50 Best Premium PSD Templates for Web Designers

Written by Kevin Liew on 13 Jun 2016
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Just about every web designer nowadays is in possession of a huge toolbox of design components, UI kits, icons and other stuff, which greatly facilitates one’s work. If you are still to collect one, you should be aware of the options available.

First of all, search for the freebies: there are a lot of them over the web, so it won’t be a problem for you. After you download all the free resources you consider useful for your project, pay your attention to premium options – you will surely need them to add a professional vibe to your designs.

Today we want to introduce you to the 50 of the most impressive premium PSD templates, which can be used for multiple purposes. To see more of them proceed to the collection of more than 3000 similar templates suitable for any website topic. Enjoy!

1. ProIndustry PSD Template

ProIndustry boasts a robust manly design with a classic dark color scheme and hexagonal UI elements. It allows you to build an industrial-themed website with transparent menus, inbuilt icons and large page-wide images. This PSD template is layered and well-structured.

Best suitable for industrial, automotive and tools websites.

2. Dental Clinic PSD Template

This fresh-looking PSD website template is just what you need to quickly create and modify the layout of your future medical website. It is performed in blue and white colors, using transparency effects, shadows and ghost buttons. The layout includes forms, topic-specific icons, and also dedicated places for Google Maps and testimonials.

Best suitable for medical, law and education websites.

3. School District PSD Template

School District is a modern-looking education template with a colorful design and a tiled layout in Metro style. Its flat content blocks are very easy to modify, as they are completely flat.

Best suitable for education, family and toys websites.

4. HR Staffing and Recruiting PSD Template

This simple PSD template was designed for those, who want to launch a straightforward website with a businesslike look. It includes additional buttons for mobile apps, space for Google Maps, various icons and forms.

Best suitable for financial, IT and politics websites.

5. Design PSD Template

If you are looking for a website design using the modern low-poly trend, this one is for you. Design is a layered PDS template originally created for a WordPress theme. It features social widgets, abstract geometric shapes, and many more.

Best suitable for web design, advertising, marketing and other creative websites.

6. Hypnosis PSD Template

This clean flat template with a touch of material design will come in handy for everyone, who wants to launch a modern-looking website. You can easy change the color palette in Photoshop, and this makes this template really multipurpose.

Best suitable for medical, spa salon and elderly care websites.

7. Diagnostic Laboratory PSD Template

Another great PSD template with a cutting-edge design designed for medical websites in the first place. It offers a variety of visual improvements, such as drop shadows. The well-structured layout allows for effective arrangement of assorted content on the homepage.

Best suitable for medical equipment, education and family websites.

8. Fernando Consulting Online PSD Template

This layered website template is a life-saver for marketing agencies and IT companies of any kind, as it provides a sleek design and a spacious layout with tons of UI elements: pricing tables, icons, buttons, tabs, bubbles with testimonials, and more. You can use it to build a simple business HTML website, or apply it to any CMS (e.g. WordPress) in order to gain additional functionality.

Best suitable for financial, law, marketing and other business websites.

9. IT Company PSD Template

If you are fond of flat design, take a look at this refined business PSD template with a set of beautiful UI elements under the hood. It features stylish icons with drop shadows, progress bars, space for Google Maps, and minimalist social media buttons.

Best suitable for IT, education and marketing websites, and personal blogs.

10. Obrus PSD Template

Obrus is one of the most visually appealing designs for industrial websites, because of the abundance of predesigned elements it comes with: circular progress bars, social icons, ghost buttons and testimonial blocks. It can be used to build a full-featured business website, as well as a well-converting landing page.

Best suitable for industrial, technology, security and tools websites.

11. Office for Rent PSD Template

Office for rent is a minimalist template, which allows you to bring your products and services to the forefront. With its help you will be able to launch your website right today – just make a couple of minor changes, convert it into HTML, upload your content – and you are done in no time.

Best suitable for real estate, architecture, interior design and exterior design websites.

12. Babysitter Directory PSD Template

This template will work equally well for large user-driven portals, business websites and one-page landings. It combines a cheerful color palette, specific input forms, large images and pixel-perfect rounded buttons, which together create an impressive look.

Best suitable for family, medical, cosmetics and organic food websites.

13. Speed Internet Provider PSD Template

Speed Internet Provider is a polished website template, which design is fully based on large images and flat background blocks. Thus, by changing the photos and the color of these blocks in Photoshop you can completely redesign your website. This template looks strict and serious due to the square buttons and other UI elements.

Best suitable for internet, hosting, communications and other IT websites.

14. Dentic PSD Template

Dentist is a masterfully crafted PSD template for a broad range of medical websites, but it can also be used for tech online stores, and many other site topics. Its secret is in the perfect combination of colors, which will make your website built with this template look clean and professional.

Best suitable for medical, beauty, cosmetics and IT websites.

15. Wedding PSD Template

This incredibly elegant wedding PSD template stands out because of its lightweight design, thin image borders and transparency effects. It is inbuilt with various forms, social buttons, image blocks, and other design components necessary for every modern website.

Best suitable for wedding, flowers, beauty and gifts websites.

