have a look at this PSD file and enjoy the result!


These are the 20 templates which we, personally, liked. Please note that there may be more of them, which you may like. Click here to see the full list of PSD website templates.

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