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Posted by Kevin Liew on 04 Mar 2014 under Giveaway has 5730 hits and 2 comments.
Free Team And Client Management Tool For Queness Readers

Being Queness.com reader comes with its perks and one of them is getting free Bitrix24 account with 10 GB worth of online storage. In case you are not familiar, Bitrix24...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 03 Mar 2014 under Tutorials has 12073 hits and 3 comments.
Create Different Styles of Hover Effects with CSS3 Only

This CSS3 tutorial will show you how to make simple and elegant hover effect for thumbnail image. Basically, it will show extra bit of information when you hover over the...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 28 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 11477 hits and 0 comments.
11 Lightning-Fast Flat File CMS

With the emerging of powerful Flat file CMSes, people starts using them as the platforms for personal and commercial websites. Since there's no longer database involved, flat file CMS is...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 27 Feb 2014 under Announcement has 5874 hits and 3 comments.
Design Bump: Latest Links for Designers & Developers!

If you’re a creative Graphic Designer or Web Designer you’re always looking for new inspiration and ideas. Design Bump is a Social Network dedicated to Developers & Designers where you...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 19 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 7278 hits and 0 comments.
Microweber CMS - A Flexible, Easy-To-Use & Open Source CMS

The idea of Microweber was born almost two years ago as founders Boris (designer), Peter (developer) and Alexander (front-end developer) thought the world of CMS needed something fresh. Most systems...

Posted by Paula Borowska on 19 Feb 2014 under Tutorials has 9513 hits and 4 comments.
How to Create Five Simple Hover Effects for Your Navigation Links

This is a quick tutorial about creating simple hover effects that would be best suited for links within a navigation. The reason for this is that these might be too...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 17 Feb 2014 under Giveaway has 7272 hits and 8 comments.
Giveaway: Live Composer - Front-End Content Creator For WordPress

Live Composer is a front-end content builder plugin for WordPress with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 14 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 9491 hits and 0 comments.
Disable Javascript Console in Browsers

Randomly found this interesting reading about how Facebook disable developer tools at StackOverflow. It turns out, it's actually possible to disable Javascript console using Javascript alone but with a caveat.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 12 Feb 2014 under Miscellaneous has 6467 hits and 0 comments.
Try Contact Metrics for Contact Forms

If you own a website it is better to have a contact form on your Contact Us page instead of just an email address? A contact form looks more professional...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 11466 hits and 0 comments.
Understanding Git

Few years ago, I wasn't a big fan of version control, I don't know why but it just didn't work very well. Me and my colleague hated it. Few years...