16. Gitex PSD Template

If you are looking for a multipurpose PSD template, look no further than Gitex – a revolutionary design for financial advisors, banks, marketing agencies and many other companies. It is featured by an extraordinary layout based on diagonal lines, semi-transparent content areas and flat backgrounds.

Best suitable for financial, IT, marketing and other business websites.

17. Financial Advisor Agency PSD Template

The next design on our list is a multipurpose PSD template, which would be a great choice for IT websites. It is quite minimalist, with colorful gradient icons and backgrounds, making a nice platform for a business website or a landing page.

Best suitable for financial, science, SEO and marketing websites.

18. Mark Oswald PSD Template

Mark Oswald was designed specifically for creative souls – writers, photographers and designers – to help them build an impressive online portfolio and present their works to the public. This awesome template features unusual handwritten fonts, ghost buttons and semi-transparent design elements.

Best suitable for photographer portfolios, design, wedding and fashion websites.

19. Spa & Relax PSD Template

To design a memorable multifunctional website for you SPA salon use this layered PSD template with a light design and well-thought-out combination of fonts. By the way, its long scrolling home page can be effectively used as a landing page.

Best suitable for beauty, wedding, healthy food and gifts websites.

20. Harvest PSD Template

Harvest is an immersive full-page PSD template designed for agriculture websites. It can serve as a gateway for your main website, or as a mini-landing page that promotes one product or service. The core part of this template is the photo-based background, which can be changed in two clicks by replacing the image in the respective layer.

Best suitable for agricultural, organic food, café and restaurant websites.

21. Tom Cooper PSD Template

Tom Cooper is another full-page template, which will be a great help for photographers and videographers. You can place a responsive slider in its center to show your best photos one by one, or integrate a static image with a call-to-action button instead.

Best suitable for photographer and videographer portfolios, and fashion websites.

22. ExDesimo PSD Template

ExDesimo is a layered PSD template is a layered PSD template, which comes with everything you need to design a beautiful website of any size: logos, buttons, borders, icons and many more. The large image-driven content blocks of this template are enhanced with various transparency effects, which ensure a vibrant look of your website.

Best suitable for landscape design, architecture and agriculture websites.

23. Your App PSD Template

Your App is a one-fits-all design solution for landing pages that promote mobile apps or other software. It is supplied with well designed pricing tables, buttons for Google Play and App Store, and also includes stylish low-poly backgrounds.

Best suitable for mobile app, internet, hosting and other IT websites.

24. Car Repair PSD Template

This robust multipurpose PSD template has a classic well-tried layout, a recognizable black and orange color palette, and lots of UI elements. In the bottom area of its homepage you can incorporate a page-wide custom Google Maps widget.

Best suitable for automotive, tools and industrial websites.

25. Apartments PSD Template

One of the most effective ways to build a great multifunctional portal with a professional design is using this real estate PSD template. It was optimized to give its owners as many UI components as possible: forms, map pop-ups, icons, tabs, labels, and tons of other elements. Websites built with this template provide unmatched user experience and great navigation.

Best suitable for real estate, travel and job portal websites.

26. Bread Bakery PSD Template

Bread Bakery is a carefully designed PSD template for cafés, restaurants and bakeries with a delicious design with a vintage tint. It is ready to use as a background for your food-related business website.

Best suitable for café, restaurant and food delivery websites, and food blogs.

27. Dallas Co. PSD Template

This clean and sleek PSD template allows you to design a fully-fledged corporate website performed in a green color palette. Designed with the help of flat elements it fits many different website topics, and is extremely easy to modify.

Best suitable for marketing, IT, financial and other business websites.

28. Repair Theme PSD Template

Another purely flat PSD template suitable for IT companies. Its homepage layout is quite simple and compact making it a great choice for small websites. With this template you will receive a set of flat social media icons, which can be used in other web design projects of yours.

Best suitable for internet provider, hosting, SEO and other IT websites.

29. Perfect Rent PSD Template

This layered PSD website template features a classic boxed layout with a blurred image-based layout, flat elements and a choice of forms, testimonials blocks and other components.

Best suitable for real estate, furniture and interior design websites.

30. Foodhouse PSD Template

This exquisite template will be a smart choice for those who need a professional design for their restaurant websites. Its features include integrated Google Maps, reservation forms, menu content blocks and elegant typography.

Best suitable for interior design, furniture, house rent and real estate websites.

31. Business Consultant PSD Template

If you need a simple, and easily customizable multipurpose landing page design, grab this PSD template without hesitation. With well-designed input forms, pricing tables, service blocks and email subscription windows it gives you everything required to effectively turn your visitors into customers.

Best suitable for landing pages, financial advisor and IT websites.

32. CyanHouse PSD Template

This complicated PSD template has been designed with user-powered portals in mind. It features a wide layout with a trustworthy design, lots of forms and marketing-oriented UI elements, and a modern color palette.

Best suitable for real estate, architecture, job portal and other websites with a complex structure.

33. Material PSD Template

This template follows the latest and the most promising Material trend, which has already become a standard in the web design world. By choosing it you make sure you website will look up-to-date even in several years.

Best suitable for various IT, web-design and marketing websites.

34. Wegy PSD Template

Wegy is a multipurpose Joomla template with plethora of pre-built pages, and a whole array of functions. This layered PSD template represents each and every of its pages and layouts, being one of the most cost-effective design solutions of its kind on the market. It comes with an impressive UI kit comprising hundreds of components.

Best suitable for business websites. This template is also available for Joomla.

35. EngCorp PSD Template

With this robust template designing a sustainable industrial website is easy as a pie. It does not only come with a free set of unique topic-specific icons, but also offers a number of visual effects such as transparency.

Best suitable for industrial, environmental, automotive and tools websites.

36. Xterey PSD Template

Due to its green color palette Xterey PSD template is intended for landscape design websites in the first place, but you can easily repurpose it by replacing the images and changing the color scheme.

Best suitable for exterior design, environmental and architecture websites.

37. Architecture PSD Template

This template will perfectly fit any website that relies on galleries: photo portfolios, interior design and architecture online presentations. It combines an image-based top part with a flat footer. Among its additional features there are social media widgets, contact forms and social media buttons.

Best suitable for architecture, financial and other business websites.

38. Archex PSD Template

Just as the previous template, this one is intended for architecture and interior design websites due to its gallery-oriented design. There are a lot of flat design content areas, buttons and other elements, which can be recolored in a few clicks in order to change the design of the template.

Best suitable for architecture, interior design, furniture and business websites.

39. Fashion PSD Template

This outstanding PSD template for fashion websites makes use of large images, unusual shapes and creative modern typography. It is very clean allowing you to bring your content to the forefront.

Best suitable for fashion, beauty, photography and design websites.

40. Quality PSD Template

This layered PSD template is the fusion of flat design and photography. Its layout is based on tiles, allowing for a more optimal arrangement of content on the page. You will feel at ease editing this template, as it is well structured and documented.

Best suitable for architecture, interior design and photography portfolio websites.

41. Djuci PSD Template

Djuci is a colorful website template with a multipurpose design. Its joyful look is achieved by using multicolored content blocks and large icons. It is well balances, and can handle a website of any size.

Best suitable for education, family and tech websites.

42. EPA Green PSD Template

This super clean template will make your website shine thanks to its clear-cut content areas, large detailed icons and rounded buttons. Although it is intended for environmental websites in the first place, there is no reason why you can’t use it to design a business website for any other area.

Best suitable for environmental, industrial, travel and business websites.

43. Web Development PSD Template

Web designers and developers will find this layered PSD template beneficial because of its multipurpose homepage layout and neutral flat design. Among the components of this template there are colorful progress bars, extended contact forms, banners, icons, and many more.

Best suitable for web design, hosting, internet, SEO, marketing and other tech websites.

44. JobsFinder PSD Template

JobsFinder is not just another PSD template for job portals. It is supplied with a variety of forms, circular bars, custom pricing tables, and dozens of other indispensable design elements. Its long scrolling home page can be reconstructed to your liking by adding or removing certain layout components.

Best suitable for job portals, directories and similar websites.

45. Daycare PSD Template

This playful template is a powerful tool, which will help you build an extraordinary website. It beauty is in the smart combination of bright colors, cheerful typography and hand drawn design elements. 

Best suitable for family, crafts, gifts and toys websites.

46. High School PSD Template

If you are planning to launch online courses, an online representation of a school or a university, or any other education website, consider this layered PSD template. It maintains a balance between flat design and imagery, provides you with topical icons, logos and buttons, and offers many other contemporary visual features.

Best suitable for education, marketing, financial and non-profit websites.

47. Damion Max PSD Template

Damion Max, a bestselling WordPress theme for industrial websites, is now available and an easily editable PSD template for just $11. Using it you can build a professional website for any CMS.

Best suitable for industrial, automotive and tools websites.

48. Wedding Store PSD Template

This is an elegant and sophisticated PSD  template based on geometric shapes and rich-looking colors. It comes shipped with all the necessary design elements needed for eCommerce stores: badges, labels, rating, banners, and more.

Best suitable for wedding, beauty, fashion, jewelry and furniture websites.

49. Backup PSD Template

Use this website template to establish an official website of your IT company, or online service. Its compact homepage will serve as an effective gateway leading your visitors to other pages of your website.

Best suitable for hosting, internet, marketing and other IT and business websites.

50. John Smith PSD Template

The last PSD template on our list was designed specifically for photographers, web designers and developers. Its versatile layout introduces circular progress bars, Facebook-like timelines, impressive tile-based gallery previews, effective transparent contact forms and lots of other stuff useful for any designer. You can use it either as a basis for your landing page, or as a homepage of a larger corporate website.

Best suitable for photo portfolio, architecture, IT and business websites.

This was the handpicked collection of the best premium PSD templates that you can use to build a website in 2016. All of them possess a layered structure allowing you to modify their elements one by one, and granting you complete control over the design process. Also, they are created using the most up-to-date design techniques, so you can be sure your new website looks trendy and up-to-date.

And what about you? Do you use PSD templates, or, perhaps, you prefer Sketch or ever Adobe Illustrator? Please speak up in the comments!

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